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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children tv Review

Two years after the defeat of Sephiroth by Cloud and his gang, a new danger reappears. This danger is Kadaj. He and his two brothers are out to get the cells of Jenova in order to bring back Sephiroth. Cloud, in order to stop it, must pick up the sword once again and join in the fight. With the help of the Turks and the former President of ShinRa, and his fellow friends, Cloud must prevent this danger and save Midgar and the world once again.

Description: Aoshi101

Story & Characters

I do not play the Final Fantasy games, so I went into this movie with very little knowledge of the characters and story. There fore I have to give the story a very a low rating, because if you don't know the Final Fantasy VII plot lines the movie is just confusing and convoluted.

There is a brief introduction to the story, but it's really not enough, especially considering that none of the characters are properly introduced. Some of the characters don't even have their names mentioned at all.

There are even parts that I doubt even Final Fantasy fans will understand. Like at one point, the bad guys, lead by Kadaj, take all the children with the Geostigmata illness to their hide out. Kadaj and the other bad guys promise to cure the kids, but in reality, the just take the kids into their power. But then all they do with the children is take them to the capital city, and have them stand around a monument. That's it! The children don't do anything at all, and Kadaj sends a monster to try and open the monument.

The only purpose I can see for that scene is to set up the next battle, and yes there are many battles in this film. If you only care about fighting, then perhaps you will enjoy this film more than I did.

Rating: 1


This film has been animated in 3d, which is still fairly rare in the anime world. Even though it doesn't match up to North American 3d movies, it's still a beautiful sight to see.

There is a lot of detail, not just in the backgrounds, but in the characters and mecha as well. The main vehicle in this film is the motorcycle, but there is a helicopter, and airship, and a truck as well.

The characters are all attractive, though many of the characters have faces that look too similar. The clothes look very real and everything moves pretty realistically, though the faces are a bit stiff.

Rating: 8


The Japanese voices were all great, and they all suited the characters well. The little girl Marlene's voice was annoying, but that's probably only because she is a little girl.

I have been told that all the music was new versions of Final Fantasy theme music, but I cannot comment on that, since I never heard the original. For me, the music was appropriate for the settings, but there was nothing too exciting or special. The only track that stood out for me was the song that they played at the end of the credits, when cloud was riding his motorcycle, but even then, It's not strong enough to make want to listen to away from the film.

Rating: 6


If you are not a Final Fantasy fan, then this film is just special effects and one battle after another. There is not that much in the way of humour, which is almost a shame, because the funny parts are actually quite funny.

Must of the laughs are provided by two agents from the Shinra company. One looks like he walked straight out of The Matrix, with his bald head and sunglasses. His partner has loud red hair, which really stands out in the film, since everybody either has silver hair, or "natural" hair colours like black, brown and blond. These two guys are always getting into trouble, and they act like two stooges for much of the film.

There's not really that much romance in the film. There seems to be at least a couple of woman on Cloud's mind, but their relationships are never explored. In fact most of the relationships between the characters are not explored. They are just introduced (some just for the sake of getting the character in) and it's up to the person to figure out who they are.

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

3.67 (below average)

Reviewed by soredtherose, Sep 13, 2005


  1. vietKiller Sep 13, 2005

    go play the game please

  2. LunarGriever Sep 14, 2005

    I agree, go play the game before you post foolish reviews. And just for the record FF7 came out more than 2 years before The Matrix, and that's not even including the development time, so don't stay stupid things like "he walked straight out of the Matrix."

  3. Cathal Sep 14, 2005

    Lame review. Play the game so you can at least get some idea to the story.

  4. carpetflyer Sep 14, 2005

    This movie was made for Final Fantasy Fans. There is no indication that this movie is for non-fans (though they may watch it if they want). I would agree with your rating on the story if this movie was released theatrically because the movie would be for the general audience but there is a reason why it is going straight to dvd-- its only for die hard fans.

