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Tougenkyou (Shangri-la) once where humans and youkai (demons) coexisted, this balance is disturbed by the practice of forbidden science and magic that has created a Minus Wave, poisoning the souls of youkai. The Sanbutsushin (The Three Aspects) become aware of the situation and call out the highest of priests, Genjyo Sanzo, to stop the Minus Wave and the resurrection of Gyumaoh (Ox-Demon-King). The Sanbutsushin tell Sanzo to travel West with three youkai who weren't affected by the Wave: Son Goku, a heretic who has no recollections of his past or who he was; Sha Gojyo, a hanyou (half-demon) who was abused by his youkai stepmother; Cho Hakkai, a former human who became a youkai as he wishes to be stronger; and Hakuryuu , Hakkai's Jeep-transforming dragon.

Along the way the four encounters invincible foes and assassins, while being haunted by the remnants of their dark past.
How will they overcome those obstacles?
What fate awaits at the end of their journey?

Edited from the synopsis by: flamedanceraxel.

Saiyuki is a long running franchise with a lot of components:
- Five Manga Series by Kazuya Minekura: "Sayuki" (1997-2002), "Saiyuki Gaiden" (1999-2009), "Saiyuki RELOAD" (2002-2009), "Saiyuki Ibun" (2009-ongoing), "Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST" (2010-ongoing).
- Four OVAs: "Saiyuki Premium" (1999) by Tokyo Kids; "Gensomaden Saiyuki: Kibou no zaika" (2002) by Studio Pierrot; "Saiyuki RELOAD -burial-" (2007-2008) by ARMS Corporation; "Saiyuki Gaiden" (2011) by Anpro.
- Four TV Anime: "Gensomaden Saiyuki" (2000-2001), "Saiyuki RELOAD" (2003-2004), and "Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK" (2004); all by Studio Pierrot. "Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST" (2017) by Platinum Vision.
- One Animated Film: "Gensomaden Saiyuki Requiem: Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka" (2001) by Studio Pierrot.
- Two PS2 Games: based on "Saiyuki RELOAD" and "Saiyuki RELOAD GUNLOCK" (both released in 2004).
- Saiyuki Kagekiden Live-action Musicals by CLIE

Story & Characters

The story is... well... good. Their plot is good. 4 people who don't get along on a journey to the west? That is really good. Their plot is great, that there are a few stops along the way and so. All in all, I think their plot and story is good. It even shows the character's past and present situation. The plot or story makes people who watch it guess what past they must have had because of each character's characteristics. There are also some things that involve personal problems of the characters that they have to deal with along the way. Memories too. The idea of weapons and every fighting style? Yup, very good indeed. Suits each of them best. And there is also a conflict between the Sanzo-ikkou and the Kou-ikkou. Hmm... what else? They each have their own interests and dislikes! Like Sanzo, he hates it when there's rain. Goku loves food and Gojyo likes women and being drunk and that sort of stuff. Hakkai is the kind guy. Each of them have a unique personality that leads them to be fighting all throughout the journey. They don't show that they care about each other, even though they don't agree most of the time. I don't think they consider themselves as friends, but they actually care about each other. The story excites the audience. I mean, you really can't wait for the next episode to be on air! It's because of the action, drama and humor! You know, I really can't describe how the storyline is or what the author's plot even is, but it really unexplainable! I can't explain why I love watching Saiyuki. I think something made me like the story. I think it's the Sanzo-ikkou's personal secrets that we crave to know. Or maybe i's the amazing storyline. Will they ever reach their destination? Will they stop this evil demon from resurrecting? These are the questions we usually ask. That's what makes you stick with the show. And I guess, if you missed one episode, you missed a lot! You wouldn't know what humor was in there, or what conflicts they have faced, or if a secret was revealed. But I think I like Saiyuki (the storyline and everything) because I envy them. It would really make me happy if I would go on a journey to the west while fighting demons along the way and having an adventure. Saiyuki is like a reflection of yourself having a journey, whoever you are among the main characters. You would ask yourself, who could I be? Gojyo, the womanist? Hakkai, the kind guy? Goku, the fun and energetic kid? Or maybe Sanzo, the person with a mysterious past he ceases to forget. That's what we think. We kids sort of compare ourselves with the characters. Or we draw imaginary sketches of us with the characters. We draw what we look like in the anime realm. I think we kids like Saiyuki (or any other anime) because we just love the story, it's precious or it reminds us of something. Or maybe we just compare ourselves. But this amazing story, Saiyuki, I would never forget, because it also teaches you lessons in life while the four stop in some villages along the way.

