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Dead or Alive game Review

Story & Playability

I have only played Dead Or Alive 3 for the Xbox thus far, therefore I am not too familiar with the full story. All I know is that in Dead Or Alive 3, DOATEC kidnapped some Mugen Tenshin style master named Genra and transformed him into a 'mass murdering machine'. Kasumi, was supposed to be next in line to lead the Mugen Tenshin Shinobi Clan but she refused to accept the position (all for the sake of her beloved brother, Hayate, who had become partially paralyzed by DOATEC) and was exiled as a result. Hayate later takes the position as leader and accepts his responsibilities. It was his duty to hunt down both Genra and Kasumi and execute them both for betraying the Mugen Tenshin Shinobi Clan. However, Ayane (Hayate and Kasumi's half-sister) wanted to have her own say in Hayate's intentons to eliminate Kasumi and Genra, for she wanted to be the one to do it herself! (*Yikes!* Now that's one dysfunctional family there! ^_^')

Dead Or Alive 3 features some interesting story endings, some of which marked the dawning of some other Team Ninja masterpieces. For example, Zack's ending leads to the concepts for how DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball came about and Hayabusa's ending lead back to his own game, Ninja Gaiden (for the Xbox).

I wouldn't say that the story was very 'captivating', due to its lack of depth, but at least it had some great concepts. Gameplay-wise, the story mode in DOA 3 is very fast paced and contains one or two cutscenes that don't really make a lot of sense, but the endings on the other hand are excellent! (But still...they don't really say much about what's next...except for Hayabusa's and Zack's endings).

Rating: 7


As always, Team Ninja always tries to deliver THE BEST in video game graphics using the best and most up-to-date hardware/software available. It is safe to say that the graphics of Dead or Alive 3 far exceeds that of its predecessor DOA 2 on the PS2. I don't really need to say much about how great these game graphics are because, I believe that die-hard Team Ninja fans (like myself) understand TN's reputation for delivering the best, most cutting edge graphics of the time - everytime! It's just that damn good!

Rating: 9


If you play DOA 3 with surround sound, you're gonna be blown away! The sound effects in this game are very clear and crisp. You actually hear the difference between a jab and a straight right and so on. (Ahh! just listening to seaguls in the distance in the beach stage...and the oh so distinct sound of a coconut falling with a soft *thump* in the sand!) Suprisingly enough, I thought you would have heard footsteps but I guess that would be, being a little too realistic one time there, isn't it?!

DOA 3 also features some really nice soundtracks, including two exclusive Aerosmith songs for the game! Yes folks! Tomonobu Itagaki is an Aerosmith fanboy! ^_^' Well, apart from that, I must say that Eternity (Kasumi's theme song) is one of my favourite DOA soundtracks!

Rating: 8


I can still remember the first day I got my very own Platinum Hits Edition of Dead Or Alive 3. I ripped off the plastic covering, opened up the case, gently removed the disc from the case and popped it into the Xbox. I was immediately stunned by how clean and detailed the graphics of this game was. The animations, the sound effects, the soundtrack, they were all so perfectly synchronized with each other. All the highlights of the DOA series' latest features were so nicely rendered. I mean I got so excited that had to take a toilet break before actually started playing the game! Now that was something to behold! Ah, the first time is always the best time!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by necro-sop, Dec 05, 2005


  1. Darktekya Dec 05, 2005

    Great review necro-sop. I love the DOA series and I share the impressions that you have express here about the game. Unfortunately as you said, we cannot get enough DOA due to its very unclear storyline, that make us ask for more. Sound is beautifull, but is not very loud, unless you have your home theater to help that. Thank you so much for this review, this is a fun and cool game, with the most tough guys and gorgeous gals.

  2. kawaiiguy Dec 05, 2005

    The thing that frightens me about the DOA franchise is that there's a live action movie coming out next year. What's even scarrier is that it's American made. Google it. Watch the trailer. Be frightened.

    I'm really looking forward to DOA4, though that requirees me to buy a 360. I'll do that at some point. Up till now, I've only played DOA2:HC for PS2. Lots of jiggling!

    Well written rewview, though I probably wouldn't have assigned it the same (extremely high) ratings. You did well in backing up your opinion. I'd like to see more of why you thought a category deserved a 10 though ;)

  3. StevOmaru Dec 05, 2005

    I can completly agree with this review, I did expect to see such a low score for the story because fighting games arnt really all about the story but the gameplay. On other sites though the story can get more in-depth.

  4. oro77 Dec 06, 2005

    good review DOA3 definitively devers 10 for fun, DOA series games are all fun, that's why I can play so many hours without getting bored

  5. hayate392 Dec 06, 2005


  6. amybraska Dec 07, 2005


    Hayate is MINE!My fave person on it is Ayane(she rocks!)You really need to get DOAU!

  7. codewulf Dec 08, 2005

    I can say that I played DOA2 on the xbox and liked very much. But I was disapointed when I played DOA:HC on PS2. The feel was not as smooth as XBox. I like Soul Calibur 2 much better on the PS2 than DOA:HC

  8. AnimeFan159 Dec 10, 2005

    The PS2 DOA HC, was actually pretty good, expect for the fact that there wasn't much sercets and when you fight the last boss, the music sometimes is off and that just gets annoying when the msuic pops up from time to time and goes away again. Even still i stayed loyal to DOA and soon, very soon shall i get DOA 4. Anyway DOA3 was great. Don't have a XBOX so i played at my friends place.

  9. hikoseijuro Dec 13, 2005

    The best character (from my point of view) is Ryu Hayabusa. He is calm, extremly serious, does not talk much (that is an awasome quality) and finally, he does not go along with guys or girls. He is hermit like, who likes to take care of his own business, in his own way and tries to solve others problem. I think he is the only character strong enough to crack someone's head (Izuna....otoshi, or Izuna drop), even if its Tengu. His personality is a sign of hardship and endurance, duty and honor. He is simply too cool to be with others!

  10. Deathglare Dec 14, 2005

    Ryu Hayabusa is the man, considering all the DOA and Ninja Gaiden games he managed to survive thru so far.

  11. Lulla Dec 25, 2005


  12. extremamultimedia Mar 13, 2006

    i love Kasumi ;)

  13. Chans Mar 15, 2006

    Kasumi have the perfect body, the most beautiful eyes and the hair of gods.... KASUMI4EVERRRR Lulla, I'm agree with that ;)

  14. wald89 May 15, 2006

    Yah DOA is the best, (beats the crap out of Tekken). Espicially DOA ultimate, when you get Kasumi in a school uniform. But the third is almost better because of its faster

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