    Read: http://www.adventchildren.net/ff7ac/movie/about.php

  5. beoulved Sep 14, 2005

    it's confusing because you haven't played THE game!!!
    you need to play the game to understand the story because finalfantasy 7 is like part 1 of the story and finalfantasy 7: advent children is like part 2... that is why you need to play the game first.

  6. Sammie-Chan Sep 14, 2005

    = =;; I suggest you really go play the game. Because heck, why bother watching the movie... o.o;; 'sides. FF VII has GOT to be one of the BEST FF games. :\

  7. Term1nal Sep 14, 2005

    Dude...lame. You're like judging the movie by reading the back cover.

  8. Mugen Sep 14, 2005

    well, me being and avide ffvii fan, i have to agree with you at some points mentioned. for example the scenes where rushed. it really looked like they were trying to squeeze in as much as possible in this 1 hour 40 minutea movie. but seriously. like others have said, you need to play the game first. this movie was not really meant for general audience. that's why they release it in dvd not cinema. try playing the game first and then watch the movie again.

  9. tareren Sep 14, 2005

    Yeah, same comment as ppl who posted above me.. -_- The rating you give for the story is ridiculous, and you dont even give us a 'teaser' on story line, yet you gave some spoiler... :(
    Please try to read this review,.. this guy also never play the game ->here ^^
    And what the rubbish about it doesnt match up to NA 3d? The graphics quality is superb >_< you really have to compare this with lotsa animes, i think there are more animes out there that have similar-face-characters, such as those by Yuu Watase, as well as mangas like Salad Days XD
    And I think the sound is great as well.. I personally love the songs from the movie as well as from the game.. :D
    Well, all this is just my personal opinion, dont take any offense :)

  10. islandofme Sep 14, 2005

    Greatest movie in the world. Beautiful graphics and fight sceans. Amazing music and a great stoy line.

  11. sychicgem Sep 14, 2005

    Yes, yes. Please go and play the game before you think about posting up such reviews. =\

    **ffvii: Advent Children is the awesomeness. It was made for ffvii fans, so it's most likely that you missed the greatest parts of the movie if you have never played the game before.

  12. blakraven66 Sep 30, 2005

    PLAY THE game!!!! FF7: Advent Children was and still is the best movie for me. It was made for FF fans who have played the game(though those who didn't play the game may watch the movie even though they can't understand what's going on). I even showed this dvd to my friends who never even played the game but they liked it so much.

  13. shadowofdoom Nov 01, 2005

    Advent child is like ff7-2, so of course your not going to understand 2 if you have'nt seen 1. DURRR.

  14. hazey Nov 09, 2005

    the art, music and fighting scenes are great! I think you should have played the game before you watched the film then maybe you would understand it and not write such a RUBBISH review

  15. WindAlchemist Nov 16, 2005

    ive never played ANY of the final fantasy games and watched this movie without any ff knowledge, but i still thoroughly enjoyed the movie....you should open your mind a little more and maybe you'll understand more. i found i understood the movie a lot better on my second time around. i do understand what you mean when you say that there is not much of an introduction to the characters, but if you think about it, the movie was made for people that played the game so if youve played the game then you would know the characters and the character's relationships and wouldnt really need a whole big introduction. i thought the movie was great even though ive never played any of the final fantasy games!

  16. 5hoe Nov 19, 2005

    "I agree, go play the game before you post foolish reviews. And just for the record FF7 came out more than 2 years before The Matrix, and that's not even including the development time, so don't stay stupid things like "he walked straight out of the Matrix."
    I agree...
    I like both the Game and the Movie,
    You really should thinkk.. T_T

  17. Leena Dec 24, 2005

    Really, although I never played Final Fantasy VII, I still do a research on it like found out the story and go more in depth.
    First of all, I dun think the america 3d is as good as this *maybe coz I never like to watch shows like Incredible*
    The music on the other hand is suitable for the show, you can't expect them to put in a Metalica music inside.
    Next, you can't expect romance to develope in 1hr 40min. To me, romance is not really important in this show.
    Moreover, you can't expect much humour when there is a sickness spreading, right?
    So, please play the game, even if you don't play. Find infos on them.

