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Ichigo Mashimaro

Ichigo Mashimaro tv,manga Review

Chika Itoh, a typical, well behaved 6th grade elementary schooler is always on the look out for two things - her older sister Nobue coming into her room to 'steal' some money to buy more cigarettes, and her next-door neighbor friend Miu jumping into her room through the window. Other than that, she has two other friends - shy, but adorable Matsuri and a new entrance English girl, Ana.

Ichigo Mashimaro is all about their time together and all the cute things they do in life.

Description: euna

Story & Playability

Ichigo Mashimaro is a series that more or less doesn't follow a story. Instead, the series simply follows the everyday occurances of a group of little girls and the situations that they come across. The series is very episodic as none of the episodes are chained together in any fashion. Still, with scenarios like "language barriers" and "a part-time job" it's hard not to keep watching. All in all, the series has a very Azumanga Daioh feel to it with the exception of emphasizing on cuteness rather than blunt humor. The characters are all there for each tradional category;

Chika - The average, everyday girl.
Nobue - The 'mature' older sister.
Ana - The upper-class foreigner.
Miu - The loud, energetic troublemaker.
Matsuri - The softhearted, cry-baby girl with glasses.

The story takes the seemingly simple situations, then blend in the individual aspects of each of these characters to provide a very cute and humorous approach for each episode. Those who are looking for a flowing storyline and a purpose of events will be left dumbfounded, but the series is perfect for those who just need something to smile at after a long day at school/work.

Rating: 7


Ichigo Mashimaro takes cute artwork to an entirely new level. The characters are cute enough to make you reach at your monitor for a hug. The soft textures and well-done proportions are excellent in showing the youthfulness and childish appeal of each character. Some have found the rosey, puffy cheeks to be a little too emphasized at times but, for the most part, this only helps project the appeal of youthful innocence. The background artwork is relatively smooth but it is easily to notice that not as much time was spent on them as much as was done on the characters themselves. Facial expressions and situational depictions are well played in the series without going into an over-emphasis in any direction. For the series in review, the artwork is very befitting and one could hardly ask for more.

Rating: 9


The music in Ichigo Mashimaro is nothing short of adorable. The intro song "Ichigo Complete" has all four girls singing as a small chorus and the product will have you smiling in your chair. The lyrics have the sense of childish carelessness and the want of only to have fun. It was very befitting of the series. The background music in the series goes relatively unnoticeable as it only seems to appear from time to time. The ending theme "Classmate" is one that is slower and more relaxing than the intro. In a way, this is very befitting to series. The series starts with a high burst of energy with the happy intro theme, then settles down with a slower, more calming tune. Much like an energetic child that finally lays down to sleep, the series plays energetically and then eases to a calm closure.

Rating: 8


The presentation of this is series is befitting to itself in every fashion. Every aspect of Ichigo Mashimaro goes towards emphasizing on the cute girl factor. The music is very catchy and memorable, the animation is soft and very cute, the episode stories are also quite appealing as each one has a way of providing some sort of humorous occurance. The balance of the series is also well balanced for it's appeal. The cutestness is heavily emphasized but it is done so in such a way that it is simply cute and not overdone. Fans of Azumanga Daioh and other cute series will find Ichigo Mashimaro at the top of their list of favorite anime. This series is by far an excellent addition to any collection of cute collectors.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by Nismosis, Nov 02, 2005


  1. Keik Nov 02, 2005

    I really love it
    Bottle Fairy is also a cute anime.
    Thx for the nice Review
    im Waitin for episode 7 here :)

  2. c-bas Nov 02, 2005

    AH....I just saw it and it was kawaii.

  3. crimsondivide Nov 03, 2005

    why did they have to end it so quickly!? i hope the manga is still ongoing. bit disappointed in the tv series because it was so short.

  4. tsukasagr Nov 03, 2005

    I really want to see this series... :( And the manga too.

  5. kakitsubata Nov 03, 2005

    i love the manga, but i haven't seen the anime. it's supersuperultra kawaii! ^________^ thx so much for writing the review! really got to get hold of some of their music...

  6. nanasan Nov 04, 2005

    I don't like the anime. But I like characters. Because those so cute.^_^

  7. feiness Nov 05, 2005

    at first I didnt think it would be any good as im more into action styles, but after watching the first episode i realaised its quite funny actually.
    althought it has dosnt have a steady story line, it makes fun of everyday occurances which can be very funny through the different personalities of each character.

  8. hunterkiller03 Nov 11, 2005

    nice review!

  9. Madydiu Nov 17, 2005

    Wai wai. Ichigo Mashimaro is the cutest ^^

  10. Andulien Nov 23, 2005

    sounds very interesting I guess I should watch it sometime.
    See you around

  11. novalisk Feb 08, 2006

    An excellent anime. Yes, not only cute, but it is a very clever comedy anime.
    The gags are hillarious. I also liked the influence of japanese comedy. Some scenes' crazyness was equal to the ones in Excel Saga, but I liked how they were more 'real-life-like'. That's why it's even funnier than most crazy comedy-animes.

  12. MaiGo Feb 13, 2006

    yeah but T_T its over already. only 12 episodes..
    overall a cute little anime ^_^ maybe the manga is longer.

  13. CINDERELLA Jan 15, 2007

    love those cute girls, i like collecting pics of Ichigo Mashimaro

  14. ShadowDreamer16 Sep 30, 2007

    I loved how it was a so 'everyday' type of anime. It's so real; it's cute. The innocence of children can be absolutely hilarious. The exchanges between Miu and Chika cracked me up. It's definitely an anime that will make you smile.

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