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Ikkitousen tv Review

Story & Characters

The story is of a brainless yet busty highschool girl named Hakufu Sonsaku. All her life she has been raised and trained to fight and all she knows is that is it fun! The days seemed like any other day, eating breakast, getting owned with chosticks by her mother, nothing out of the usual. But as the day drew to its end she was oh so rudely approached by a man- a man who had an earring just like her mothers. After beating his face in and loosing a shirt or two, Hakafu returns home only to find out that she is to travel to another school and stay with her cousin Koukin, a geeky/perverted fighter like herself. They are called Toushi and they all wish to be "Ikkitousen" or "Fighter with Strength of 1000". And from then on there is much bloodshed, heartbreak, panty shots and lost shirts, a true specator sport. In a tale where dragons may inhabit your soul and incest tempts many, only the one with the largest cup size shall prevail!

I thought that the storyline was captivating to an extent but not to breath taking. Youve seen a few panties, youve seen them all. The thing that made it enjoyable for me was how they tied in true history with something almost everyone loves. I think they could have put alot more depth into it and ran it aleast twice as long as it lasted, but it was all around a good story.

Rating: 9


I think the art was decent, nothing too spectacular but it was better than alot other ive seen. The shading was great along with how the drew the light and its relfected against their skin. The sound affects were a bit over exaggerated and tended to be repetitive at times and thankfully unlike the manga, the scenery changes ever so ofter, taking away the feel of being in one place through out the story. I feel that could have diversed slightly when it came to the character designs and proportions either you are skinny with big boobs, overly masculan or very scrawny. I was relieved to find that they did not make the characters wear the same outfit everyday as you seen in too many animes out there. It was a calm sight to the eyes.

Rating: 7


The voices fit the characters well and I could find not fault in them, for I watched the original version not the dubbed. The music was awesome and sadly I am not sure if an OSt exists or not. The music of the anime fit greatly with the scenes such as calm and light when the main characters are relaxing, very dramatic and dark in a suspenseful moment in a duel and slow and dragging when a character dies or pereishes which was not very often. There was a great variety of instruments such as electric guitars, pianos, violens, drums and such and they all blended together in a symbiotic like manner.

Rating: 8


This story line was completely original, (unless you call taking from history copying). It was based on the same events of the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms which I have yet to play. This much humor in it, mostly sexual innuendo or characters being placed in uncomfortable situations. I, myself, was extremely disappointed to see it go by so fast, for at the time i was watching every episode as fast as I can. There are 13 episodes which was a complete let down, though I supposed there was not much to indulge on. I found it enjoyable to watch and found much excitement in the fights of the higher up ranks, such as Kanu against Hakufu and Ukitsu against Hakufu. Some of the characters's looks did not match their attitudes but I suppose that can not always happen and that it is only more realistic with that type of effect. There was a great change from the anime to the manga (i read the manga first) and that caused me to become slightly confused. But other than that I would completely recommend this anime to all ecchis and fighter junkies out there!!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.1667 (good)

Reviewed by Sakura-Kuro-Hime, Oct 26, 2005


  1. lilabyssinian Banned Member Oct 26, 2005

    i like martial art anime but this one was unique in a way...they could get into more depth of the story

  2. Watashiwabaka Oct 27, 2005

    I have seen the anime and read most of the manga. I have to recommend
    the manga. The anime felt to rushed.

  3. greatdragon Oct 27, 2005

    very good anime, i like it

  4. cyandog Oct 27, 2005

    i like the women of this anime :D they're hot ^^ animation kinda sucks at times tho.

  5. speedfreek19 Oct 28, 2005

    haha sounds good then

    i have 3 of the 4 dvds so far, just waiting to get the last before i actually watch the series XD, ive seen first ep just to have a taste hehe, i like Ryomou ^^

  6. XxKira-LacusxX Oct 29, 2005

    awesome series martial arts/fighting animes are one of my favorites

  7. trowa832 Oct 30, 2005

    the manga is actually really good. get around the art and stuff, and you have a good story line... along with alot of blooshed, alot

  8. Andulien Nov 07, 2005

    Well the Manga is really good but the Anime in comparison not so... The Review you made is good and I think it fits for the Anime how you've rated it. thx :)

  9. renki Nov 17, 2005

    I like this animation very much.
    I always look.

  10. eggyraspreco Nov 23, 2005

    I've downloaded all eps of this and I say it's a good anime, lot of action and full of fanservice too :D
    I wish I have the manga for this one

  11. kingmakoto718 Dec 01, 2005

    i really liked this eries because of the good times that the characters had with each other. lol and random panty shots

  12. TEKcamoKEN Dec 11, 2005

    uhm, am i only the one that thinks this anime was sorta dull?so what if the historical facts were accurate to an extent?the story was a bit sloppy and the ending was so dissapointing.i knew the message but it didn't come to me naturaly because of how the story was told...in other words, i think this anime had no rythm.if you like brainless fighting, i guess you can pick this one up...(better to give the manga a chance, but the anime, naw...)

  13. Pudduh Jan 18, 2006

    While this was pretty hilarious and er...enjoyable to watch, it did seem quite rushed. As if the Manga was selling out in Japan so they thought they could make an easy buck by making an anime. Sad really because with the voice actors/actresses they had got things spot on.

  14. Chans Mar 15, 2006

    Very good anime, a lot of half-naked woman, a regular story, the classic man figther characters, maybe it's not the best, but hey man! give him a chance!

  15. ayanesboyfriend Jun 15, 2006

    Everything about this anime was good, they could've done with maybe five more episodes though, I didn't want it to end so early.

  16. Firebee Jun 15, 2006

    So far i only watched the anime, nice action at times funny ( remember hot springs scenes with koukin?)i'm planning on buying the manga, the opening and ending theme were good

  17. Marlies1952 Mar 13, 2008

    I love this Anime. Sexy Women and Action! Great !

  18. winglessangel89 Dec 14, 2009

    very good anime, i like it very much ^^ it's funny

  19. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  20. rukasu44 Oct 02, 2010

    It's a really good anime. And that's a nice review, thanks

  21. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    good work! nice review and series!

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