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Cardcaptor Sakura tv Review

10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto returns home from a typical day at school, after having a mysterious dream about a book that morning, and hears strange noises coming from her basement, where her father's library is. Upon investigating, Sakura stumbles upon the magical book of The Clow, and breaks its magical seal. Inside of the book, she finds a stack of cards, known as Clow Cards. She accidentally scatters the cards after she says the word "Windy", the name of the first card she picks up.

When the wind dies down, a small yellow creature named Cerberus rises from the book. He introduces himself as the guardian of the Clow Cards, and Sakura, upon scattering them, has woken him up. He tells Sakura that she must now gather all of the Clow Cards to prevent a certain catastrophe from happening. The story begins here, and with the help of Kero-chan (Cerberus's nickname), and Sakura's best friend Tomoyo Daidouji (who videotapes all of Sakura's adventures and makes all of her costumes), Sakura sets out on her journey to collect all the Clow Cards. Along her way she meets new friends, new enemies, and many challenges.

Story & Characters

This, like all of CLAMP's animes/mangas, is 100% original. I'ts about a 10 year old named Sakura Kinomoto who finds a mysterious book in the basement, labeled The Clow. She opens it and unknowingly summons a card, and scatters the cards throughout the city. The main story is about her trying to collect the cards back. I watched the American version way way back, and liked it. then some years after I saw the original Japanese ones - way better. Even though now I'm 17 years old now, I still like the anime because its so kawaii. All the situations that seem to find her at the worst of times extends the show, althought I just have a tiny little problem with it - some of the cards are really really easy to catch, which is kinda hard to believe cause they were made by the greatest magician ever, Clow Reed. well, that doesn't matter much.... I suppose this is a shoujo anime, but some guys would like this anime too. In the end, theres romance that just makes you feel..bubbly xD. sorry for spoiling, but sakura x syaoran forever lol.

Rating: 9


I don't know if I missed any parts where the quality is bad, but it seemed okay to me. The artwork is consistent throughout the anime, not like some animes where its crappy, then ok, then super good, then back to crappy, etc. But there are some parts that look a little demented... haha. The characters all look great, and some scenes where Sakura just looks so cute that you go "omg...kawaiiii" lol...maybe its just me... The cards, characters, background, all are drawn very well. while the art isn't exactly number one, its good enough to keep most people happy except for any people that are crazy over the need for extremely good artwork.

Rating: 9


The intro themes, background music, and ending themes are all pretty much suitable only for girls. The singers have soft voices for most of the songs, and the songs are even more bubbly than the anime. The voices are MUCh better than the ones in the American version, where the voice actors sound like snobby teenagers, and Kero-chan's voice just doesnt fit. In the Japanese version, it took me a bit of time to get used to the voices - because they were so different from the American version. But once you get used to it, you'll like it. The voices all fit the characters, like Tomoyo and Sakura actually sound like 10 year old girls, and Kero's voice just sounds...better. haha....sakura's voice is too cute...

Rating: 10


100% original. At least, I haven't heard of an anime about a 10 year old girl with magic powers who collects powerful magical cards with a staff... otherwise, its something that will feel refreshingly new to you, especially if you're a regular anime watcher. Me, I've seen to many romance animes, which most of the share like 3 or 4 storylines - a love triangle/square/octagon etc, or childhood friends, or siblings not related by blood etc. So Card CAptor Sakura was that much more appealing to me.

Humor... some of the things that they do, make you laugh cause its cute. Sakura and Syaoran act all funny nex to Yukito, and the stuff Toya does to Sakura is also hilarious...but again, maybe thats just for me :P. There isn't any "its funny if someone gets hurt" stuff here.

How much you'll enjoy watching it depends o the kind of person you are, but I certainly liked watching this from beginning to end. anyone who's into it absolutely MUST see the rest of the anime, including the 2nd and 3rd seasons and the movies. Although, most guys probably wouldn't like this, cause its so bubbly and girly...meh, I didn't really mind...

I'm still not good in reviews so please comment & criticize, thanks.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.50 (excellent)

Reviewed by adventshadow, Sep 14, 2005


  1. crsg Sep 15, 2005

    ... I wouldn't exactly call it original. Though I did enjoy the series and the characters, I thought it was another magical-girl type anime. Sailor Moon, bla bla bla... I'm guessing you haven't watched that much?

  2. 881130 Banned Member Sep 16, 2005

    Hey !!! You done your review are very well.I also a fan of CCS.So I like your review.

  3. bumfuk Sep 17, 2005

    CCS is bad. Its wierd. But your review is good. I wouldnt rate it high though.

  4. kazurro Sep 18, 2005

    I like CCS very much so I think your review is the best after all

  5. cagalli1543 Oct 12, 2005

    I like your review. I love CCS it's so beautifully drawn.

  6. morgana7xyz Nov 01, 2005

    I think it has a high grafic quality for this kind of anime...
    And I loved a lot of the characters... some of them are really nice!

  7. deedeezel Dec 21, 2005

    oh oh i love this anime...she is so cute and so naive...great costumes made by tomoyo...haha....just love the series....still watching it...hope to see it in japanese this time....

  8. HyperSharingan Dec 30, 2005

    CCS is one of the best anime's ever. i highly recommend it to anyone who just started watching anime

  9. Chulio Jan 07, 2006

    I saw it some times but i dont like this cute animes.
    But she is very cute xD

  10. JC206 Jan 16, 2006

    Great Anime Kero is soo cute....^_^.....nice review for it

  11. Janayu Jan 22, 2006

    Hey! Nice review. Could you tell me something more about Sakura and Li

  12. novalisk Feb 07, 2006

    Sakura sure has some origanility.
    In the first place: though it really has the "monster-of-the-week' feeling like Sailor Moon, but it focuses on characters, their everyday life, relationships, etc, the clow cards are just a side story, which helps developing the plot. Great! ^^

    And a review which is good as well. I enjoyed this being a 19 years old guy. I was just a little bit jelous of Syaoran, hehe ^_^

  13. Sanisa Sep 22, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  14. rukasu44 Oct 24, 2010

    It's really hard to bellieve that she was only 10.

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