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Guilty Gear tv Review

Story & Characters

This review is for all three games, mostly X2.

This games plot is insane, put simply. You can see my full synopsis at this thread: http://forum.minitokyo.net/showthread/35053/

Wow. Each of the cast of playable and nonplayable characters have their own quirkiness and strangeness about them. Some are generic (goody two-shoes, silent guy with ridiculous power, love-lorn girl in love with an older person), some are original (a girl with some ridiculous powers with two wings with personalities and a tail, all with a heart of gold, blue hair too). However, it is debatable that Sol Badguy, formerly Frederick, is the main character, as well as "That Man." Even the name of the game, "Guilty Gear," is referenced to him (as well as "Immoral Flame," and "Flame of Corruption."). Other characters include Anji, a free-spirit, Johnny, a womanizer and self-proclaimed ladies man that will care for anything underprivalaged (especially a woman, his entire crew consists of women, and he's the only guy on board), I-no, a rock-and-roll-guitar-playing-witch with lots of sexual remarks (I am not joking, play her in "EX" mode in Arcade, and read her remarks as she wins), Slayer, a vampire-decendent, and a slew of others.

Rating: 10


<b>Character Art</b>
This is probably as good as 2-D fighting game art gets. Everything is done in anime-style. In some attacks, everything goes insane, such as when Justice or Dizzy perform Gamma Ray or most all the character's Instant Kills. Backgrounds are good, but, when your drawn in some intense fighting, becomes moot (still better than a black or white background, of coarse).

And the clothing! How original and fitting (to some, at least)! May is part of a crew of pirates, and she dresses up in a cute, black and orange pirate uniform. Ky wears some rather formal looking clothing that, strangely enough, looks police like with the white and blue color, and, for some odd reason, Jam wears a skirt that barely classifies as a mini. I have no clue why it's so short.

<b>Attack Effects</b>
Awesome. That's all that needs to be said. As said before, Gamma Ray is insane along with the Instant Kills. Slayer's Instant Kill even shows him reciting a haiku, and there are something like 30,000 different ones in the game! (the creators must have a lot of free time to make that many...). Sol's "Napalm Death" looks like he just nuked the field (that's what I thought at first), and, when he's in his "Dragon" mode, his attacks just start flying at blinding speed (in the hands of a master, even more true).

Rating: 10


<b>Sound Effects</b>
Pretty good, although there are no butt-shaking explosions, but good.

<b>Voice Acting</b>
I've only listened to the Japanese voicing, and its really good! Sol's voice for his story mode (Sol has two voice actors) sounds strong and threatening, Dizzy's sounds innocent and kind, and I-no's voice has this sultry, almost seductive tone to it, all fitting their characters. Probably the only annoying part is that Jam's voicing reaches to high pitches a lot, (especially when she performs her high-powered kicks) and that really can grind on a person's nerves.

Rating: 8


Man! Even the sky isn't the limit when it comes to how tough some people get at this game! There are so many abilities aside from special attacks, such as Roman Canceling to create original and sometimes obscene combos, Absolute Defense to survive some of the super attacks called Overdrives. The game uses a "tension" meter, which is used up as some certain special abilities are used (most prominant is the Overdrives and (False) Roman Cancelling). On top of that, there are even three other modes for each character! One is EX mode, where some attacks of characters change in execution or visuals, or even get new attacks at the expense of some of the regulars! Another is Shadow mode, where the character gets infinite tension (which is cheap, but not as bad as the next one). The last one is Gold mode, and this is where the game becomes stupid-cheap. Gold mode gives the characters several beneficial abilities that are always active. They also hit harder, take less damage, gain tension faster, and are generally faster (Millia's Gold mode makes her blinding fast, seriously!). There are two, extremely cheap Gold mode characters. These two guys have Gold modes so insanely cheap, it should be illegal to use them at all! They are Gold Sol and Gold Ky.

Gold Sol has regeneration (always bad), infinite tension (even worse), and is ALWAYS in "Dragon" mode (sh*t, this is cheap!), making him even more insanely fast and powerful than standard Goldy's. Think of this; vs. Gold Sol, a guy could just use Sol's Volcanic Viper (his flaming uppercut), Roman Cancel, VV, RC, repeat until dead.

Gold Ky's electric attacks make the next attack do 50% more damage, and his standard Stun Edge does 3 hits, and his "super" Stun Edge does an infinite number of hits, thus stunlocking or damaging as hell.

For some real guys, they Roman Cancel to high hell, like my older brother. When he plays Dizzy, he (False) Roman Cancels to no end. It's almost cheating. Sometimes, no matter what character I play, I don't hit him even once 'cause he's so tough.

Highly recommended 2-D game. For people who don't like the sequence-button attacks like Soul Caliber, this is the next best choice.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.67 (excellent)

Reviewed by AtmaCashino, Sep 27, 2005


  1. AngelXXX Sep 27, 2005

    This is a very good review of Guilty gear. :) You should keep it up :)

  2. dngo86 Oct 25, 2005

    Well said on this review. Guilty Gear is definitely one of my favorite fighting games.

  3. akika Oct 31, 2005

    I used to really not understand why my boyfriend played it and I'd always tell him to tease him for playing..but a few months ago, I got bored and decided to try it out...to my surprise, it was actually quite fun! Now I'm trying to improve my skills and beat him! ahaha (never gonna happen)
    The characters are developed quite well, each character has their own story when you play in story mode. The moves are quite good, although I'm very bad at doing supers.~ It's good that it's made for PC as well, because I don't have a PS2 or anything. ^^

  4. renki Nov 12, 2005

    I like Guilty Gear too.
    Which Cara do all of you like?
    My favorite Cara Dizzy is.

  5. sin-shenlong Jan 10, 2006

    Its a very accurate review, Guilty Gear is the greatest fighting game ever made in my opinion hands down, in every aspect. I am curious to play your brother, since I consider myself a master at the game and I would like some worthy opponents

  6. dizzy1990 Mar 12, 2006

    Do u guys think Dizzy at guilty gear slash nerve so badly,the defence was dammed low

  7. RatKiller May 05, 2006

    Good Review)
    You know, I love this series, right away I"m playing Isuka. I want to Unlock 'Awakened Sol & Ky' Cause they are my favorites.
    To be honest, I'm very glad that in Slash, Ky is godtier(or how is it written?)

    More fun about GOLD mode:
    JOhhny Gold KILLS with only ONE Mist Fina!

    And moreover, not only Millia fastens up to unlimited bounds...also it's Sol, Johnny, and of course Chipp

    Anyway, no matter what, Sol & Ky are my favorites)

  8. Countess-D May 29, 2006

    Completely agree!

    GG is one of the very few fighting games I have bought and played! I just love its anime style and the plot. Also, the variety of characters is also a plus and my all times favorite rivals are there: sol and Ky (which, along with Emilio from Psychic Force, are my fav fighting game characters).

    I know I will miss it when the conclusion for this game comes. After all, there's only one game left =_=

  9. koeziekoo Sep 07, 2006

    ur review was spot on
    the thing i like most about it is that the characters have alot of detail. the perfect anime fighting game

  10. HaouJudai6 Jul 12, 2010

    I agree this series rocks still gotta love Ky moves espically his overdrive Ride The Lighting. Sol's instant kill is cool too Naplam death

  11. Zapperz Jun 20, 2011

    Great Review I agree with you Except on the sound because Jam's voice does not bother me. You sound like a Pro.

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