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Ah! Megami-sama

Ah! Megami-sama tv,ova,manga Review

21 year old Keiichi Morisato's life unfolds when he accidentally dials the wrong number. From out of the mirror Belldandy, a first class goddess, is sent to help Keiichi by granting only one wish - "no matter what it is." Accidentally, Keiichi wishes Belldandy to be with him forever.

Soon after, Belldandy's older sister Urd (second class goddess) appears from the heavens to play as the lovely Cupid; as twist of events occur, her plan soon backfires. Skuld, Belldandy and Urd's youngest sister (also second class goddess) appears from the heaven in an attempt to return her dear sister Belldandy back to the Heavens.

Throughout the anime, Keiichi and Belldandy come across many obstacles testing their love for one another. Do they have what it takes to go against the Gods? Or will their love force them to separate for eternity? Ah! My Goddess is an anime for those who love Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, and Romance.

Story & Playability


The main story revolves around Keiichi and Belldandy. Keiichi is essentially pretty much is a loser you could say and doesnt have much luck with pretty much everything, living with his sempai in a male only dormitory. Keiichi one day tries to ring for Takeout for lunch, or his sempai (depending on the Manga/TV series and the OVA as they differ) when he is connected to the Goddess Assistance Agency and within moments Belldandy appears through his mirror. He is given one wish, and out of haste and also without really thinking, he wishes for a Goddess like her to be with him forever, and with that the deal is done, by contract Belldandy is to be with Keiichi forever. Soon after that all happens, Keiichi is kicked out of his dorm well because girls arent allowed in the dorm so out they go. From there on the story follows the trials and tribulations of the two

The Manga has been going for 17 years now and a chapter a month it has only reached just a few over 200 chapters but there has been a fair amount of content in that time. More characters are introduced into the story and with the addition of the fourth goddess Peorth :D, she is introduced fairly early on, somewhere around chapter 30 or so. Basically the manga covers the story with many "distractions" as i like to call it but all still having the main focus on our two main characters, the events usually bringing them closer in some way or developing their relationship even more, even though they havent really kissed in the 17 years of the manga, there has been a couple times in some way or another but Kei never really has actually "kissed" Bell, which i think is the main reason the story has been going for so long, but nonetheless its still an entertaining manga

The story here pretty much focuses on the two and with a fair bit of time passage as to fit it into the 5 episodes it has. There are other characters from the manga but the main ones that get air time apart from Bell and Kei are Skuld and Urd, the rest are either a couple of lines or a few cameo story line of sort appearances, who still speak of course, but hence being an OVA in 5 eps and being so many of them you dont really get to see much, since it is mainly to do with our main "couple"

I recently watched this and i have to say it was awesome, and the threat of Bell going back felt more real than it did in TV series and alot more emotion was conveyed througout the whole story


The Movie is set a few years after Belldandy's arrival and a couple new characters are introduced to the A!MG world, with the addition of Celestin, Belldandy's Mentor. Ill try and remember as much as i can without too much spoiling but here goes
Celestin is banished to the moon because of something which he had done (i forget what) and so has to spend eternity there, that is until Morgan, a fairy? comes along and releases him. Celestin goes and finds Belldandy and basically when he does he erases her memory of Keiichi and has infected Bell with a virus which thus in turn is affecting Yggdrasil
The rest of the movie is spent trying to recover Bell's memory and trying to fix Yggdrasil and so forth.

Its a great movie to watch and no knowledge of the series is needed, although may help a bit with the characters. Myself i saw this movie first which first brought me to the A!MG world and a great love story type movie as well

TV series

The TV series doesnt continue on from the story of the manga, movie or OVA but goes back to the beginning of the Manga and OVA. In the TV series the characters from the manga are brought to life more, more so than what they were in the OVA, such as Sakoto, Aoshima (sorry if the spelling is incorrect), Megumi (Keiichi's younger sister),Hasegawa and so on. The Tv series is 25 episodes long, 24 are main episodes with episode 12.5 being a recap.

