AyumiNemoto's Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Manga Review

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning manga Review

It has been two years since Ayumu Narumi's brother, Kiyotaka Narumi, mysteriously disappeared.
Ayumu does not know the real reason behind his brother's disappearance; his only clue is the mysterious note his brother left him regarding what Kiyotaka refers to as the "Blade Children".

What is Kiyotaka thinking, and why is he leaving the matter of Blade Children to his younger brother?
What will Ayumu do once he knows what the Blade Children really are, and that he is their only hope?

Based on the synopsis by PrincessMeyrin023.

Story & Playability

This Review will be based off of the MANGA series of Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna (volumes 1 - 13 cause that's all I have) NOT Spiral: Elaiv (since only one volume came out in the last 2 years) or the anime. The title Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna is translated to Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning which gives it an interesting name tothe series because, just like the story of Spiral, it seems simple but in truth it has a very, very deep plot behind it. Although the anime series splits off around Volume 5 (which the anime starts going in circles), the manga continues on the search of the Blade Children and Kiyotaka Narumi. The story isn't as simple as Protagonist versus Antagonist because in the manga, there really isn't any Antagonist, it depends on how a person would like to portray the story. Each group (the Hunters, the Blade Children, the Saviors, Ayumu and co. and the Watchers) has a positive purpose and roles in the story, not just about the Hunters killing the Blade Children because they didn't like them (like the anime portrays which is false - to a point). This is (to my belief) the unique-ness of Spiral: suiri no kizuna although they still had the whole "save humanity" factor in the story but it wasn't as visible til later in the Volumes.

Alot of background knowledge is really needed to understand the story and it's mind puzzling "games". The knowledge of Japanese culture and it's use in language (which I do not recommend for those who are new to the Japanese Language) is recommended when reading this series especially about Lab life (the whole Father, Brother and Sister relationship is different from daily family life to those of lab life).

The character developement is weak in this series. Most of the characters are the same as the manga started out exceptions to Ayumu and Kanone, since they have changed later on. Not dramastically but more than the other characters. Ayumu starts believing in his ability while Kanone starts believing in hope but again, this took 10+ volumes to actually see the change.

Rating: 8


The artwork is magnificent, in my opnion. The artist actually shows the growth of the character. The chibi styled artwork at the beginning of the series will change to a more mature style throughout the series. I know that many mangakas does this, but not the ones I've personally own or seen so it's a "wow" to me.

What was completely impressive to me was that the characters actually has MORE than one set of clothing. Each volume, the artist & creator will amaze the readers with new fresh-looking fashion/clothing for their characters (example: Eyes Rutherford in Volume 14 where he has a ponytail, glasses and a more professional look). The chracter designs were equally well done, none of the characters fell behind (like a nice ones vs ugly ones). If a character is not visually well design, usually the creator will give the character a well put-together personality such as Hiyono and Kirie. Of course, most fangirls will agree with me that most, if not all, the male characters are pure Bishonen.

The manga art has that touch of "moments" more often than most series I've read. What I like about this series is that it isn't completely based on fan's favorism (aka. shonen-ai moments) but even those characters that aren't on a person's favorite list will still get the awe's for them.

Rating: 10


Since the manga has NO sound I shall review the OST (especially the opening and ending for the anime). In my opnion, at first glance, you would think "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!". Of course, most of the OST contains horror type and than jolly cheerful types of BGMs which is a BIG contrast. Since the story has a bit of here and there (from humor to horror), I guess it's acceptable. I don't completely agree with some of the Background Musics (even in the anime), but the sounds itself was composed well.

The opening is probably the most off-plotted music possible. It doesn't fit the series what-so-ever but this is the irony behind the series. When you first watch/listen to the series, you would expect something to be the next humourous series like "Karin" but really it's a detective story. Just like the story, where the protagonist and antagonist isn't that simple nor is it the same way the portray it. The music does, however, fit the chibi style of the manga.

Ending theme fits perfectally with the manga art and plot.

Rating: 7


Smooth running plot, easy to understand and keeps the reader at the edge of their seat. Does contain violence, blood and lots and lots of explainations. This manga will make the reader keep on reading regardless of type of genre the reader likes (because in my opnion, it has a little bit of every genre). The continuation of new primary and secondary characters popping up is different from most series who introduces all the characters in the beginning. The series also contains the whole "once an question is answer another two dozen questions pops up" factor which makes the reader want to continue reading because everyone hates cliffhangers.

What I found weak about the series was the fact that the characters, besides Ayumu, Eyes, Kanone and Hizumi, had barely to no role at all. They were just lackeys in my opnion. For example, half way through the series the group of Hunters just disappeared and instead a new threat by the "Devil" appears and the Hunters becomes disregarded. The deep understanding of the truth of the Blade Children covers that weakness but not entirely.

Overall, the story and art is portray well together and the difficulty of making the mystery work out well (that had such a deep understanding to) gives Spiral the mystery atmosphere unlike most anime/manga I've seen. I highly recommend the Spiral Manga over the anime since their IS an conclusion to most, if not, all the questions in the beginning of the series (and in the anime).

