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Berserk tv Review

This is a tale of friendship, betrayal and lots of bloodshed, a tale of a young mercenary named Guts...

From the moment he was brought into this world from his dead mother's womb, he has constantly been forced to fight, never owning a single friend in his life. That is, until the day he barely survives a battle with a huge armor-clad warrior. After receiving his reward, Guts leaves and finds himself ambushed by a bunch of mercenaries belonging to the "Band of the Hawks". Little did he know that after battling it out with their skillful leader, Griffith, he would serve under the very man that would one day become his most trusted friend. The tale of Guts has just begun...

Story & Characters

Dark, a story of a man subdued by destiny and fate. Struggling through life ever since birth, he is stuck fighting constantly. The look into man's reasoning for committing acts takes shape in struggles of judgment amongst all characters. How far will we go to achieve our dreams? A realistic expression of decision making peer into the minds of characters as they develop a self. It is also a look at different layers of the universe that underlie the fabric of reality. What is truly underlying beneath our existence, our souls? The essence of life is portrayed through a twisted world bound by fate that controls life, but not as perfectly when predicting outcomes.

However, in all the glory of kingdoms, absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely. As illustrated meticulously by the constant power dominance struggle of nations and the men that hold power over them. The feeling of being below another is played out by our protagonist to climb up to equality. Each step seems to only create more steps as the goal tends to float higher and higher into the heavens. A hard life and a journey distraught in deadly danger makes the manga an epic story.

Rating: 8


The anime is not as great as the manga, it suffers from old style visual quality and sound effects. The manga animation is of decent quality, illustrating conflict and drama well. The visual representation is always dark and eerie, even when light outshines the situation. The characters are drawn with a classic look that fit the classic backgrounds of the age. It is aimed at more realism rather than modernism, so no flashy big eyes or flamboyant outfits that run rampant in recent comparable mangas. Overall, the art works well with the settings and complement it well.

Rating: 8


The beginning anime introduction music has a tendency to grow on you if you patiently listen to the whole version. No amount of excerpts from the anime can make it stand out, but overall it impacts morality on a dark basis. The manga itself is always put together more thoroughly and generates a different type of sound. It is the sound we hear in our minds that portray the characters as they develop and progress through the story in different circumstances. We hear how it is through visual and audible discourse what the characters are going through on a deeper level than the anime as well.

Rating: 7


The manga presents itself in a future time first, then slowly works it's way back to the originating scheme of things. It's an original story with slight humor, but lacks a happy atmosphere. Berserk is certainly for those that enjoy a dark manga, a change from a happy ending esque pace most stories tell. As for originality, the protagonist is a sword wielding, straight forward human, along with fairies, witches, and demons mixed in a bag of nuts, called people that have more baggage than they can carry. Life, in all walks, is portrayed in the darkest of ages when people succumb to immoral and infernal deed amongst others.

I couldn’t stop reading the manga once picked up and I usually don’t read like a maniac all that much anyway. It was an enjoyable experience and will continue to be until it is over. As for watching the anime, it is much to bland with missing manga sections, like always, containing a glimpse of all that is Berserk. Watching as the protagonist grows and realizes things along the way brings back my own experiences dealing with life. It is all represented differently, but symbolically, we can all relate.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by jasaiyajin, Sep 02, 2005


  1. onlydarkness Sep 19, 2005

    Imo one of the best animes created. After watching the anime i had to find out wut happen so i just started reading the manga series and thats great too. Miura needs to hurry up and aprove a second season!!

  2. ignatiousbar Oct 25, 2005

    onlydarkness is right, while the animation might be less than perfect, the anime is my second favorite only to cowboy bebop. Berserk is one of the most compelling stories ever. it also contains one of the most bizarre endings. the first disc is very slow, but the final episode on the disc made me stick with it and rent the second disc. i rented all six discs and then bought the complete box set when it was released. the out-takes are funny as can be.

    i've also read the first three manga and can see where one would think of them as better. but when is a book not better than the movie?

  3. zazuge Feb 14, 2006

    didn't see the anime ,but actually i'm reading the manga (seinen),so the story is original ,it's great,but how far it's great? i thing it's becoming less great around v25 when gutts meet tha girl witch (it became like shonen)

  4. BlackSwordsman95 Feb 19, 2008

    THe more I watch Berserk and read the manga (if you haven't yet, start now!) the more I like it. Not just because it is so dark, but because the plot moves along and enemies acctually get killed. Its the kind of show that makes me no longer able to watch Bleach and Inuyasha. I want to like those shows, and I am curious to see what happens to the characters, but they both suffer from the DBZ sindrome in that no one ever dies and there are a lot of filler episodes.

    Getting back to Berserk... I like the anime like you said, once you pick up the manga you can't put it down.

  5. rukasu04 Mute Member Oct 26, 2009

    Good review :]

  6. IzanamiSan Mar 01, 2010

    I didn't like the anime but i'm happy that i gave a chance to manga because it's so awesome! I'm not a big fan of manga but this one i read non stop and will continue until it finish.

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