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Sister Princess

Sister Princess tv,ova Review

Wataru Minakami failed his high school entrance exams due to a computer glitch. He soon learns that he has been accepted to Stargazer Hill Academy. It’s on a far away mysterious place called Promised Island. Soon after arriving on the island he meets a bunch of girls all claiming to his younger sisters. As he gets closer to his new found siblings, the mystery surrounding why he is there starts to be revealed.

By Mew1Mokuba

Story & Playability

This review is based on a viewing of the second series; Sister Princess RePure.

Sister Princess RePure really has no solid story flow to it. The simple layout follows each of the twelve sister's perspective of how they love their older brother and why. Still, the lack of a storyline will leave questioning the anime at times and this sometimes can make the series hard to follow. The series is very episodic with no continuity to it. Another thing about the series, is that each episode seems to contain a short 15 minute episode accompanied by a 10 minute background story of one of the twelve girls. This could cause Sister Princess RePure to be reserved a rather select fanbase. Had the series followed an actual storyline, then it may have been a little more enjoyable. For the most part, I found the story to become relatively boring over time.

A more elaborate review will be placed once there has been a proper screening of the first season.

Rating: 6


This review is based on a viewing of the second series; Sister Princess RePure.

The artwork in Sister Princess RePure is one that will attract some but repel others. The characters are all hand-drawn unlike a lot of other modern-day anime which increases the softness of their design. The character's come off in gentle appeal and are all kept in their childish perspectives. This does the series justice in the genre that it is portrayed in. The backgrounds, however, sometimes do not fit the character animations very well. Nearly all of the backgrounds are done with oil paints or watercolors which contrasts heavily with the motions of the hand-drawn characters. Also, the majority of the backgrounds are very stale with very little detail and motion. This can give off a rather bland appearance if focused upon and after a while, it becomes pretty obvious. Still, the characters are very well done and the designs are cute to say the least. I feel that this series would done more justice in a manga format however.

Rating: 7


This review is based on a viewing of the second series; Sister Princess RePure.

The soundwork in Sister Princess RePure is one that has it's ups and downs. The intro is rather energetic but perhaps, too much so that it overhypes the slow, softer anime.

The background music is very befitting the series. The soft cords and often childish tones help provide the series with the sense of innocence and purity. Then again, sometimes the series leaves out a background tone when it would seem proper to have one.

The sound effects in the background are always apparant. Whether is be birds chirping, a fountain with running water, or cars driving by, the effects are always present. This does seem to contrast with the stale, motionless background artwork however.

Character voicing is done on a mediocre level. While the voices seem befitting to the cute, younger girl appearance, some of the voice can simply come off as annoying after a while. A lot of the traditional "cute-girl" effects are overused as well. You will also notice that a lot of the girls have cute speaking manipulation that causes them to provide emphasis on a certain word or phrase. While cute for the first few minutes, it grows tiresome quickly.

As for an ending theme, Sister Princess seems to be as questionable here as it is with the intro. The music simply seems far too energetic for the series at hand. Something slower and more gentle played would be more befitting for the series.

Rating: 7


This review is based on a viewing of the second series; Sister Princess RePure.

Sister Princess is a series to comes off rather confused. There is no real story to be had for starters. For this particular series, this would seem necessary as all the girls look towards the male protagonist with a sense of adorement. It leaves one wondering if there will be a love confession or not. With the lack of an official story, I don't foresee this anytime soon. The artwork itself seems questionable as well. While the characters come off as lively and energetic, the accompanying background is usually stale and boring. When paired with a soundtrack that goes from a lively intro, to soft and gentle background music, then back to life with an energetic ending; the series gives off mixed signals of what it wants to portray itself as.

Overall, this series seems rather questionable. While enjoyable for the first few episodes, you will soon find yourself looking elsewhere for something more solid.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.33 (average)

Reviewed by Nismosis, Nov 04, 2005


  1. daos Nov 05, 2005

    I've read a few other bad reviews on this anime, but I guess yours just solidifies it. Is it true that the question of whether or not he is their real brother or not isn't answered?
    I like the artwork in the series, MT has a ton of them. n.n" I guess I will avoid watching this anime in the near future though.

  2. coldness Nov 06, 2005

    isnt this review based on the second season RePure? in that case, you wouldnt get any storyline of course, since thats all in first season, rite?

  3. RosetteyChrno1 Nov 07, 2005

    ? falta la 1º parte

  4. jorpanoterracombr Nov 07, 2005

    A Minitokyo era bem mais eficiente quando deixava seus membros verem os Wallpaper em qualquer resolução que fosse . Agora ....

  5. shinosuke Nov 07, 2005

    First season was great, but second season was sorta in pieces.

  6. chanjiamin Nov 07, 2005

    The review is good .

  7. Nismosis Nov 07, 2005

    Quote by coldnessisnt this review based on the second season RePure? in that case, you wouldnt get any storyline of course, since thats all in first season, rite?

    Yes, this is based on the second season. Once I get a chance to view the first season, I'll edit the review accordingly. :)

  8. yue_hikaru Nov 11, 2005

    well even the first season is not satisfying enough

  9. coldness Nov 12, 2005

    thats what the second season is for? well i wouldnt know, i have first season, but havent watched it yet, i got loads of free time once again, so ill do that soon enough

  10. J7W1 Nov 12, 2005

    chikage is lovely

  11. luckydodo Dec 23, 2005

    i love chikage & sakuya, they're so cute~~

  12. sdswrath Apr 02, 2010

    the drawings are cute and its true their blood relationship is questionable

  13. banhxilovely0310 Aug 05, 2010


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