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Zettai Kareshi tv Review

Riiko Izawa is a lonely high school girl who has been rejected by every boy she has ever liked. One day she's given a card for a website called Nightly Lovers. She orders the 3 day trial version and receives a new lover whom she names Night, but for the duration of the trial refuses to have sex with him. Unfortunately she forgets to return him at the end of the trial, so now she must come up with one million dollars!

Based on the synopsis by Mew1Mokuba.

Story & Characters

I guess, to make the manga world parallel, a male sexbot story was needed to counter that of CLAMP's "CHOBITS". One gets totally sucked in by this gimmick, be it male or female, since our entire world is moving at breakneck speed toward being able to develop and successfully use robots in our daily lives. Anyway, though the plot itself does feel a bit cliche by now, it moved in a different direction than that of "Chobits" to a tragic ending. Watase Yuu seems to have the ability to do that in her series - to turn a fun, happy, goofy story into one that will make you cry like a baby and feel guilty afterward.

As I have not read Viz's translations, I can't comment much on how the transition from Japanese to English went, though the raws were really quite easy to understand. Even though the target audience was "older teen", I was surprised with the amount of furigana thrown into the actual text. Then again, most shoujo manga made in the last five years has had increasing amounts of furigana in them - with only the exception of a few (Mitsukazu Mihara works, Anno Moyoco works, etc).

Rating: 8


Watase Yuu has her trademark style, and for the last five years or so, hasn't really evolved much as an artist beyond what she's been putting out. She needs to experiment a bit more, art-wise. However, I must say that Night's character design, possibly because of his constant nudity, was the best out of the entire series. She at least has male proportions down pat.

But this is classic Watase character design, so if you're looking from something new and fresh in terms of visuals, this is probably not what you want from her. The style matches the genre and concepts with poor to adequate sci-fi designs used. I felt she completely wasted the opportunity to build on her current style regarding the scenes with Kronos Heaven - definitely lacking there. It again, looked like almost everything she's ever published, and I was sorely disappointed...especially since this manga was so lauded in the shoujo manga market due to the fact that this is the first (and so far only) sci-fi work she's done.

Rating: 6


Since this title is currently manga-only, there was no sound to be reviewed.

Rating: 1


From the beginning to end, this is definitely a perfect representation of the shoujo genre. It's got broken hearts, boys, naked boys, and falling in love - but with a twist. Watase Yuu managed to shake things up a bit by throwing in some sci-fi, and the end result was good - one of her better recent works. I could have done without the abruptness of the ending, though.

But what the main thing is that stood out for me in the end was the fact that (to me, at least) Watase is in a shoujo rut. She's managed to creep out of it somewhat with the publication of this manga, but she's still in there. She needs to get more daring, and maybe even more risque in what she publishes. While there was plenty nakedness in this title that pushed the envelope, Ayashi no Ceres still beat this series in terms of nudity presentation. Perhaps I've been reading a bit too much Mitsukazu's works as of late, but if Watase is going to grab her older audience, she needs to make stories that fit as such. There are shoujo artists that manage to do that, crazy as that sounds. I understand everyone loves fun stories that make you feel fuzzy inside, but one also needs to face reality in stories sometimes too. I suggest that Watase do that for a next project, though she'll never read this.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

6.5000 (above average)

Reviewed by manticoreusagi, Nov 16, 2005


  1. tareren Nov 17, 2005

    Ummm, you make some reference to Chobits, yet you do not really explain the manga storyline...

    Ummm.... about the manga though, I would say this manga is sooo typical Yuu Watase's manga, and I do not quite like her work, the artwork is always the same, she seems to be repeating all the plots (where all the guys seem to love the main girl chara plus some best friend of the girl chara like the same guy) >_>
    Oh well, that was just me :D

  2. renki Nov 17, 2005

    I like this animation very much.
    I always look.

  3. janrea Nov 17, 2005

    i absolutely luv Watase Yuu, her works are marvelous. i watch zettai kareshi but i dun think i like the ending that much, but the ppl drawn are still beautifully done.

  4. keevang Nov 19, 2005

    they should make more of yuu watase's manga into anime. well tht's wht i think though. i love her comics <3 :D

  5. Yuki-san123 Nov 20, 2005

    You kept mentioning Chobits/CLAMP although the only thing they have in common is the robot part T_T I suggest you tell us the plot instead of comparing and contrast it with CLAMP's work.

  6. Zettai-Yadda Nov 23, 2005

    The plot is that this girl buys a robot online, and he ends up being her boyfriend, and she has to pay the bill but since she can't he has to live with her and gather data on girls so that they could build better versions of boyfriend robots. Thats the basic jist of it.

  7. Elyvania Nov 25, 2005

    Well, I don't like this manga at all, it feels reiterative most of the time. The side stories are really good and save you from some instants of incredible boredom while reading the main story of the manga. The style it's good (Yuu Watase it's a good mangaka) but you can see a better work and plot line in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden or Ayashi no Ceres (more adventure and less romance... if you like that >_^). So if you like Yuu Watase and don't like this work of her, you can go and buy the other ones ^^ (Fushigi Yuugi GK rulez, I love it!).

  8. fallen-dreams Feb 05, 2006

    This was a fun, sweet manga that i read from Yuu Watashi, i luved it very much! they should have an anime of it! =3333

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