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Soul Calibur tv Review

Story & Characters


I have not played the first Soul Calibur game, so I cannot give you the best info on the past of this game. However I can inform you of what THIS story is about. It is about an array of warriors who are after a special sword called the Soul Edge. This sword possesses great demonic powers, which some of the characters wish to harness, and some of the characters wish to destroy.

What makes this sword unique is that controls the user with it's evil intentions and possesses the holder of Soul Edge to consume as many souls with it as he/she possibly can. All characters in the game have some connection with the sword. Some are after it in order for it's power so they can rule the world with an iron fist. Some are in search of the sword to destroy it and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and then we have others who have their own reasons for wanting the sword in their possession.

Take your character across the stages, beating anyone in your way to ultimately claim the great Soul Edge. This is the story for ACRADE mode. The game also a split story called Weapons Master, which actually has an in-depth story, and is the core of SC2. Weapons master is working your way from a low-ranking nobody, to a high ranking legendary swordsman, battling enemies and challenging obstacles on your way to fame.

Rating: 8


Graphically, Soul Calibur is like a massage on the eyes, everything is crisp and clean. The animation on each and every character is so smooth and pristine that it’s amazing just to look at. Whether it’s the close up facial impressions of the warrior or the flow of the fighter in battle, it’s done so elegantly. Each fighting arena is overflowing with details; the pirate cave has a beautifully drawn ship in the background as well as a fantastic cave, letting in the light from the outside. Also we have a dark underground level, which is covered with some sort of green ooze. All of the backgrounds are packed with immense detail and every crack and crevice is beautifully done, plus the majority of them are quite large and the work done on them is almost perfect.

Rating: 9


Soul Cailbur 2 has good sound qualities, including a large and exuberant collection of music pieces and hundreds of voice clips for all of the characters. All of the tunes sound like classical orchestral tunes and really intertwine with the backgrounds that they cover. They also build up tension to upcoming battles, which motivate you into the game. The sound effects are numerous in amount, all of the characters have a load if voice samples, about eighty each. You can listen to these in character profiles when you get bored but that fact that there are so many voice samples is quite impressive. Anyways some of these make NO sense at all 'Namu' .

Rating: 8


Soul Calibur 2 has been Namco’s recent big hits, aside from the earlier Tekken games, which rocked, the company hadn’t brought out anything that was regarded as a classic, from a general gamers point of view. However, with Soul Calibur 2, Namco recreated the weapon-based 3-D fighting experience that thousands have now enjoyed. The game follows the legacy of the demonic Soul-Edge, a sword of apparent unfathomable evil and it covers the quests of various warriors on their quest to destroy the blade permanently. In an odd but interesting move by Namco, the three ports of the game have one character exclusive to its version, it gave PS2 fans Heihachi, from Tekken, Nintendo fans got to play as Link, while X-boxers got to play as the dark comic creation, Spawn.

Here, we have an unusual but diverse range of fighters to choose from. Firstly, we have the gargantuan soul-stealers, Astaroth and Nightmare. Both wield huge weapons and pack a punch in the damage department, unfortunately, they are slow and sluggish so they tend to be characters who are for those who have experience of the game. The middle fighters include Spawn and Lizardman, who have an equal balance of speed and power. Finally, we have the lightweights, which tend to be the majority of the girls and the high-class Raphael, who enjoys prancing around like a sissy. These guys tend to be quick on their feet but lack somewhat when it comes to dishing out the damage. The cast is quite large, even without the secret characters they leave a lot of options for you to experiment with.

Soul Calibur 2 has various techniques which can be used on the battle field. The four main buttons are for horizontal strikes, vertical strikes, kick and guard. Drifting away from the normal fighting scheme of light kick, middles kick etc it may be a little confusing to weary gamers but when you get used to the layout it becomes easy.

This game is a Definite buy for Fighter Junkies but for others who just want a good time I say rent. It's one of those game you can just pick up and play.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by Kyrokushen, Aug 13, 2005


  1. Madmangamer364 Aug 13, 2005

    A pretty nice review of SCII you have here. You did well when it came to the details of the game, and your comments about the game where pretty good. I didn't really find anything I disliked about your review. You get a thumbs-up in my book! :)

  2. valisol Aug 14, 2005

    I agree with most of what you said, although I think it deserves better than a 7 for presentation (and better than 7.83 overall). The game is, I think, more forgiving for newcomers than other fighting games, like Tekken and Dead or Alive, are, since the game is relatively lenient when it comes to timing (for combos), and, since you can move in the air while falling, combos aren't as deadly or hard to pull off as they are in other games (like 10-hit combos in Tekken).

  3. SilverBlue Aug 14, 2005

    Random comment: you should have said stuff about the fish swimming in the waters in the pirate stage :P There's this one huge fish that comes out every now and then xd

    i think it should have gotten an 8, but in any case, go Yoshimitsu and the sword pogo!!!

  4. darkGoddess Aug 14, 2005

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm................ pretty good review i like it.. not bad. soul callibur is a really fun game! XD yeah the fish i love that! it kinda freaked me out the first time but after that it was kinda funny.

  5. valsimot Aug 19, 2005

    i think it's one of the best fighting games ever made. the chars are well balanced and it's fairlly easy to get into but it takes more then button mashing to win. too bad SC3 is coming only for the PS, everyone should play the game at least once.

  6. nedved11 Dec 30, 2006

    Soul Calibur 3 absolutely ownz Soul Calibur 2.

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