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Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 manga Review

Ranma Saotome is a 16-year-old student and heir to the "Anything Goes" style of martial arts. However, Ranma is not your average student: since a "fateful" day at a Chinese training ground called Jusenkyo, he turns into a cute girl when he comes in contact with cold water. Only a dose of hot water can reverse the effects...temporarily.

Yet the craziness of Ranma's life does not end here; due to an agreement between Soun Tendo and Ranma's father, Genma (who himself is cursed with transforming into a panda), the gender-wise unusual boy is now engaged to Akane Tendo, a rather violent and tomboyish girl. Sure enough, romance unwillingly blossoms and time brings about problems including cute pig-boys, ego-inflated Sempais and countless new fiancées...

Synopsis: Caya

Story & Playability

Ranma 1/2 is about the life of a teenaged martial artist named Ranma Saotome who goes on a decade long training mission with his martial arts father, Genma to the cursed training ground known as Jusenkyo, where falling into one of the many springs instantly turns into whoever or whatever drowned there last. As luck would have it, the two fell into the magical hot spring. Now, whenever Ranma gets wet, he turns into a girl and has to be dowsed with hot water in order to change back. Genma on the other hand, turns into a panda. Conveniently, there were hundreds of these cursed springs and it would be quite hard for them to change back to their usual form.

When Ranma was just a child, his father promised to marry Ranma to Akane, the daughter of the father's best friend. Akane, an accomplished martial artist in her own right, doesn't even like boys, let alone "pervert" ones that are half girls all the time. Even so, Ranma and Genma have moved in with Akane, her father, and her two sisters at their martial arts school. This is when all the comical adventure began with them living together and slowly learning to accept each other after going through a lot of troubles. The ending is quite a happy one but there is a small twist with the ending which fits perfectly with this witty nonsensical manga.

Rating: 7


There are a lot of characters as every new chapter comes out. The graphics of the characters are not bad but there are a lot of similarity between them and the artwork contains nudity. However, the graphics match with the style of the story, both supposed to be made in a hilarious way. The detail of the artwork is not as promising but is still quite satisfactory in a traditonal way. For example, their clothing portrays the japanese style quite well. There are also numerous interesting designs but they are mainly focused on the clothing and not much about the background. The art of the effects like Ranma flying out of the window is not bad but not really realistic.

Rating: 6


I have only heard some of the sounds but overall the sound is not bad and it is quite funny in some terms. The song themes managed to bring out the atmosphere and feeling of some of the scenes with its cartoonish and funny style. The voices are also quite suitable for the characters and nicely done but overall, the sound quality could have been much better.

Rating: 6


I am quite satisfied with the anime overall but there are some disappointing parts that could have been better. For instance, the characters could have been moulded more deeply with more description on their history and personalities and there are too many new characters coming out. The anime never fails to make you laugh at times though with its comical and hilarious style. The connection between the characters are also quite touching with some of its romantic scenes. The imagination of the anime though is great. For example, there's lots of creatures and ways that one could never have expected and when you think the story has reached a dead end, something else pops up to keep it going on and continues giving us hope. However, the storyline and concept is a bit perdictable and repetitve with its numerous fighting scenes; some of which are not necessary and just for the sake of completing the manga. It seems that sometimes they have runned out of ideas and some parts are plain boring. Furthermore, there are some crude humor with violence that are not so suitable for some people but it is still watchable. Nevertheless, Ranma 1/2 is still an enjoyable anime and quite recommendable.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by Milkiyo, Dec 01, 2005


  1. Shadu Dec 01, 2005

    At first when I saw this I was so sad you gave it a C-, but really, I can see where you're coming from. As for the art, I agree, it's not really as focused on the artwork, but rather the comedy and the stories themselves. If you haven't read the manga, it's MUCH better than the anime. The dubbed anime kind of stinks, but it's alright.

    As for going in depth to the characters pasts, I dont' know. I agree that some times it really would be interesting to know, but in a way that can destroy the comedic attitude. . . well. . . unless you describe it in a way that Rumiko Takahashi does. ^_^ But generally, for a lot of animes, I think that if you want to go into the history of characters. . . that's what fanfiction is for. . .even if it's not true. :P

    I like your review though. You did cover a lot of good points. Thanks for the read.

    Ciao. ^_~

  2. merelie Dec 01, 2005

    ooh, thanks for the review
    ranma 1/2 is one of those series that focuses on comedy, to i never expected a stellar plot and amazing character development from it
    that said, i would not have minded more depth either

  3. MistressPookyChan Dec 01, 2005

    I am very disappointed that you gave it a C-, but I guess I understand where you are coming from. After seeing many incredible visual anime that are out now, it is hard to go back to old-school styled anime.