More story arcs from the manga are brought to life, about 2 or 3 if i remember, with a couple filler parts that were in the manga as well, but unlike the manga the TV series has changed a few things around, mainly what happened in the manga is usually earlier or later on and a couple other things left out.

You could say it was butchered somewhat, but i dont think it was greatly, i mean anime usually is changed from what is in the manga to appeal to a wider range i guess, at anyrate the TV series is entertaining and can be watch many times over (depending on how much you like the series)


Overall the story is keeps you entertained, with variation in the manga, OVA, Movie and TV series, you can just watch one lot and be happy just with that (or read if thats the case), for a true obsessive of A!MG watching and reading all of these is a must, not only it gives it diversity you get to see the characters more and fleshed out. I guess its a procrastinating type of story, mainly due to "the kiss" not happening yet but with so many wonderful characters, that doesnt matter so much

Rating: 9


The art is very interesting and has changed alot over the years which is evident in the manga, and with 17 years worth to go through, it certainly has evolved

The artwork in here is fairly similar to the manga at the time and if you have read any of the manga you can see it. The colour is wonderful and a treat to the eyes and this was pretty much the first time the A!MG characters were really seen in colour, that is apart from the colour covers of the manga.

The movie is an update on the designs of the characters, still keeping in touch with the original style and similar to what they were in the OVA, like a fresh coat of paint in a way with an update and is still a treat seeing as the movie was made in 2000, special effects are implemented as well but not that much that it takes over, seeing yggdrasil in its colourful state is a sight to behold

TV series

This is the latest update and i have to say the colours are vibrant and help bring the characters to life even more, and more CG effects are used, but Mr Fujishima still wanted to keep it mainly hand-drawn which is what they have done, CG being used for more of the complex things. With the addition of more characters being brought to life on the screen the TV series uses alot of colour. The water colour images in the Ending of each episode is a nice touch indeed. the character designs look like they have been given a facelift and look alot more appealing,not to say that they weren't before hand but the beautiful characters are now even more beautiful

While i have tried to best explain the art as best i can, it is something that should be seen for yourself

Rating: 9


The sound for this is quite interesting, and it has alot of diversity in the soundtrack as well


As far as the Japanese cast goes, i enjoy it alot and Kikuko Inoue does a wonderful job of voicing Belldandy, bringing the nature of her character to life. The whole cast was perfect in terms of conveying the character and their personality and how they would sound in real life

For English version, while i'll try and not to influence you too much (if you havent seen it already that is) i think was average at best, they did a decent job in selecting the voices but In my personal opinion i couldnt stand it that much so i watched in in original dubbing, but dont take my word for it, its really down to personal opinion, and if i had of seen this say at a younger age maybe it wouldnt have worried me so much, or even seen this first. but since i saw this last and already knew the japanese voice cast it kinda made me cringe, but i think that its due to me listening to the original cast more than the english version. im sure i could listen to the english version fine, another thing is that the voice of Tamiya really made me laugh, they tried to have the voice similar to what it is in japanese but being english, it didnt exactly work that well. I'm probably really biased towards the original cast but that happens sometimes i guess. anyway moving on


Ok i originally saw this first out of the whole Ah! My Goddess series, the English actors have done a good job, and the original japanese cast has been brought back yet again. I have to say that i like the cast here, and with a different licensor, different actors for the english version were brought in and i have to say are the closest to the original voices thus far, maybe its due to me seeing this in english first, i dont know.


Ok the original cast yet again is brought back to reprise their roles of the now famous characters, and the addition of more characters means the addition of more voice actors, i have to say that it has still kept true to everything, as for english voice goes, i have only heard samples and from what ive heard, it is ok, not the best, but again im probably biased more to the japanese cast, and i really have to hear more of it when i get my hands on the TV series


Overall the music is a treat for the ears with OST 1 and 2 (OST = Original SoundTrack) are from the TV series, and are really the full versions of the background music you hear for each of the characters when they appear on screen at that time that or the events that are happening. i dont really remember the Movie soundtrack that much, due to not having the Soundtrack available to me and when i watched it last i didnt really take note of the music, but in general the music keeps to the feel of the series and really conveys the emotion at the time and works well

