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.hack//SIGN tv Review

In a not-so-distant future, a popular game hits the nations. Millions of users join this role-playing game filled with monsters to slay, treasure to recover, and a place to meet new people. Welcome to the World.

A young Wavemaster called Tsukasa one day wakes up in this strange place. He does not know who he is, what he is doing here, and lest of all how he got here. When he tries to log out, he realises he cannot do so. In the World, if a player dies, they restart where they last saved. For Tsukasa, however, it is a whole different game. If he dies in the World, he will die and will not be able to re-start the game. Luckily, he meets some friends along the way, and together they travel the World hoping to find the legendary "Key of the Twilight" as well as what is going on behind Tsukasa's past.

Will Tsukasa ever get out of the World, or will he be trapped forever?

By: daos

Story & Characters

This is gonna be my general review on .hack//(insert word here: sign, dusk, legend of the twilight). The story is the same throughout every version except different times, places and names (for the most part). The story begins with a unique character called "Tsukasa". His problem is that he is connected to the world. In the real world he fell into a coma and now finds himself unable to log out. He is also granted a large AI called a 'Guardian' which is able to send other players into comas!!! Along his journey filled with love, hate, opinions and really calming music he meets several other interesting characters who quest for the same thing Tsukasa does. Something known as the Legend of the Twilight and everything along that line. They want to learn the secrets of the game they play called 'The World'. They want to use that which they think will help them to learn the reason behind why The World' has sent several players into comas. Can they figure it out before it spreads to far? They better or else around 20 million could be at risk. Come along with these "hero's" of The World as they figure out the secrets of this mysterious and dangerous place called 'The World'.

Rating: 8


The art was really nice. I liked it so much. The way the art was done made it so that fans could make fan-fics and be able to illustrate themselves too! The art was good and it's fun and easy to learn how draw. I did'nt learn how to draw it because I'm just a free-lance doodler so I don't get sparked with that which took months, unless it was done with more than a deadline and money in mind. I personally reccomend taking time to learnto draw this amazing series, scene by scene, and working hard at it so you can even make a fan-manga. All in all the .hack art was just so much fun to enjoy and play with.

Rating: 7


The music for .hack is really, really beautiful. It's just so nice and calming. The background music is done by several artists. The end theme and opening theme literally flow with the story line of Tsukasa and all the other characters he meets that are so interested in him. All in all the music flows from episode to episode, as if each was special. Each song had it's own meaning which in the end or basically means it totally pwned like none other. Every song flowed really slow slow and sped up for action scenes or when a character was in distress. Not many anime sounds like the age-old "Nyahah!" .hack//sign is kinda serious like that but still the sound was lovely orchestrated. In the end it was worth a listen.

Rating: 8


The series .hack//sign is so special that the rank has to deserve a 10. Why? Did you know that Bandai's greatest risk to their company was the series .hack//sign along with the manga, the OST, the OVA and the video game for the PS2. It was all released at one exact moment in time where every single employee for Bandai's heart skipped a single, solitary beat. Then as though it were magic or the working of something beyond normal human comprehension, their plan worked!!! It was a huge sucess! Books, video games, anime box sets and rating flew off the charts and shelves! Anyway getting back to why that all went down the way it did is because people saw .hack and thought 'They put so much into this! Editors everywhere must be going nuts because of the '.' part in .hack//sign! This looks really amazing! The show is awesome, it's funny (not funny looking), witty, action-packed with Bandai's very own pet...creative super-powers!' Which is what it was. I played the .hack video game and it's like a more interactive version of FFX. The menu is used on a daily basis not only to pause for bathroom breaks but it also accesses your skills menu/magic/special abilities menu your items menu and so on. And it's not play by play so it's fun for the whole family. The game is'nt hard because it's all level based. Fight the same level and you'll progress easily. All in all .hack//sign is a miracle in a nutshell coming in at 26 T.V. episodes not including .hack//DUSK.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by PwnOXz0r, Sep 20, 2005


  1. Liger92 Sep 20, 2005

    .Hack//Sign is a really good show. Even though the plot made sense in the first beginning episodes, it got a little off track in the middle of the series. The colour and textures of the show is good and even the game is good. The music and sound track espically is one of the best I have heard in a anime series. So bottom line, I give it a 8.5/10 as well.

  2. Koenken Oct 18, 2005

    Another good review.
    I can realy tell you like this series.
    I think you are getting better at writing these reviews.
    Maybe, I will have to try and watch it sometime.

  3. Andulien Nov 19, 2005

    This is a really good review. I like .Hack too. Have seen them all.
    You did a great job here on your Review. There's nothing to add :)
    See you

  4. SYMONE15 Dec 22, 2005

    I love this anime, mainly because of Tsukasa and Suburu. And I STILL love Tsukasa, even though he's a girl.

    merged: 12-24-2005 ~ 06:48am
    I love .Hack/Sign. I think that one of the coolest characters is Mimiru. she's so cool and confident.

    merged: 12-24-2005 ~ 06:49am
    Subaru is really sweet but kinda dependent on the others, but still has power.

    merged: 12-24-2005 ~ 06:51am
    Aura is the most beautiful and powerful of them all. When they first found her and she woke up, I thought when she smiled, she was the most adorable little girl in the world.

  5. JC206 Jan 16, 2006

    .hack sign was a pretty good anime....got confused in the beginning...but overall it was an good show and also the ending was pretty interesting...

  6. Bubbachibi18 Sep 30, 2007

    It was confusing, like extremely confusing, but the story was still good. The animation was great, that's what mostly attracted me to the anime.

  7. ShadowDreamer16 Oct 16, 2007

    To be honest I'm not a big fan of this anime, maybe it's because I watched the dubbed version or something, but I thought it was so boring. The characters were just blah. Also I thought it was pretty random, things just didn't seem to fit well together. The whole virtual reality concept was good though, I have to admit; I just wish the story had been better developed, they could have really made something good.

  8. BLUEDOG62678567 Dec 14, 2008

    great yeah!1

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