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Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade tv Review

8 volume manga (1998-2004), Daisuke Moriyama
24 TV episodes, Gonzo (2004)

Brooklyn, 1924. The prosperity of the decade has summoned the darker forces of nature to rise from their sleep and back to the surface of the world. The Order of Magdala, a religious military organization, has developed special weaponry and trained forces of nuns and priests to battle this evil. Follow Rosette Christopher, a young rambunctious exorcist, and her partner Chrno, a hornless demon, as they wade through hordes of monsters and demons, fighting evil and risking life and limb. Not to mention excessive damage to real estate.

Story & Characters

Basically, Chrno/Chrono Crusade takes place around the 1920's in the United States, in which demon activity has drastically increased due to Satanists. To keep things in control, a demon-busting association called the "Magdala Order" dispatches their militia and nun gunners to bring down the demons.
This is where our protagonist nun, Rosette Christopher comes in. Quite a tomboy who causes more than prevention of destruction, she ironically works with a demon named Chrno. Why so? At the age of 12, she made a contract with him, in which he taps into his powers by using up her soul---meaning her life shortens whenever she releases the seal that holds his true power (and this she does when she's in trouble). The fact that they are partners and friends working to bust up demons makes for quite a bit in the overall storyline. As the story develops, so will Rosette and Chrno meet allies, enemies and eventually fall for one another. However, too many concepts, names and such are stuck in that add a bit of the confusion for those unfamiliar with the manga version. The plotline itself is quite loose.

Rating: 6


Chrno/Chrono Crusade has nice-looking artwork that is clear, easy on the eyes yet beautiful. The effects added to the artwork (done by Gonzo) is most superb, yet the lighting was poor in one episode, in which the outlines of the characters' hair was a bit multicolored. Regardless, the bright sceneries of Chrno Crusade is one of the most beautiful I've seen in anime so far. The eyes of the characters are lively, sparkling and drawn in a unique way that is not too big nor too small. Designs of the clothes of the characters are quite detailed, if not a bit attractive in an odd sort of way. The detailed art, effects and scenery are really something to look at and soak in for the moment.

Rating: 7


Though the theme song (Pleasure Line) and ending theme (Sayonara Solitaire) were quite catchy, the tunes in the anime were quite mild. The tunes used as background music were not exactly catchy or happy, but more of a neutral or sad mood to it (which makes all the sense for this paricular anime).Considering Chrno Crusade is a 24-episode anime, there wasn't much variety in tune. Certain scenes or moods in the anime are used with certain familiar tunes intermittently, yet with all the action and attention-grabbing, one can hardly notice.

Rating: 6


The idea of a nun working with a demon is quite original. Chrno/Chrono Crusade does offer a bit of humor, but not much. Enjoyment comes more from the characters and their fight against their struggles rather than particular jokes or lines.
Something that makes Chrno Crusade a really nice anime is how it quickly introduces characters, and gets more into their background as one watches the anime. The first thirteen episodes give off a nice feel of "buddies vs. bad guys".
However, the excitement sort of slips from there. The following episodes up to the ending are much more serious and dark in mood. The last episode itself leaves a series of questions, which was probably done purposely. With a short 20 second battle (literally---a battle against time) and a depressing, sad ending with many questions, Chrno Crusade goes from a happy-go-lucky to a truth-of-life (not everything has happy endings) type of anime.
Even so, it can still be enjoyed. Chrno Crusade offers fun and beautiful characters, scenery and effects for the typical anime viewer. Like a typical anime, it also offers a bit of fanservice, which can be quite disturbing or pleasant for others. Unlike the typical anime, Chrno Crusade also offers a true-to-life type of ending that is depressing and sad, yet something that one has to face---not everything ends happily. The ending also forces the viewer to question about it, which would be something new to the viewer who has only seen anime that wrap-up the whole story with a simple and happy ending---no questions asked.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.50 (above average)

Reviewed by Sallyf322, Nov 16, 2004


  1. Ilona Nov 17, 2004

    Well even if I'm not really new to anime, the end of CC was really special, and it was all the more special than the first eps didn't have the same atmosphere at all than the end. But I liked it, well everything doesn't end well so...
    That's an interesting review you've done.

  2. alucard242 Nov 17, 2004

    For me, this is a wonderful serie but the end sucks..... It's a pity.

    Both design and story are great but they mixed up all in the end.

  3. puu2003 Nov 30, 2004

    I really like this show. The ending was a real tear jerker. I loved how they combined so many different genres together: drama, comedy, action, mystisism, romance, tragedy, thriller, etc. It was a real treat for me. :)

  4. BiNumber3 Dec 08, 2004

    same here, the ending was sad, but the anime itself was pretty good

  5. antonbrek Sep 24, 2005

    without a doubt in my mind CC is one of the best anime series i've ever seen
    i loved the story and the way everyone was drawn to fit their personality like everyone else; a little disapointed about the end. but never the less one of my favs! :)

  6. climbingmonkey Oct 11, 2005

    i agree, definately one of the best shows iv ever seen, ending was sad, but that deosnt stop it being a great series! :)

  7. SrEyLaKh Jul 19, 2006


  8. nainoi Oct 02, 2009

    oh! great anime.

  9. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  10. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Interesting review, a bit limited, it needs some character development mentioning and go further into more reasoning for your review, but it has a good start to it however.

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