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Aishiteruze Baby tv Review

There was a boy, and there was a girl: a baby girl. Welcome to Aishiteruze Baby and say hello to Katakura Kippei, a student in high school with a crowd of girls at his beck and a slacker-extraordinaire. Suddenly, in comes cute Yuzuyu from his aunt that makes Kippei's oni-chan turn a 180-degree look on life. With the cute bombshell dropped on Kippei, he is given the responsibility to oversee and care for Yuzuyu as the eldest son in the family. Kippei, of course, is befuddled by the whole ordeal and does his best to care for Yuzuyu, and through that process he learns what it is to be serious and committed to what one really cares for. Finally setting his heart on Kokoro-chan, (pun, hehe) he also goes through his social life and life in general in a new light because of his little baby sister. Realistic problems with Yuzuyu, Kokoro, his family and interaction between all characters are cleverly depicted throughout the series and at the end of it all, Kippei changed the most by learning something dear to the heart.

Story & Characters

High school student Kippei is very popular with the girls of his school, but the only girl he really likes seems to hate him. His world is turned on its side when he becomes the primary caretaker of his 5 year old cousin.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this anime for the most part. There were times when it really got a little bit slow and I lost some interested, but overall I became quite attached to the characters and started to care about what was going on in the show. At the beginning of the series, we are introduced to Kippei and young Yuzuyu and Kippei at first finds it a bother to take care of such a young gril mostly by himself. As the show goes along, Kippei becomes very attached to Yuzuyu and has to struggle to split his affection between her and his kind-of girlfriend Kokoro.

There were a few episodes where things got a little slow and you started to wish that the series was shorter, but it begins to pick up again towards the middle of the series. There were definetly episodes that could have been left out or went on way too long.

Rating: 8


The art in this show threw me off a little at first as it is very 2-D looking if you're not used to it. The style reminded me somewhat of Ultra-maniac in it's simplicity. As the show went on, I grew more and more accostomed to the art style and began to enjoy it. There were still times during the show that I wished the animation had been more fluid or a little more detailed, but the art fit with the overall feeling of the show.

The opening animation was even more simplified with almost a stop-motion animation look to it. However, the effect went really well with the openeing song, and put you in kind of a sweet yet sleepy mood.

Rating: 7


Most of the voices really fit the characters in the show, especially Kippei and Kokoro. Yuzuyu's voice was a little annoying at first, especially when she cried, which was a lot in the beginning of the series, but I got used to it eventually.

The opening song is very pretty and is almost like a lullaby so it puts you in the mood of the show, but can almost make you fall asleep at the same time. The soundtrack did not really stand out to me at all, so I can't really comment on it.

The ending song was ok in my opinion, nothing really speical, but not bad. It is sung by the same person as the opening song, but the song is not quite as pretty.

Rating: 6


This show was quite original in it's concept as it is a shoujou series with a male lead character. It also shows a different side of how most males are portrayed in anime as it has a caring guy who used to be kind of a player with women, but definetly has a gentle side as well.

There was also a lot of angst with the Miki episodes and things about Kokoro's past. It was interesting to see the development of Kippei and Kokoro's relationship and it's effect on Yuzuyu and vice-versa. There were a lot of emotional moments throughout the series, and also several cute and/or humorous moments.

I would recommend this show for anyone that has a soft spot for little kids, or who likes melancholy love stories. There was a lot of on and off of Kokoro and Kippei's relationship, but also a lot of sweet moments between them that are definetly worth the watch. Kippei's character is extremely likeable even though he may seem like a jerk at first, you really grow to like him as it goes along.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by Jenichan, Nov 02, 2004


  1. tiagosg Restricted Member Nov 03, 2004

    I loved Azushiteze baby ^^ kawaiiiiii

    I Don't accept this score
    Art - Rating :: 7 / 10
    is to 10 ^^

    i very like trace of this ^^

  2. Miyu-DX Nov 03, 2004

    Awwww!!!! I love AiBaby too!
    although the art is somewhat shoujo ish, but its still okay, the overall rating should be 8.5/10 XD
    awww, kippei is a really well developed character, its true that he looks like a jerk at first time, but i begin to like him a lot eventually as the show goes on,
    and yuzuyu is a cute character too, its rare to see a children character that actually act like a children too, its stereotype that usually they make a childish character that tries to act like an adult, but is just a brat anyway...., kudos for this XD
    well...., its a very enjoyable show....., if ure tired of many action anime nowadays^^

  3. Jenichan Nov 06, 2004

    I agree, I would have rated it a little higher except for some of the slow parts of the series. Kippei was definetly a great character that was really well developed by the end. I was kind of put off by the art in the beginning, but got very used to it by the end. The reason I gave the art not such a high score is becacuse I'm sure some people would say it wasn't up to par with a lot of other shows.

  4. aramus007 Nov 06, 2004

    i think art should be 8 cause there are animes with better animation but plot and story concept has to be a 10 cause its really unique

  5. g-money Dec 20, 2005

    I can agree with you on the overall rating, but I feel like I need to disagree on the music and art and presentation. Music I thought was pretty good and I have downloaded both songs onto my comp, and I thought Yuzuyu was perfect and realistic for the role; it should receive a 8-9. I feel the art isn't good at all and should receive like a 4-6. Presentation wise should receive like a 4-7 because as you mentioned at the top, some episodes were dragged out and compared to the manga, it completely misses Kippei's vacation and the final ending scene when Yuzuyu goes back to her mom. I would have made another review, but I'm really tired right now and I don't have another 30 min to one hour to spare.

  6. nainoi Sep 28, 2009

    well written review.

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