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Kannazuki no Miko

Kannazuki no Miko tv Review

Two ordinary high school girls, Himeko and Chikane, discover they are in fact the reincarnations of the lunar and solar priestesses, destined to summon the Ame no Murakumo to fight the evil of the Orochi and its eight necks.
Along with this they must deal with Souma, one of the Orochi who struggles with his destiny and his feelings for Himeko.

By: fjskfhsdkflsd

Story & Characters

In case you don't know, Kannazuki no Miko is about two girls who are destined to summon the 'good' God in a good vs. evil, end of the world type thing. [By the way, as if you weren't already aware, I go into spoiling details]

In a way, its unoriginal to say "lunar" and "solar" priestesses. I mean, thats like "yin and yang" and other cliched opposites. However with the way this was done, I didn't think about that much. I did find it a little strange to combine big mechas with ancient prophecy and romance... but in a good way, that it was original.

What I think really shines about the story though, is what happens between Himeko & Chikane. The very end was a little rushed, when they finally get together, but I feel like it was done by someone who knows what it's like to be in a girl-girl relationship, or love another girl anyway. For example the way Chikane reacts to Himeko going on dates with Oogami-kun. How she wants to support Himeko completely, even though its tearing her up inside.

For awhile I would think, why the heck is wonderful Chikane-chan attracted to Himeko??? But when Chikane talked about it, I reminisced about a love I've experienced and instantly understood why. Although, in my real life situation I would be Himeko.

I found it realistic when Chikane decides to sacrifice herself, and make Himeko hate her to do so because of what happened the last time Orochi rose.

That's realistic to me because I have someone in my life, who would do the same.

Rating: 7



I am impressed when an anime artist (or a group of artists) can draw people and robots well. Some of the Orochi mechas look a lot like Gundams sometimes but is that really avoidable? I mean, Gundam is one of the early works like that. Besides, there are a couple that don't look like other giant robots I've ever seen.

Actually, the art is part of what got me so excited to watch this series. There's a picture where Chikane is holding Himeko from behind and they're both scantily clad. When I saw that picture I just gaped over how gorgeous the blue used for Chikane's eyes and hair is...

I also found their uniforms very nice. No sailor suits for these girls! Plus cool boots that remind me of RPG elves.

As for artwork failures.... I suppose a few of the mechas look kind of ugly or impractical, for example Akeni(?)'s -the purple one- with its strange tentacle things... that seem to snap and break off so easily.

Sometimes their bodies are drawn strangely. Like, in one shot Chikane-chan's breasts look way bigger than I'd previously seen. And Oogami-kun's chest is muscular in some scenes and early pubescent in others. It's not really a problem, just of note.

Rating: 9


Hmm... I haven't listened to the OST, so this part of the review may be lacking.

I found the intro song a little strange, like, unsuited for my taste. It's a nice song, I just thought that a fast-paced intro wasn't right for this series. Though, after a few episodes i came to look forward to the intro.

I liked all the music however, from the gentle twinkling sounds of when Himeko is talking about the village (beginning of first episode) and soft music used to accompany Chikane-chan, to the fast ending.

Okay, so I can't say much for the songs, but anime voices are a big deal to me. Himeko's voice, is not particularly pleasing to my ears but it fits her character without sounding annoying, which is very good - many anime ditzy girls have very high pitched irritating voices. I love Chikane so maybe it's biased, but her voice is perfect to me. It's deep as befits a kind, humble, noble-birth character but it's not so deep as to sound old.

Oogami's voice is just standard to me. Mako's voice actress sounds like a fun tomboyish character. And I liked all the Orochi voices, like the catgirl one... "nya~ "

Oh, the Orochi himself's voice was bad in my opinion -_-; the warped deep supposedly evil... it passes for it's purpose but still just sounds kinda weird.

Rating: 8



Well, I had some problems with how long Himeko is with Oogami. I mean, you -know- Himeko is going to get with Chikane-chan but what the heck, WHEN???

I would have liked for them to have a longer, happier relationship.

The story was kind of predictable for a little while and then I got thrown completely off, which, is good. There wasn't much humor, but it isn't a comedy. Fairly original, but I found it very enjoyable to watch - then again, I like shoujo-ai.

Non shoujo-ai fans most likely wouldn't like this (case in point: my brother) so that may hurt its overall appeal (but if you're not a shoujo-ai fan why watch this at all?)

The characters are all good, with some development. I suppose there could be more development on maybe the Orochi, or Chikane's background, but the series IS only 12 episodes long. I was satisfied with the development, anyway.

Again, the very end was a little rushed.

A 7 on presentation feel's a little low, I might give a 7.5 but either way I would recommend this to Shoujo-Ai fans.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by gelatinous, Aug 03, 2005


  1. coldblood Aug 03, 2005

    Well your right about the graphics being great and I really love the mechas... However the Yuri content is abit extreme which I do not like much.

  2. SMPKKIT Aug 04, 2005

    haha,it quite gd

  3. vampyre Aug 04, 2005

    i really love this anime. except, some robot that not cool much ^^" marr......wanna right the review of this anime but i'm not great about eng language >_< glad that u did ^w^

  4. Devildude Sep 25, 2005

    is there anyone who ever read one of kaishaku's earlier comics called Midnight Cross Trio ( rough translation from Chinese version, it is basically the entire background story for kannaduki approximately 6 years ago before it was ever in the drawing board, the story for it is totally the same, basically all the characters you see in kannaduki would appear ( with few or little difference in hairstyle or clothing.) i like kanaduki like everybody else, the story is cliche but entertainning, on average, it is good art, with a little mistake here and there and a great music ost, i like that lots and simply because Kotoko is singing the opening and closing

  5. akika Nov 02, 2005

    I quite agree with pretty much everything you've commented on. The art is quite good and sound is alright too, but story wise it was a bit of a let down...I think the yuri got to me or something...I even stopped watching it for a few months half way through it because I got a bit sick of it...but eventually managed to finish it ^^;
    I actually really didn't like the cat orochi..her voice really annoyed me...>_<
    but overall it was still ok to watch~

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