  18. LostRain Jan 28, 2006

    I didn't play the game either, but this movie is just to great to know all the imformations about it. I watched Final Fantasy VII the last order, and so I understand it alittle when watching it. But If you go through the movie a few more times, you would've understand. Liek e for example, I watched it over and over like 10 times or so.
    Consider your rating and watch the movie again, or play the game, watch the anime what ever you want, but I do not agree with your rating, because Final Fantasy is my favourite movie of all times.

  19. toojadded Mar 13, 2006

    Since DAVERS already expressed most of us fans' concerns, I would just like to comment on this line:

    " There are even parts that I doubt even Final Fantasy fans will understand. Like at one point, the bad guys, lead by Kadaj, take all the children with the Geostigmata illness to their hide out. Kadaj and the other bad guys promise to cure the kids, but in reality, the just take the kids into their power."

    the reason why you didn't understand this scences importance is 'coz you didn't play the game. I can't quite remember the details since its been ages since i played the game. That stream is where Aeris died and isn't an ordinary pool of water. It has something to do with the lifesteam and the children who had the Geostigma were lured into it to sort of contaminate it. Remember when Kabaj said that he would "get back" At the planet.

    Every single thing that was mentioned in to movie has meaning. There was no such thing as "that's it". You have to have knowledge of the game to appreaciate the movie. For us FFantasy fans, this movie is simply a dream come true

  20. sin-shenlong Apr 10, 2006

    I believe dis review is a load of shit and the score is way too low. First of all you are complaining about the story being poor. But study it; it is suppose to be a sequel and it is IMPOSSIBLE to capture FF7's incredible story in 100 mins, i think if the story was to be the focal point, then the movie would have 2 b at least 4 hrs. The makers did a good job at giving non- final fantasy followers the general gists of things, i'm proud to say that the movie even sparked some new fans who went to buy the game or who are anticipating the remake on the ps3.
    In terms of fight scenes, come on now its final fantasy and its an anime DO NOT EXPECT REALISM. I mean have u really played the game and study the abilities of the characters (limits etc). I personally believe they were too weak in the movie, and my only complaint is that the movie lacked balance. Sure Cloud is cool; thats because almost every one of his limit breaks were unleashed in the movie, I was so disappointed at the rest. During the fight with Bahamut I was screaming at the screen, telling barret to stop playing the fool and unleash catastrophe (level 4 limit) and i was telling vincent to stop wasting time and transform. Also I think they downplayed yuffie and Sephiroth basically U believe these characters were too spectacular? well i believe they were too weak.
    Art and graphics i am not going to comment U know that movie is frickin beautiful. U seriously forgetting forgotten capital's beautiful moonlit forest or or in the centre of midgar with the statue shinra built?!. The characters looked phenominal and the use of bullet time and choreography put most if not all action flicks to SHAME! (matrix looked so soft after watching dis pic!) I haven't scene cgi dis good since appleseed I mean come on.
    Music: Its Nobeo Uematsu NUFF FREAKIN SAID!
    All in all dis movie geting at least an 8 in my view, U need to watch that movie again and stop hating!

  21. HikaruKage Jul 17, 2007

    pls pls pls go play the game. You won't understand the story, the beauty of it or the great music (i'm a supporter of Nobuo Uematsu here.)

    actually, AC was originally meant to be a 20minute piece, like Last Order. But I guess the people started putting things here and there...and so we get this. So i can say that the scenes are kinda rushed. (for something that was meant to be 20minutes)

  22. back07 Apr 30, 2012

    i've watched it till the end, but i didn't get the main storyof Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (confused). But i love the graphic, my best moment in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is when Cloud vs Sephiroth.

  23. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    I've never played the games and I knew what was going on, but there is the option to go read some spoilers elsewhere to give you a general idea of what you've walked into to fill in the missing gaps and holes.

  24. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Didn't really need information about the game to watch the anime, but not a bad simple review.

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