Rating: 8


The series as a whole is original in the sense of what it presents in a way, yeah sure there is the stereotypical loser guy who cant for the life of him get a girlfriend or have any luck, but the difference is, that well being that goddesses are now a part of his life, the whole romantic side of things isnt stereotypical or cliche as such. It's more original than anything else in the sense that he isnt trying to win the girl or the girl isnt trying to win the guy, its each others relationship development and the events that go on around them. The series is enjoyable to say the least and can be watched over and over at random (provided that you already have seen it all of what you are watching at random at the time), and with mr Fujishima not looking to slow down or finish up with Ah! My Goddess, it looks to have another 17 years or so ahead of it. It's an engrossing series and can make you a real fan of it like is has done so to me, of course you dont need to be a fan to watch the series at all. If you are looking for something new and refreshing while not totally out there, while still keeping to the romantic comedy type of genre if you are into that sort of thing.
It is funny, mainly what happens to keiichi and the stuff that happens to him usually from Urd and Skuld and other influences such as Marller/Mara and at one stage, Yggdrasil.

This series is one of my most favourite series of all time and only a few actually hold that title, i may have only been watching anime for a year, but i know what i like in terms of story and such as i like watching movies and so on, It is a series i hold close to me, mainly due to its originality

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by speedfreek19, Oct 25, 2005


  1. Saikusa Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2005

    I didn't know a lot about the new TV series, but it still sounds like it'll be as much fun as everything else ^.^

    Nie summaries for everything, and pretty much covered a basic 'what you need to know about everything' for AMG newbs... Only... There's no mention about the Adventures of the Mini Goddess *teases* ;)

  2. aclark Oct 26, 2005

    very detailed well explained and great use of reviewing techniques, thumbs up from me, good job.

  3. greatdragon Oct 27, 2005

    wonderfull anime

  4. akika Oct 31, 2005

    I really liked the OVA when I first watched it. Haven't read the manga. However, the TV version was a bit of a let down I thought...because it dragged on a bit and the story was changed...>_< The story was so good in the OVA! Maybe I was being a bit biased..
    TV version is still good though, still worth watching.
    That's some detailed review though ^^ well done~!

  5. angelus001 Nov 01, 2005


    The story of this anime is beautifull, and beldandy it´s the same...

    I like it this story


  6. leewookyung Nov 08, 2005

    my favorite manga.
    It's beautifull,
    I hope meet GOddess... ㅜㅜ

  7. hazey Nov 09, 2005

    Great review *clap* covered everything *clap*

  8. hunterkiller03 Nov 10, 2005

    nice review!

  9. anirisa Nov 11, 2005

    two thumbs up^^

  10. ykalexg Nov 11, 2005

    mmm, ok is good.

  11. vogue11 Nov 14, 2005

    wow wad a wanderful anime i guess i got 2 dl fast!

  12. angelk Nov 16, 2005

    Really nice review indeed.My favorite character is Urd, she is not only a goddess, she is very sexy too.

  13. indigo Nov 19, 2005

    nice review!

  14. deedeezel Dec 21, 2005

    oh oh oh...love this anime....light comedy with a lot of romance....hahahaha....some tearjerker scenes too.....especially when the two can't even be close to each other....

  15. Clarryn Jan 17, 2006

    I watched the TV series and it's recommended. Belldandy is a really sweet and a beautiful goddess that like to bring happiness to everyone not like the other 2 goddess. It's an old anime and manga but it's still in my mind cause the story n the art r really good and i tried to draw belldandy too XD She's my second best female character in anime and 4ever will be^^

  16. ripsilver Mar 16, 2006

    awsome anime... cool and absolutely wonderful... nice review... and i love this anime....

  17. Kukuru Mar 18, 2006

    What an extensive review! Great job! I feel so informed and ready to start to explore the world of the Ah My Goddess series!

  18. hgott Mar 30, 2006

    i like the anime.in my coutrion these're more and more preson like she .

  19. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 09, 2009

    Nice 8d

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