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Kare Kano tv Review

Yukino Miyazawa, the perfect student. She's got the looks, the grades - everything any girl could ask for out of a school life. She is envied by all the girls and loved by all the boys, and is #1 in her class. The worst part could be the fact that she knows this and loves it. Her mask was her life, and she lived fine within it.

Enter Soichiro Arima, now the perfect guy. Yukino can't help but notice that Soichiro has been stealing her thunder. Born under a rich name, looks to kill and with grades that equal Yukino's, she can't help but be infuriated by his perfect ways. Day in and day out among her diligent studying, she plots to take down Soichiro, to break him.

Then, Yukino gets a curveball. The midterm results come in, and Soichiro bests Yukino by half a point. Meaning he becomes the #1 student in their class. Yukino, angrier than ever, turns to leave the class, but Soichiro touches her and merely whispers..."I love you."

Thus starts a comical romantic war between the two as they continue to try to get under each other's skin. But they only seem to get closer and close until Soichiro then stumbles upon Yukino's dark secret, and after that, the seeds of romance start to sink in...

Story & Characters

The story seemed pretty good. A two-faced girl is a hard worker at school and is very popular, although at home she is a completely different studying machine who is trying to be the top. If she doesn't get what she wants, she might smile at you bottling up the anger inside. This is about all that I like about this anime as I was very curious to see what would happen to her once
someone cuter and smarter than her shows up at school and steals her glory. At first she hates him, but then eventually developes feelings.
I believe this is supposed to be comedy, but I found nothing funny about this anime, but rather sad. I hardly laughed at the so-called "funny" parts, so I guess this anime failed to call itself funny. Some of the funnier things were supposed to include moments with facefaulting, or Miazawa attacking someone or biting their head off. This isn't funny, it is stupid. After a while it got really annoying too. Sure, maybe this is appopriate with one or two episodes or a few seconds in a episode, but half an hour for twenty-six episodes is VERY, VERY annoying and tiring.

Rating: 5


Have you ever had a nightmare and you couldn't wake up? This is mine. Have you ever seen an anime where the character gets a huge head, fangs and tiny arms? Goofy anime have this, but this show totally killed it. It seemed as if the creators tried to roll two anime into one here, because the every other second you see stupid faces and bad art. The other seconds it's nothing but black-and-white outlines of images, so you might as well call this a half anime-half-manga.
It is very hard t put into words how awful the art is, and in one of the episodes they use cut-out pieces of paper as the characters so it looks as if a child is doing the "animation".

Rating: 4


Every other second I either hear "Oh Arima!" or "Oh Miazawa!" Honestly, if you two love each other so much go rent a room. But if it's not that, you hear piano music always playing in the background. At first it was nice, but after the first ten episodes this got very annoying. Hardly any speech is involved either, except the one I told you about the Oh's, from the two main characters. There is also a soap opera between Arima and Miazawa nad their lives, because Arima is always whining about how he had a bad family life, while Miazawa keeps telling us she realises that the two of them are meant for each other since they are the same. Please, give me a break will you?

Rating: 4


The plot is very original, since this is the first itme I see someone's secret revealed and have that person fall in love with the other. <3 However, the creators wouldn't know comedy if it hit them on the head. :|
I had to fast-forward all the stupidity so I only got about 10 minutes of the show fully watched rather than the half hour. What does stupidity include in this show? Apart from the awful sound, poor animation, and personal drama, everything!
Please, if you can, avoid this time waster at all costs. It is nothing but poorly drawn animated manga and piano music. I guess the creators were very cheap to have some proper speech and animation. Maybe they themselves did not enjoy making the anime very much in the poor way it came out.
The other sad thing about this is that there are twenty-six episodes, but I could summarize this in one paragraph. Boy finds out girl's secret and she falls in love with him. Whin, whine, throw in some piano music and poorly drawn images and you've described Kare Kano!

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

4.00 (below average)

Reviewed by daos, Aug 25, 2005


  1. Novac Aug 26, 2005

    Haha, I can see that you really didn't like like Kare Kano.. By far, I would like to ask from the author, that has he/she watched animes that were made before computer-anime? And.. How many?

    I agree, Kare Kano had problems with organizing the chapters. The first, it was all about Miyasawa's and Arima's, then chapter about Tsubasa.. And.. then.. It just represented most likely the hardships and pleasures (and Maho's and that guy's relationships, which I can't remember.) It ended up unfinished.

    Seiyuus and bgms were actually decent. I simply loved the Sena Rika. She sounded cute because of her trouble of speaking correctly (the weird s and r -sounds, you know.) Peaceful and "relaxing" bgms really seemed to maximize the influence of feelings. Kare Kano really doesn't need aggressive bgms. Except when Miyasawa goes mad ^ ^;

    Kare Kano is a very artistic anime (though the weird animation moments that seemed to increase while moving towards the end. ^^; ) It's like (if I would compare) like more romantic version of Ultra Maniac (if you ignore the magic parts :P) And.. besides, nowadays computeranimated animes seem to miss something that animes before 1999 have..

    And, someone might even like piano music. Plus, the opening and ending theme's rocked ^ ^

  2. tareren Aug 26, 2005

    Well, I havent yet watched the anime, but I can tell you that the manga sounded better than this ;) about the organisation of chapters, I believe the manga have the same problem, but maybe that is just the style of the mangaka :D Um, I think you are being a bit unfair on the Sound part, you could give the seiyuus credits ^^ am sure they are not that bad ;D Anyway, I think this review is quite well written,though kinda one sided >_< Oh, more details on the story wont hurt ^^

  3. akika Oct 31, 2005

    This anime WAS a bit strangely organised and it felt unfinished in the end. But I still quite liked it for an early anime. Can't blame them for lack of technology because it was made quite early. Characters were developed well I believe and the sounds were quite alright~ the voices suited the characters~ I suppose everything is a bit on the simple side, but definitely worth a higher rating~ but everyone have their own opinions. well done on the review!

  4. screenlooker Nov 11, 2005

    smurf you
    kare kano is a damned good show
    and you cant see that
    the show isnt meant to be comedy either
    its a drama/romance you smurfer

    merged: 12-27-2005 ~ 11:32pm
    there isnt an oh arima or oh miyazawa all the time
    read the damn manga
    and as far as i know you cant even draw!
    i dont think you reserve the right to complain about the art.
    i loved the piano
    and it isnt always piano

    and fyi
    it isnt finished
    they only made episodes of up to volume 9 or 10
    there are 21 volumes!

  5. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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