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Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Shingetsutan Tsukihime tv Review

Shiki Tohno was severely injured in a large accident in his childhood. After miraculously surviving the event, he was sent away from the family to recuperate. As a result of the injury, he is now able to see "life lines" on objects and people which, when cut, will destroy them.

After years away from home, Shiki moves back following the death of the head of the Tohno family. While walking home from school, he meets a beautiful woman whom he is inexplicably drawn to kill. At firs he thinks her murder was all just a nightmare - until she reappears in front of him.

It turns out the woman is Arcueid Brunestud, and a vampire princess! She promptly recruits Shiki afterwards to help fight Roa, the antagonist vampire currently on a killing spree.

Story & Characters

Tsukihime is a tale of a high school boy, Shiki Tohno, with the Gaze of Death and his encounters with a vampire princess named Arcueid Brunestud. Shiki is not your ordinary school boy. He is quite frail and often passes out. He also has the ability to see the world as a series of lines. By cutting along those lines, he can destroy anything, from humans to buildings. Shiki had been living with his uncle for the past 8 years since an accident caused a major falling out between him and his father. His father recently passed away, so his sister, Akiha, invited him to return to the Tohno estate. The day after he moved in, Shiki was walking home from school and was suddenly compelled to kill a blonde haired woman. Fortunately, that girl was not an ordinary human, but a vampire princess named Arcueid Brunestud. Using her abilities, Arc was able to revive herself and set her sights on acquiring Shiki's abilities for her own cause. There has been a string of serial murders in Shiki's city recently. All victims had fang marks and their blood drained. Arc explains that these murders are caused by Proselyte vampires lurking in the shadows of the city. There are two types of vampires, the Primordials and the Proselytes. Primordials are almost a part of nature itself, similar to spirits. Proselytes are humans that had their blood sucked by Primordials. They're the typical vampires people think of. Primordials like herself don't need blood to survive. However, some suck blood for their enjoyment and that's how Proselytes were born. Arc hunts Proselytes and Shiki now has a duty to aid her.

Rating: 10


I thought the art was one of the best. Animation style is beautiful and very smooth. Every scene is so detailed; the animators must've spent a lot of time on the drawings. In terms of characters, each of the main characters, Shiki, Akiha, Ciel, and Arcueid are all interesting and mysterious in their own ways. Arcueid's character design doesn't look like a murderous vampire but a cute girl instead. I rather look at a cute girl than a crazy one anyways. I thought the artists and animators did a good job implementing realistic art composition and the realm of fantasy into Tsukihime. I hope to see more artwork at this caliber.

Rating: 10


The opening and ending theme song isn't something you'll remember later on, in fact I already forgotten them. The music is very melancholic and has a gothic feeling to it (after all, it's a vampire anime), which is very suited for this anime. The voicing for the characters was done very nicely, characters had voices which I thought fit them very well. Tsukihim characters didn't have any memorable lines (such as 'chiiii') but the dialogues between each character were written beautifully. They did not say anything stupid or perverted, very realistic and mature. Something real people would say if they were vampires or met one. I'm giving it a seven because I thought the music could've been composed better.

Rating: 7


Tsukihime has something that's rare in most animes, a good solid storyline. The anime has a gothic feeling to it, which I like. The story is hard to follow at times and gets a bit weird as you move towards the end, but you won't be disappointed with it. I can't describe how good the storyline is, it's very original and had me hooked on the first episode. There's not much comedy in Tsukihime, in fact I don't think there is any. The love story between Shiki and Acrueid was so emotional, I shed a tear(when no one was looking) at the end when [spoilers..bwaha you'll just have to watch the anime]. What can I say, they're a cute couple. Don't go rushing to see it because you're some action loving freak, you won't be satisfied. Tsukihime has a rich storyline with some action aside. I absolutely love the storyline and plot. The ending did it justice, though I did have some unanswered questions. I enjoyed this anime from episode 1 to 13 (yeah, its one of those short animes..the kind you wish were longer) and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good storyline rather than those fan service animes. Go watch it!

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.17 (very good)

Reviewed by Osiris, Oct 11, 2004


  1. Sheqel Administrator Oct 13, 2004

    osi tell me if you got a notification about this message :P

    and dun give such high ratings =_=

  2. Cloudnine Oct 14, 2004

    mmmm~ good review ^^

    side note: osi has a fetish with cute vampires XD

  3. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2004

    Quote by Sheqelosi tell me if you got a notification about this message :P

    and dun give such high ratings =_=

    what can i say, i like the anime >_>

    amd yeah, i got a notification

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2004

    Quote by Cloudninemmmm~ good review ^^side note: osi has a fetish with cute vampires XD

    Shhh....I do too....

    I personally think the review is VERY accurate and towards the genre I like, considering I'm NOT normally a fan of violent flicks....I really loved Tsukihime... and reading Osi's review brought back alot of memories....So I had to go steal back my CD's from my friend so I could watch it again =P. Anyways thanks Osi ^^ Great review. Seriously I really like it, I'm not sucking up >.> I don't need to do that until....Nevermind! @_@.

  5. Ray075-1-74 Oct 16, 2004

    The anime also screws any possibilties for them to make an anime out of Melty Blood since according to the anime, Arcueid disappears as per the True ending in the game.

    Poor Shion/Cion...

  6. AkinaSpirit Oct 16, 2004

    Nice review ^^ It was a nice anime n'........ Arcueid had cool eyes XD

  7. phaerax Oct 28, 2004

    this is one of the animes that i fell in love with. i like the review and of course the score :)

  8. stormy001 Nov 04, 2004

    Tsukihime the game is better. The anime is just sad, seriously.

  9. Keik May 14, 2005

    Nice Review, i really like this Anime, The Animations and the Charakters are nice too.
    Especially the Story bound me so strong that i wacht the 12 Episodes in 2 Days :)
    i really liked the Part of hidden things in it :)
    i like the Animaton !!
    The story between Arcueid and Shinki has very nice Parts too :)

  10. moonlight-shawdow Jun 19, 2005

    Um nice review but akiha is his step sister and he cuts arc to 17 peices sometimes I wonder thats why his attack is called 17 peices or was it rabbits(one in heat or blood heat)and koha is puppet.Please add some info on aoko if you can.^.^and he needs glasses to not see lines.^.^Aoko had given them to him which she sorta stole them from sis or someone but overall nice review cause I don't know much about it either.^.^

  11. tornado Aug 18, 2005

    huuhu...whats up[ pal.......hows anime in here?....heheh what that anime is all about?

  12. Kusanago Dec 03, 2005

    nice cote

  13. kulthuzard Feb 01, 2006

    i thought there were only 12 episodes?

  14. BlueAngel17 Jul 15, 2006

    yep, there were only twelve. but what can you say? even though it's short, the story was all in that twelve episodes, and they say it completely - no other story hanging in the air.

  15. capz787 Apr 22, 2007

    love this series...

  16. nainoi Sep 26, 2009

    Thank you for review.

  17. back07 Jan 26, 2014

    nice review, i want to try to watch it later

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