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Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure tv Review

On 1st August 1999, seven children went to a Summer Camp.
An unexpected blizzard occurred at the campsite, each of them receives a mysterious object called Digivice; that falls from an aurora in the sky. Soon after, they are all being sucked into a portal in front of a large waterfall; which is caused by the mysterious powers of the Digivice.

After regaining consciousness, they soon find themselves in a unfamiliar place called the Digital World. They each befriended with a creature known as Digimon. They must learn to grow and trust in their partners and in each other, if they ever hope to defeat other evil Digimon and hopefully restore the Digital World back to its original state. They eventually learn that they must return to the real world to find the eighth child to join in their fight as digidestined.

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Story & Characters

To summarise this in a few words, this is a very long anime. There are four seasons (at least that I've seen, there are rumours of a fifth) and each one is about kids and teenagers who try to save the Digital World from evil.
The story starts off one night when two of the first Digimon sighted, Greymon and Parrotmon are fighting in the real world. Those who witness the battle from balconies or houses get "digivices" and their own Digimon! Later on they are whisked away into the Digital world to try and stop the evil from taking over. But the Digimon can also evolve to become even stronger, and later on can merge with other Digimon to become the uiltimate saviors!
All in all, the plot is pretty good if you are interested in something that's like Pokemon, although unlike Pokemon, this anime actually ends at some point.! There are tons and tons of Digmon to explore and see, and most of the time the good ones vs. the bad ones fight with each other. The transformation of the levels is pretty cool to watch in all the seasons, although I think it gets better with each one.
After the first two seasons, it is my opinion that the show went downhill. In the third season you swipe cares on your D3 (what is this, a Yugioh tournament?!) and your Digimon becomes stronger or changes its appearance. In the fourth season, you combine two Digimon to make one. Sounds like the works of a mad scientist to me! You can also capture the level or mode of anotoher Digimon and harness their power. I think the PEOPLE can combine with the Digimon as well, so if they die you're going down with them. With that said, it's a wonder the bad guys want to take over the world!

Rating: 8


All the art looked pretty good, and it must have taken a lot of imagination to draw so many Digimon and people!
As most anime, this one has a fault and that is the goofy faces. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it isn't , but I guess this anime didn't kill the goofy faces unlike Kare Kano did. -_-
Another fault with the art is the characters. Sure, you have different characaters with each season but they look almost THE SAME! This is really annoying, as they do not develop that much in terms of that, where you always have the leader with goggles of some sort, a nerdy boy and a nerdy girl, and then throw in some dark characters whether they be male or female. (Ken in the fourth season looks like Sasuke from Naruto.) There is also Mimi in the first season with pink, Kari in the second, and some other hobo in the fourth.
The people from the second season and first are in the Digimon movie, and I believe someone else from their seasons comes back to haunt one of the next two. Luckily, they're more grown up then but still THE SAME PEOPLE!

Rating: 7


The sound is one of my favorite things about this anime. The music in the fourth season's opening credits is cool, and for once the sound is something that doesn't stay the same throughout the seasons!
The sounds made from fighting are always there of course, but htat would make a lot of sense wouldn't it? There is also a lot of grunting and roaring from some of the Digimon, which also seems natural.
It's a good thing the Digimon themselves can talk unlike those hobo Pokemon, because that makes the show a lot more better. They interact with "their humans" (kind-of sounds like a dog?), and that is how teh relationship between them grows stronger.

Rating: 8


Overall, this anime is quite something. From season to season it seems to get worse, I think the creators were pushing the anime too much. The characters might be different in each season, but they look like their clones (or at least their personalities do). This is still a pretty good anime, I quite enjoyed watching it. Each time they went to a different place the scenery changed from a cute candy shop to a dark and murky desert.
There were also fights, which was normal and essential. Some of the battles were quite cool, although it looked like a "My horse is bigger than your horse" thing. Bam, bam! Pow! Pow! The good guy draws out the missiles, while the bad guy uses some sort of shield. Then the good guy evolves and beats the bad guy, or in the case of the 2nd season where they go evil , they turn good again. (O_O That's the plot of the Pokemon game, get a life.)
All the characters also develop, if not in their look but by their personalities. They might find themselves falling in love with someone else, being nicer towards people, or developing leadership skills.
This is a pretty good anime, although it is recommended that you watch the first two seasons only.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by daos, Oct 23, 2005


  1. greatdragon Oct 27, 2005

    digimon is a copy from pokemon i don't like it, sucks

  2. DanVoltsgalph Oct 27, 2005

    I think you've totally missed the point - what sets Digimon apart from other shows is the characters - the kids. They seem like real kids, and each have their own problems and faults and insecurities - but it doesn't stop them. They are a bunch of mixed up losers coming from broken families or different backgrounds, but they all have some strengths and together they can overcome evil.

    Sometimes that all gets lost behind flashy moves and such, and sometimes its improved with goofy humor - but this shows got some of the best characterizations, especially for a younger show.

  3. shadowofdoom Nov 01, 2005

    Digimon is similar to pokemon in a few ways, but were it finds it's originality is in the character dialouge and secenes, it's not always all happy, oh were gonna win sometimes they actualy get into real danger and thats what also makes it far superior to pokemon (in my opinion anyways)

  4. DestinyValiantAnimeAngel Nov 19, 2005

    Quote by greatdragondigimon is a copy from pokemon i don't like it, sucks

    Dude has nop clue doesn't he? :sweat: Anyways nice review. Totally good, but it needs something higher than a B-, how about a B+++ or an A? ;)

  5. Chans Mar 15, 2006

    It's weird, but If you liked pokemon, this anime maybe likes you.

  6. ahjin91 Jun 23, 2006

    pokemon comes from US? digimon comes from JP?
    but to me digimon better than pokemon .. cuz pokemon is so fake msot os the time good side wins easily as though the bad one like team rocket lose like hell all the time

  7. Yugito-san Jun 17, 2010

    It is an anime that I watched when I was 4

  8. AdilHossain Jul 26, 2012

    Digimon Adventure is my favourite anime. This anime is an immortal memory of my childhood.

  9. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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