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Burst Angel tv Review

Because everyone is allowed to carry weapons, the streets of Tokyo are full of crime. The city is watched over by a group known as RAPT who are supposed to keep order and punish lawbreakers. But on top of out of control citizens to deal with and RAPT actually abusing their authority instead of using it to help the people, there are also monsters made from human and machine to worry about. As a result four women: Jo, Sei, Amy and Meg, decide to take on the challenge of protecting the city from corruption, crime and these new monsters.

Credit: MisaSasekage

Story & Characters

First of all, I'm biased because I love this series (my avatar is Sei). Secondly, ***spoiler warning***, they'll probably be included.

Four girls who are living together but aren't related and happen to do illegal mercenary work? A girl from the street, a girl with amnesia, a kid who's a computer genius and a mob boss's grandchild? Not so original. But! throw in a young man who's studying to be a pastry chef to cook food for them??? blam, original-enough setting. Well, except for the part that he's a young man. Too many animes already have a young boy living with -or spending lots of time with- a group of young, single, dangerous girls.

So it turns out its a battle between syndicates and our group works for one side. Mmm, also not that original, but living artificial intelligence created by a company working in secret with the government and testing their stuff on street thugs sort of is. It's also kind of original to have the secret organization produce female super soldier-type things. Oh, and a law allowing citizens to carry guns.

Rating: 8


I really like the art. BUT a big lacking is the eyes.... they're so... flat and lifeless. That's pretty rare for an anime in my opinion. I mean, one of the main things about anime characters is that their eyes are always moving and are very detailed.

I also usually have a problem with computer-created images being mixed with anime. I loved it in the old days when anime artists would draw the big robots nd androids nd spaceships, all the little details and things. I think computer graphics are a pain and sometimes give me a headache. Not so with Bakuretsu Tenshi. It seems like Jango (jo's mecha) is computer-created but it's not so obvious, and he moves very smoothly.

Another big flaw is Sei's breasts. They're completely too large... they're like a M-cup by episode 15. Yes, M cup exists. Also, in one scene Jo suddenly goes from semi-flat to like a B without a bra. CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE!!

Oh, but Ugetsu Hakua's otherwise works seem to be beautiful. For example, my desktop right now is "Lithium Flower" by um.. Tsuneki? it's in Minitokyo's gallery. When I say otherwise works I mean still pictures that have had more work put in them.

Rating: 7


The sound is awesome.

Sei's got a sexy voice, Jo's apathy is perfect, Meg sounds like an immature teen, etc. etc.

The intro song, "Loosey" by the stripes, while unintelligible (if you watch it by more than one fansub group the lyrics are at least 40% different) fits the series really well. The ending song is sweet I think, and also very well suited.

The other music is also dramatic, and there's enough to go around without being too repetitive. There's a lot of rock and electronica and such, which is good for an action-filled anime set in the future.

Rating: 9


I found it extremely enoyable to watch. Plot developed at a good pace, with fun here and there. Some things were weird, so some people will have a problem with this (for example, the giant squid - why's it giant? this isn't explained) But it was still fun & Jo got to kick ass so no big. Some parts were funny, also a plus. Though, it's a little tiring watching Meg get kidnapped repeatedly especially when it was so damn obvious (giant crow, episode like, seven).

Despite that I completely hated the end, I would recommend this to almost anyone.


Sei (seemingly) dies, which of course was horrible for me. And Meg taking Jo's place was just irritating... .I mean, i know they left the story open for an OAV but STILLL. Couldn't Takane have died? She's annoying. Anyway, the ending leaves a couple of key things up to question (what's in store for Tokyo in the future? Will Bai-Lin regroup and be in control now? Are Jo and Sei -really- dead? The big syndicate is gone, what use is there for Meg now?) so some people will have a problem with this, but I don't.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by gelatinous, Aug 03, 2005


  1. AyakaMachida Aug 07, 2005

    I totally agree with you here, its a great series and has everything in it, Girls, Guns, Mecha, err, giant crows ^__^ but was slightly let down at the end. Still, i cant wait for the OVA to come out im sure it will be great and will have all the characters intact.

  2. lelei Oct 12, 2005

    Quote by gelatinousCONSISTENCY, PEOPLE!!

    In the first episode, doesn't it show Meg grabbing some wrapping or whatever to bind up Jo's boobs with before the ugly little cook boy can see her? I'm sure she just doesn't want to share Jo's boobs with the rest of the world. And who can blame her.

    Haha. I downloaded it last night cause you guys wouldn't shut up about it, so now I'm watching an anime series. I hope you're happy. :p

  3. capz787 Jan 26, 2007

    The anime is great overall...the art, the fight scenes, the characters....the only problem is that the characters weren't developed well enough (except for Jo and Meg) and I also asked the same questions when I saw the ending...wonder what GONZo meant by that last episode...hmmmm....

  4. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could have gone without the spoiler drop off, pretty much don't have to watch it now.

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