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Yotsubato! tv Review

Story & Characters

Yotsuba&! is actually a rather nice manga, created by <b>Kiyohiko Azuma</b>, the same person who drew and completed Azumanga Daioh. As in Azumanga, Azuma manages to incorporate humor into many aspects of the story - from Yotsuba's puzzlement over a swing, to her father's being stuck in a window. The plot, since I have only read volume 1, seems to be rather flimsy - there has not been, in my opinion, a definite reason for this manga. <i>Yotsuba&!</i> seems to be more of the trials and tribulations of a girl trying to settle in "otherworldly" surroundings.

Azuma's characters are also very likable and adorable as well; there has been a wide range of people, from smart ones to helpful ones, and so on. Everyone, however, shares one common trait - they all find Yotsuba dear to their hearts.

Keeping in mind that Yotsuba is a young child, Azuma has done a great job in getting her to act, speak, and think like a child as well, as well as make her very endearing. <i>Yotsuba&!</i> is certainly very interesting, and is definitely recommended if you just want to prop open a book and <b>laugh</b>.

Rating: 6


The artwork is nice and simple - it captures the expressions of all the characters. I personally enjoy the shocked one most, where their eyes become, round, and are usually shadowed with more lines/inked heavier. The sweatdrops and the hair are key points that accent the feelings as well. There does not seem to be too much trouble with too much inking, or shading, so you can also concentrate on the plotline and scenery a bit more easily. However, do not think that it lacks detail - the fine points are carefully drawn in and still easy for you to see, such as the fingers, and curves of the t-shirt that makes it look more realistic.

Rating: 7


I have actually never seen the Yotsuba&! anime, if there even is one. However, since Azumanga Daioh was developed into one, Yostuba&! may be turned into an anime as well - and that would make in doubly adorable.

And this now falls under the category of speculation! :

Yotsuba's voice, I presume, would be a cute, bubbly voice - not that high, but more innocent-like. The illustration of her hair is green, and that, I suppose, would become rather messed if converted to an anime - the coloring could be too dark or light, and if that happens, then the whole being of Yotsuba changes as well.

Rating: 5


The humor is the defining point of <i>Yotsuba&!</i>, and is usually an appropriate humor suited for almost any age (five to seven years or up, preferrably). The kanji written to describe movement does get a bit irksome, since I do not read Japanese, but the drawings make up for it. Some words in speech and thought bubbles are bolded or italicized, to show their significance or the stress on the word.

Back to humor - <i>Yotsuba&!</i> makes me laugh - and that is, what I think is most important in this story. Sure, the art is nice, the people as well, but what really keeps me interested is the fact that I can read something, and enjoy what people are doing, talking, or thinking. Yotsuba herself is like the cuddly little girl that reminds you of a plush teddy bear - you never think of her as unintelligent, but more naiive or innocent. Yotsuba also seems more prone to dancing or skipping around (and I believe she does that in the manga?), which shows just how carefree she is.

The other characters all seem to be minor, or just interact with Yotsuba, other than Azumanga Daioh, where the story revolves almost equally around many people.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by dragonsdesire, Sep 21, 2005


  1. Aeolus21 Sep 21, 2005

    Yeah, Yotsuba& is more or less a "slice-of-life" series. There doesn't really need to be a plot as long as Yotsuba is the focus and does what she does best. Give Volume 2 a whirl and you'll find it to be even better than the first (it's where Yotsuba goes Mafia ^_^).

    Also, there is not a Yotsubato anime in existence as of now. Rumors speculated of being one in the works, but it's hard to say. Mr. Azuma probably won't think it'll be as successful as Azumanga Daioh.

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Not a bad review, simple but easily enjoyable.

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