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by AyumiNemoto, Nov 28, 2005


  1. strawberrt Nov 28, 2005

    hm.. interesting. I wanted to watch this anime, it seemed pretty good. but people say that the ending is bad =/ Anyways, good review! Just the beginning was a little confusing ^^;;

  2. enchantressinthedark Nov 28, 2005

    Nice review, Ayumi! I feel like watching it too! You described the Art 10 so I wanna see how magnificent the art is! ^^

  3. lam240791 Nov 28, 2005

    I think it is very nice & exciting.
    Especially the drawings.
    All the male characters are handsome!
    And the female characters are cute too.
    I do want to watch the anime.
    The story of it seems to be different from the story of comic.

  4. darkangel013 Nov 28, 2005

    Quote by lam240791I think it is very nice & exciting.
    Especially the drawings.
    All the male characters are handsome!
    And the female characters are cute too.
    I do want to watch the anime.
    The story of it seems to be different from the story of comic.

    I agree I have all 6 volumes of the dvds and it really is a good review.Excellent review Ayumi!

  5. merelie Nov 29, 2005

    i'm really grateful for this review
    i've been debating whether or not to get the manga since all i've seen is the anime, and while good on its own, it is sadly lacking in resolution of any kind
    i like how you said that there really isn't a mentality of good guys against bad guys, it all depends on one's perspective

  6. kyubinaruto Nov 29, 2005

    This could have been a good review if you didn't give the art a 10, spiral art is consistent and good in my opinion, but it's still doesn't deserve a 10, i would most probably given 8 since I would give yukiru sugisaki's an 11 or 12 if spiral's a 10.
    Hmm... I would add on that all spiral characters have different eyes, expressions and styles that make the readers easily recognise them at the first glance.
    Let's see, I would say the strokes used by eita mizuno isn't very smooth and the character's hair doesn't really flow very well. Well, this is just the comparison between my japanese version of dn angel bk 11 and japanese version of spiral bk 14 >.<
    Besides, it's not wise to give a 10 for any part of the review because 8 is already a +++ That's just personal opinion >< So don't really think about it.

    Lastly, the sound, do include character's seiyuu >.< I am in love with Ayumu's and Eye's voice XP Don't really like Ryoko's voice though.

    Nonetheless, great job on the review and i wrote a super long comment because I am a spiral fan as well >.<

  7. tareren Nov 30, 2005

    Hehe, agree with kyubi-chan on the rating :D
    I love the manga of the series, cannot say anything about the anime though, cos I haven't watched it, and not intending to XP but this is quite a nice review, aside from the art rating that is a bit too high :) keep it up :D

  8. sukie Dec 01, 2005

    ya ya !i tally agree that the art is super! WOOHHHH! me love the art! =D they make the duds look so cool!

  9. fawna-chan Dec 02, 2005

    I love the art too! It's so cute but it fits the story. I watched the anime but i haven't had a chance to read the manga yet...

  10. studio Dec 02, 2005

    Great review. I adored the OST though .___.; A c? X3

    I have to agree with you in terms of the art - it`s fantastic.

  11. MeroMero Dec 04, 2005

    Inspires me to finish the manga... It's been so long since I saw the anime. @__@;

  12. chichiri1907 Dec 05, 2005

    Nice review, the manga and the anime is diff, so glad that you reviewed the manga because i watched the naime but haven't read the manga yet :D

  13. SYMONE15 Dec 22, 2005

    Spiral is a really good anime, but i only got to see in japanese, but it was still good. Although, i do want to see it in english.

    merged: 12-23-2005 ~ 06:55am
    I love Narumi, but Eyes comes in second.

    merged: 12-23-2005 ~ 07:11am
    I think ayumu and hiyono make a very cute couple, if only they kissed in the anime. HUH. -_-

  14. ueon Mute Member Jan 05, 2006

    i really wanna watch but i dont no where to get it...TT every said that it's really good

  15. kawaiicomet Feb 24, 2006

    Spiral is an anime more attached to realism. I was attracted to it since it wasn't like any other anime I've seen and... the ending of the anime was absolutely annoying! As for the manga, I've never seen it, unluckily. But still, I think it's pretty cool! ^_^

  16. Karmillina Mar 28, 2006

    four words: I WANT THE MANGA!

    At first glance, it looks much better than the anime o______O

  17. carolyaza Apr 30, 2006

    I never saw the manga, but I really enjoyed the anime, although I think the ending was not as good as I tought it would be.
    Nice review!

  18. tsukiko421 Jul 03, 2007

    i don't think the anime is that good... from what i've heard, it just cuts off before any of the action regarding the blade children actually reaches its peak... because of that, i've decided to read the manga, while recording the shows on tv, so i can watch the anime later. only problem is... i have no idea where to find the manga from volume 8, up... could someone please tell me?

  19. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  20. jenny123311994 Jun 27, 2010

    thanks for ur review (:

  21. Montasia Dec 28, 2010

    I have watched two episodes of this anime and...I'm LOVING it! Thanks for the review. ^_^

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