  4. Hanazaki Dec 01, 2005

    A C-! it would be good if you give it B-. Oh, it's your opinion. Who am I to argue. I'm kind of sad you give it a C-. I never read the manga but I watched the anime. And I must say it focus more on the comedy. I mean, I laughed out loud from first episode till the end. It's kind of letting out the stress.

  5. Milkiyo Dec 01, 2005

    hmm..actually I'll give it C+ but it somehow turns out as C-?!

  6. anima241 Dec 01, 2005

    i have no clue, lol o_O;

  7. sukie Dec 01, 2005

    mmm...nice...i agreee...this story plot is not very nice...but the art is ok...i mean the manga art...the anime art deserve a 2~!

  8. Hasaki-Keissi Dec 02, 2005

    My only complaint was it's length, normally that isn't a sticking point with me, but with this one, it is huge, because it was just too long, and I mean way too long.

    All though the comedy was very good, and it by far better thanInuYasha, which is by the same person...I love the whole amazon girl scenes...those were just priceless.

    It's really meant to be a comedy in it all. And it did that very well, while still keeping a good amount of everything else, the romance stuff, personal strife, jealousy, and who could forget the action...by far, it's the best manga I have read in the comedy side, at least until I read Negima, but it's still number 2.

    Overall I'd give it a B-, due to a lot of the same plots repeating themselves and that gets old...there were only a few new plots through out the series. But the ones that weren't re-used are still just as funny as when I first read them.

    The art isn't all to impressive, but it still gives a certain comedy to it all. So that would get about a B...

    And that's my opinions on the series.

  9. Rikkablurhound Dec 02, 2005

    lol... Im sad U gave it a C-
    I like the anime, Its kinda funny, same to the manga too... >_<
    But U did a pretty good job on the review... keep it up...^^

  10. royaldarkness Dec 02, 2005

    i'm sad that it got a C- rating milkiyo-san :( i kinda like the lack of storyline, and the comedy parts. but seriously, the anime is way too long x_x the manga is by far better! (although it's long as well -_-)

  11. dArkaNGeL Dec 03, 2005

    WHAAA----? the storyline only got "C"? and art gets a poor "D"? isn't it a little too underrated?.

    i liked the storyline even though it's a bummer they didn't concluded what would happen next to akane and ranma and the other girls. so for the storyline, i'll give it somewhere B or A-

    and for the art it isn't that bad. though it's kinda old and the traditional "rumiko takahashi" style. i'll give it somewhere B+.

    for the other parts of the review it's kinda accurate so overall ranma 1/2 is supposed to have somewhere around B-. well that's on my point of view anyways :)

  12. fairy21 Dec 05, 2005

    Well i can understand a bad grade on the art but it is a slightly older anime, but it is extremely funny. I would have given it at least a B

  13. MistressPookyChan Dec 07, 2005

    I think that the author of this review is comparing the art to the anime and CG art today. They are TOTALLY different! Ranma 1/2 isn't that new. ;) Also, I was surprised with the sound, because wouldn't that include music? I think the music is really cute. :)

  14. Framel Dec 07, 2005

    Ranma nibunoichi... I think that you riview is objective... but maybe too objective... Ranma 1/2 is a good anime (and the manga is much better) and I think that is a little strict a 6.6 (C-), is an old anime focused on comedy... so... you don't have to expect a great art. By the way... the music is very good... there are a lot of openings and endings!, like Lambada Ranma, Zettai! and others from CD's like Akai Kutsu, Purezento, Love Panic, etc) so... I will give it a B or B-... but is just an opinion.
    Congratulations for you review!XD

  15. Andreiush Dec 19, 2005

    I think u kinda underrated it.. although it is your opinion.. but it's kinda heartbreaking.. being Ranma 1/2 one of my favs of all times.. sure, the art is not that nice (but u have to consider that is kind of old).. The manga is WAY better than the anime, but i do not agree with u when u say that the characters r not deep.. i think they r.. at least the main characters.. And the presentation of a lot of new characters is pretty cool.. it keeps it dynamic and funny..
    Anyway, i'd give it a B or even a B+.. but that's me

  16. deedeezel Dec 21, 2005

    I have a soundtrack of ranma too....I love equal romance...hahaha....the anime...haven't watched it all....oh I wish I could....plus the movies...I forgot how many movies I have seen....hehehehe.....kewl review...

  17. ware4me Jan 09, 2007

    I got the series, u can't have enough Ranma 1/2.

    So funny ^^

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