Rating: 8


The art? It's cool! The backgrounds, the excitement... they are drawn clearly. Even human emotions are drawn quite good. The colors macth every surrounding. The backgrounds tell you what type of place the main characters in. It's like the art speaks to you. Everything is good, from transformation to sadness. The characters' expressions are nicely drawn and colored too. Their hairstyles also suit them. I mean, Sanzo has that hair that could give him the "mysterious" look. Goku has that hair that kinda defies gravity but is normal in some way. Hakkai has that hair that screams "has a mysterious past". Only his smile hides it all. Oh, and Gojyo? He has that long, red hair that makes you think that he is some sort of gangster. He also has those eyes that tells the same thing. Their clothes match them too.

Rating: 8


For me, I prefer their Japanese voices better than the English. Because the Japanese voices has feelings and emotions you couldn't pit into english somehow. The voices suit the character. Sanzo having that deep, mysterious voice. Hakkai with that kind voice (although it's almost the same with the english version) Goku with that very innocent and playful voice. Gojyo with that flirty voice whenever he sees a woman walking by. All in all, their voices are better in Japanese than in English. In english, it's cool too, but it lacks excitement and emotion. But I like the english version too because you wouldn't read any subtitles anymore! The songs from Saiyuki Reload are the best! Especially the anding song at the second season of it. I think it's called "Fukisusabu kaze no naka de". I even have an MP3 of it. It sounds really good. Even the start which is "Wild Rock". It really expresses itself. It somewhat tells you that it is the beginning of an adventure. All of the songs from beginning to end to the background music of each character expresses something about the show.

Rating: 7


Humor!!! It has plenty of humor! Originality? Puh-lease! It is so original that it wants to make you jump and shout the whole day! It is original, why? Because it has humor, action and drama all in one show! Mostly humor and action but the drama follows. Either the drama is the character's past, present or emotions. The humor? It is when Goku and Gojyo fight, when Sanzo doesn't understand a joke, when Hakkai makes a joke that isn't really funny... It makes you think that they are real people only drawn to be watched. Their personalities are really human, except for that "fighting the demons" stuff. Action has the most scenes, I think. Because they have to have this journey, remember? And in every journey, there is danger in it's path.Everything is perfect. It is really original. Good thing that they thought about this one of a kind anime. Why one of a kind? It has everything all in one! Even fantasy. It's fantastic. Indescribable. Really, it is. Each ending of the presentation, there is a preview fro the next episode, which we really wait for. Why wait for it? Because we know what factors it will contain and if you are really interested with the preview, of course you'll never miss a chance to watch the next episode. I, myself wasn't able to watch any of the Gensomaden, only Reload and Gunlock, but I was further interested of watching it because of the human characteristics inherited by these anime characters and their abilities... and their constant fightings and misunderstandings. This is what makes it really funny. And I love their presentation... I love their presentation because they could handle a lot of things, they teach you a lot of lessons and it's just plain funny. They also have this adventure to stop demons, even though they are demons themselves. You crave to know their past lives too... that's why the presentation is good. They keep many secrets from you until you watch all of the episodes, that's when you know the whole truth about them. And that's what makes you addicted to each presentation they air on TV.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by saiyukifan, Sep 03, 2005


  1. tareren Sep 03, 2005

    I think you should give us the 'main' storyline at the story part, am a bit confused reading it hehe... though there is a lot of personal reference here, I think the review is quite good,...
    Saiyuki, I love Saiyuki ^^ it is based on the Chinese tale, Journey To The West, but is original in its own unique way :) I think the anime is good, though I love the manga art more :)

  2. ManakaNo-Baka Jan 02, 2006

    I seen the original Journey to the West..it was awsome!l ike the Saiyuki but the character look is lil weird...Goku in the original is actually look like a monkey, and Hakkai has a pig nose and Goyjo is bald *laugh* but its really good...Sanzo is just nice and innocent and hes bald...pretty much the original and Saiyuki are really different
    SAIYUKI ROCK THE hell and the review is pretty good ^_^ but i think Saiyuki should get a higher rate (in my opinion)

  3. auraderecca Aug 10, 2006

    Watching the many versions of journey to the West, i think that this series has really liven up it's mood. Firstly, the characters are so compact cool. A total 365 degrees turn from the original as mentioned by MnakaNo-Baka.

    However, watching through this series, it was really funny and appealing at first. But as the series goes on, it just seems as the show nv ends with the same things happening each time. EG, Sanzo and Co. goes on journey somewhere.. Get attacked... defeats agressors.. cont. on journey.. Nx ep?

    But i still love this series though. haha, it may be a little ironic, but i think it us the characters and brilliant soundtrack that keeps me staying... it just touches me. =P

    On the overall, great review attempt. Keep up the good work yeapz.

  4. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  5. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    thx for the review, sure, for me, this anime was a bit funny but I didn't really like it

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    can't really argue with the review, it's like pick any version of saiyuki and it's a pleasure to watch, the movies, the series, the manga, all good and well worth a second watch.

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