panuru's Blame! Ova,manga Review

Blame! ova,manga Review

Story & Playability

The story of BLAME! is not exactly very much. The lead role, Killy, starts off with a single task that begins his hopeless journey. Such a task, however, begins a chain of events that unfold and force Killy into situations that influence a far more important world that he never knew existed. The development and experience of such a journey is the main interest in BLAME!'s story aspect. While some people are turned off by its lack of dialogue, I personally find this artistic choice fitting of BLAME!'s concept. It is definitely the kind of story that offers a glimps, in which the audience is expected to "figure out" and fill in the details. If you don't like to think, this story might not appeal to you. If you do -and have an appreciation for unconventional plot tools- this might just be your thing. There are also some interesting ideas in BLAME! that I have yet to see utilized in other stories or manga. The characters of BLAME! are either very interesting and like-able or extremely dislikeable and brutal. I personally enjoy this contrast. The cultures that Killy encounters on his journey are also very interesting. One of the story's greatest aspects is learning about the different people within Killy's "Cyber Dungeon" world.

As for the OVA, there is not much added onto story except for the concept that the DVD is a "Salvaged disc by Cibo." In speculation, the six shorts included in this are the remnants of Cibo's log during her encounter with Killy. The only disappointment here is that it is so brief and doesn't add much perspective that isn't covered in the manga. If you pick at it, I'm sure you'll find something, however. I sure believe I did.

It is a simple story, but sometimes they are the simple stories that we too often overlook. BLAME!'s story would get a lower grade, but I rate it a number higher for being unconventional and extremely unique.

Rating: 8


The artwork of the BLAME! manga is amazing. Tsutomu Nihei's style is definitely a product of originality and, certainly, some people do not have a taste for it. I admit that it is, at many times, cluttered; but I find that this makes rereading the manga far more appealing. The character's faces are particularly well drawn, however, and Tsutomu Nihei definitely shows comprehension of the human figure. BLAME!'s strongest artistic aspect, however, is most definitely its architecture. The architectural structures in BLAME! play a large role in the context of the story so it makes sense that such amazing detail would go into BLAME!'s backgrounds. What BLAME! lacks in cluttered action sequences is made up for GREATLY in the backgrounds and still artwork.

The artwork for the OVA is equally as stunning! Nihei's characters and architectural details are captured well and most of the images are still pans in order to properly portray the lingering edge that Nihei created in his manga. The most amazing visual aspect of the OVA, however, is definitely the colour. Colour choice must have been the most difficult decision when adapting Nihei's images for animation. The colour choice present is very saturated and bold with a great deal of complimentary colours that help in contrasting eachother in the frame's composition.

Rating: 9


[No sound in manga. Lettered Sound FX are fun though.]

The sound in the OVA was given brilliant attention. Since there is little to no dialogue present (as fairly true to the manga), the smallest audio details are instrumental in getting the mood across to its audience. The underscore is nearly nul most of the time, save one withering trumpet and a few atmospheric sounds and digital contractions. As one of the most experimental soundtracks, some may find the lack of conventional pop or orchestrated music annoying. Those who are able to appreciate such experimental sounds will agree with me that the sounds enhance mood and bring the images to life on the screen. The sound f/x are also given extremely great detail and contribute to the overall underscore rather than standing out as sound f/x. I believe these aspects are truly done well.

Character dialogue is extremely well-done. Odd creatures have strange voices that emit sounds I've never heard before. There are clearly layers upon layers of sounds and vocal tracks emphasizing the creepiness of said voices. The contrast between them and the soft tone of Cibo's female voice is great in respect to Cibo's hopeful and powerful supporting role in the story of BLAME!.

The instrumental ending theme is particularly enjoyable, even, and really kicks in well when each short is over.

Keep an ear out for the great sounds at the end of Log 3: net sphere and also notice how, thru-out the shorts, silence is used as an instrument rather than seen as a lack of sound. Some of the greatest sound ever.

Rating: 10


There is so much awe in discovering the world of BLAME! that I simply can't get enough of it. Tsutomu Nihei's artwork never gets old and is always inspiring. Upon each reading, I always discover something new within the pages of BLAME!; whether it is an image that adds to the story, details that add to the action of a page, or some dialogue that clues you in more on what's going on withing the world. For these reasons, I believe BLAME!'s presentation is its strongest aspect.

The OVA only adds to the experience of BLAME! but is meaningless to those who have not read the manga.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by panuru, Oct 27, 2005


  1. JiZames Oct 27, 2005

    Holy crap, there's an OVA for Blame!? I myself have issues 1 and 2 of it and I gotta admit, it's damn good.

  2. panuru Oct 27, 2005

    official (US) BLAME! stuff here

    Notice that the run-time is 37 minutes. The shorts are very worth it, but would be a disappointment to those expecting more.

  3. Andulien Nov 07, 2005

    Wow there is an OVA of that? Didn't know that. Thanks for the great Review :)

  4. renki Nov 17, 2005

    I like this animation very much.
    I always look.

  5. zazuge Feb 14, 2006

    I read the first volume,
    but did not think it's that great,
    perhaps i have to read it again!

  6. jock13 Mar 15, 2006

    u must understand that it like every other book rocks 1-is ok
    2-kicks butt 3 calms down, butt 4 will proboly rock again.

    although peaples heads randamley exsplode a lot?
    in book 1 is that kid a virise or anti vires or somthing?
    the one whose bodie walked away.

    merged: 03-15-2006 ~ 09:58am
    what does OVA mean does, that mean, a anime?

    merged: 03-15-2006 ~ 10:04am
    is there a blame! group? if i creat one will you guys join?

  7. AirMaster Apr 14, 2006

    OVA = Original Video Animation.

    There's no Blame! group as far as I know...:x

    BTW, nice review. Blame! is one kick-ass manga series. Deserves more love.

  8. DarthTofu Nov 01, 2006

    Blame has an OVA? =O

  9. MarGGoTT Oct 28, 2008

    very good video? but if you don't read manga.........obscure story............))))))

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