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The Soul Taker tv Review

Spinoff series: Nurse Witch Komugi, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R.

Story & Characters

In the beginning the story can be classified as a collection of cliches. Kyosuke suddenly becomes a powerful hero and goes on a journey to find his twin sister and save all her soul fragments. It is a bit hard to comprehend why Kyosuke needs to save all fragments of his sister's soul although he never knew she existed in the first place. In the beginning the story extremely lacks any depth and the fights are somehow always the same (I think Kyosuke uses his ultimate power a bit too often - especially in the fifth episode).

Fortunately it all improves after episode six. You finally get to know why there are those mutants and what the purpose of Kirihara Group is. The characters appear to be well designed concering their pasts and their relationships. You finally understand them and their actions much better and you begin to sympathize with them. You get to know as well what happened before the actual story.

All in all the story is not bad at all but actually quite good and surprising in the second half. It would be just better if they introduced the characters and the facts in a better and more interesting way. I think the excentric storytelling is one of the reasons why most viewers are confused by Soul Taker.

Rating: 7


The art is maybe the most interesting aspect of that series. The wonderful way the director plays with colours and camera viewing points creates a mysterious atmosphere and even has artistic value. Personally I liked the stained glass backgrounds combined with futuristic architecture. The characters appear in different colours and depending on the mood the whole scenery changes into different fantasy-backgrounds that reflect the symbolic meaning of the particular scene.

The character design is not that experimental as the setting but also quite nice. There are all kinds of characters; cool guys like Kyosuke and Shiro, the attractice evil lady Yui and the cute nurse Komugi with all her crazy outfits. Although those are quite stereotypical elements of design it fits very well with the over-all mysterious mood and doesn't detract any quality from it.

So if an anime only consisted of those things, this one would get a ten of ten rating but the animation work itself plays an important role too. Although the fighting scences are dynamic there are way too much stand-still converstation scences. Characters are not moving for several minutes during a converstation and because of the lack of movement you may feel a bit disappointed but fortunately the positive artistic aspects overweight the negative ones.

Rating: 9


The seiyuu are very well chosen and do their job excellently. The background music is really good and it doesn't repeat itself too often. Furthermore it never seems out of place. It is quite original too and stands out within the the world of OSTs. But personally I disliked the opening theme because it seems old fashioned and doesn't suit the series. It is too happy and a bit annoying. The ending theme though is quite suitable for this series.

Rating: 9


Despite the splendid art and the good sound quality the presentation is one weakpoint of this anime. Like I already mentioned the story is not that well written in the beginning and the viewer is thrown into the world of Soul Taker without being introduced properly. I guess the viewers shall experience how Kyosuke feels but the creators could have done it in a better way (at least revealing a little bit of the series' truth to encourage people to keep on watching it).

There are also some American comic influences (like the superhero stuff and the fighting techniques) which absolutely do not fit with an anime and strongly damage the over-all viewer's reception. The cliche of 'the boy protecting the weak girls' dominates the story too much in the beginning.
But there are also very positive aspects of the presentation like the creative designs of Hospital staff. The zombie nurses with lethal injections and exploding clinical thermometers were one of the highlights in the action part of the series.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

7.33 (above average)

Reviewed by harakiri, Nov 15, 2005


  1. keevang Nov 16, 2005

    the pictures look nice. :D

  2. renki Nov 16, 2005

    I like this animation.

  3. chibikko Nov 16, 2005

    Woah you reviewed it already? Then why don't you review it for animachi as well haha fufu you can do it better any way. And the screencaps are nice haha

  4. KNNTHHNTR Nov 17, 2005

    I like the story and the characters are cool. That part of the review I would have scored it a little higher. I agree the presentation could have been a little better but the animation was good.

  5. daos Nov 17, 2005

    I always liked the scans and images I saw of this anime (at least Komugi). The art seems good and so does the sound, so I guess those are good things to make me want to watch the anime. It's sad how some anime still do the whole "weak girl saved by strong guy" thing because it seems annoying. >w<

  6. Nosferatum Nov 19, 2005

    I'm so pissed off of this anime that I can't even describe without unprintable words. And actually I'm pissed off exactly with the same things that are mentioned in this review as good ones.
    Being objective: this review really accentuate on the most remarkable aspects of Soul Taker series, though I have a whole different opinion about them than harakiri.

  7. Tinbad Nov 20, 2005

    Wasn't he searching for for his sister and found the fragments, unsure if they were really his sister or not? I think he was able to sense them, and wen't to each one to see if it was her. Didn't his sister have some conspiracy thing where she wanted to remake eveything or something? I dont know... it was presented very poorly (So confusing OX) , however the animation was exellent.

    And in response to daos, She wasnt weak at all... actually very powerful after she was free.

  8. MegasXLRFanX85 Dec 20, 2005

    A gothic, brooding, anime that pierces the shadowy depths of the human soul. Kyoske Dante, a troubled young man who got fatally stabbed by his mother and survived, awakens to find out that he can transform into The Soul Taker, a powerful Super Mutant. Kyoske suddenly discovers to find himself in the middle of a battle between the grotesque Mutants of the Hospital Organization run by the Vengeful Richard Vincent / The Soul Crusher and the relentless robots solders of The Kirihara Group Controled by the ruthless Yui Kirihara who are in seach for the Flickers, artifical beings who are created to hide the position of Kyoske's long lost Twins Sister, Runa. but with the aid of the mysterious Shiro Mibu and the Kawaii hospital mutant Komugi Nakahara, Kyoske enbarks on a quest to find and to protect the Flickers and Runa, only to discover a more darker Conspiricy that threatens to destroy all of humanity.

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    it was a short lived anime, I seriously wished it could have been longer. it had great promise but then it just sort of disappeared. nice review.

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