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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar tv Review

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar has the simple plotline about a young snow fairy apprentice named Sugar who wishes to become a fully fledged snow fairy just like her mother. Sugar comes to the human world searching for a "twinkle," an unknown object that fairy apprentices need to find to become fully fledged. By coming to the human world, Sugar then bumps into Saga, and suddenly Saga's well organzied life gets mixed up. Only certain gifted humans can see season fairies, and Saga is one of them! Throughout the series Sugar continues to search for the mysterious twinkle.

(Synopsis by: Daos)

Story & Characters

The story takes place in Rothenburg, Germany. 11 years-old Saga Bergman meets a tiny snow fairy named Sugar on a rainy day. The two of them become friends, despite their physical differences.

Saga learns Sugar is a snow apprentice on an assignment to find "kirameki" (twinkle). Once she discovers what it is, she'll become a full-fledged fairy. During her mission, Saga goes on fun adventures with her human friend, and other fairy friends, Salt , Pepper, Ginger, and their sensei Choro Sama. However, Sugar is ignorant about the human world and often gets into trouble! But their friendship grows stronger everyday, so both of them sticks together no matter what. Eventually though, Saga completes her assignment and has to go back the fairy world. How will they cope with that?

While Sugar is busy searching, Saga goes to school, works during the weekends at a coffee shop, hangs out with her friends, Anne and Norma, and always get annoyed by her rival, Greta, a rich snobby girl who is jealous of Saga's popularity.

Rating: 7


I'm not much of an art critic, so I'll be brief: Koge Donbo did the beautiful concept/design of the characters. Simply beautiful. Anyone that has seen her past projects can visualize what the style is like if they haven't seen TSFS. In the film, the colors are bright and cheerful.

The animators did a really good job on making sure the colors are rich/not rushed, and movements more accurate than some films. However, I was quite disappointed about fairy wings. They rarely moved, so it was awkward to see them fly without wings flapping.

Rating: 7


Excellent sound effects because they sounded authentic enough. Voice actors for the Japanese language is superb. I was touched whenever they become emotional. I was able to empathize characters more easily than other anime/regular films. I consider myself hard to impress, and I am still impress about this movie.

As for music, if you enjoy classicial scores, then you'll love TSFS soundtracks. The signature of this film is "Memory of Mother" a song Saga plays for her dead mother, Ingrid. You can get a hold of the music sheet if you have one of the artbooks. I believe there are six albums total. I've only obtain three. The music is wonderful, warm, and sometimes silly.

Also, you get to hear two versions of the theme song. One in Japanese and English. Pretty cool.

Rating: 8


Sugar knows nothing about the human world so she often gets into trouble. She wants to know more about it. She asks too many questions, investigates (even if it's dangerous), and can be annoying. But I believe viewers will fall in love with her no matter what.

So lack of knowledge of our world gets her into trouble, which leads us laughing. I feel sorry whenever she's being chased by Joe, a feisty black raven. If a viewer wants a happy/cute/ adventure anime film, then this is it. Look no further. A viewer should have an open heart and not think of this film just for babies.

There are some sequences in which a child may not fully understand and can miss its significance. There are some emotional and sad scenes that can make you cry, as well steal your heart. Give this movie a chance. It's excellent. And if you want more information, search the net. And if that's not enough, if you like small thinking puzzles, try and discover what kirameki is. Everyone has their own opinions.

To be realistic about the Rothenburg nature, the animators went to Germany to study the landscape. This helped the movie presentations. Many of what you'll see in the film is inspired by an actual item, home, etc. This shows you how dedicated the staffs were in order to create such a cute film.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by coco, Aug 04, 2005


  1. sukie Aug 06, 2005

    this is one well writien review...i really liked it. but since i've never even seem this series i don't really noe....but i really want to see it after reading this!~!

  2. coco Aug 07, 2005

    Hey, thanks Suki! Although my review has its English flaws, hence, sucking at writing in general, I'm very happy that my words encouraged you to see it. I have no doubt you'll like this anime series. ^____^

    After reading my own review, I've spotted a little error in the second paragraph in the story section. Oops. >__< Now go watch it! :P

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice and simple review. This anime is up there on the cuteness factor, good job.

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