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Resident Evil 1 tv Review

Story & Characters

This review is for Resident Evil 4.
As a true Resident Evil fan and an old-time gamer, I expected more from Capcom. But as it turned out, this was the biggest flop in the Resident Evil saga since Outbreak.
Where to start? First and most important of all is the fact that this is NOT a true Resident Evil game despite the veil which has been vested upon it to deceive the gamer. Nor is it a survival horror, it is an action/shooter type. RE4 utterly violates the Resident Evil saga.
The plot of the game is as follows: Leon Kennedy travels to a village in Europe(in Spain) to rescue the President's daughter who was kidnapped by this cult striving for world domination. The main mission of the game is to rescue the president's daughter, so everything revolves around this prime objective, making the game boring. A good title for this game could've been "The President's Daughter" or "The Cult: The story of a guy named Leon who travels to a village to rescue the President's Daughter but has nothing to do with Resident Evil."
It lacks the KEY elements of Resident Evil: zombies creatures(T-virus, G-virus) and Umbrella! There are zombie-like creatures in this game but they are being controlled by a cult. Yes, I know what you're thinking, what does this have to do with Resident Evil? Well, absolutely nothing. Sound like Resident Evil? The story is only half decent if it stands by itself. It mediocre, simple, and boring. This just-released RE4 adds very little, if anything at all, to the story.

Gameplay: You can now buy weapons from a mystical, hooded creature with a deformed face, red eyes, claws and a weird sense of humor, who sets up shop everywhere you go and who happens to own every weapon necessary to progress through the game. He also sets up a shooting range for target practice that is so comical it completely throws out the window the supposed, illusionary fear factor of the game. Of course, you'll need money to purchase and upgrade firearms, surely enough you can find money scattered throughout the land and by killing villagers and other creatures. The main problem with gameplay is the fact that you are LED by the hand throughout the entire game. Long gone are the days where you scanned through a room or area searching for items, this game tells you when to press the A button for items or to jump, duck, etc. You are able to make decisions during cut scenes by frantically smashing the A button, or A+B or L+R...Oh how challenging!
The puzzles few, almost absent from this game and as simple as the come. What happened to the old puzzles that made you think for a while? The game even helps you out when you are to insert a key item into a hole; with key items such as emblems and recessions in the wall with the same shape, because it would be a shame not to be able to figure out where it goes. The menu even opens up automatically and points you to the item you are to use. I think the unlockable "Mercenaries" scenario is by far the best thing about this game simply because it's intense and exciting and, of course, a feature created and made famous by previous Resident Evil games. This is, IMO, the most entertaining part of the game(it's not a compliment). It's sad really, if I want to shoot the crap out of monsters, I'd play the mercenaries game--not the main scenario--as it would be rather pointless and would revel nothing new about the plot. The bosses are very easy as you are given the opportunity to purchase a rocket launcher at any point in the game; again, mediocre. Even using upgradable weapons proves to be easy. Heck, I defeated the final boss with my trusty shotgun!

Rating: 1


Graphics: This is an important element in games at this point in video game history, specially since RE4 was released for the Nintendo Gamecube system. The graphics are not as good as you'd might expect. Resident Evil for GC and Resident Evil 0 have better graphics than this game. Of course RE4 has 3-D enviornments as opposed to classic RE's but that is certainly no excuse for mediocrity . I would've sacrificed graphics for having a good Resident Evil game, but RE4 can't even deliver the former, much less a decent game. The camera now navigates with you, however I feel that the fixed camera is much better and much more challenging than a 360 degree camera. It is a key element of Resident Evil; a trademark of the series if you must. The graphics in this game are very, very dissapointing as the GameCube is a relatively powerful system capable of producing much more.

Rating: 3


Music: The music is decent but not memorable as it is very repetitive that after 2 or 3 stages it gets old. Instead of having a great soundtrack playing throughtout the game accentuated by a few crucial moments of silence as in previous games(i.e. RE2, RE3, RE:CVX), music in RE4 is played whenever enemies are present so the gamer knows exactly when to expect enemies. As soon as the enemies in that 10 ft. radius from where you are standing are eliminated, the music stops; so the gamer now knows he is out of danger. The music is decent but forgettable unlike other Resident Evils. Sound effects are almost ridiculous at times and the constant screaming and taunting of the Ganados(the "new" zombies that are not really zombies) takes away the scare factor of the game. Oh because there's nothing scarier than a moron hissing at you. Who is responsible for the sound in this game? Poor voice acting is also a major distraction. The characters voices sound as if they were read from a script without emotions. Out of all the voice actors, Carolyn Lawrence, playing Ashley, was the best, in my opinion, as she sounded believable and like she actually knew what she was doing. Ada Wong's VA was decent, however, all others fell short.

Rating: 3


This game took a complete 180 degree turn and many of the the new elements are creative but THEY DO NOT STAY LOYAL TO "RESIDENT EVIL". Story-wise it falls flat in comparison with previous Resident Evil titles. I think this is the major flaw of the game, that it should not have been called Resident Evil 4 because of its separation from the parameters set by the series. Under a different title this game could have been more suitable for release, unfortunately, it won't enjoy much success for a long time.
This game reminds me of every other action game out there, it's a carbon copy of Doom. It also borrows many elements from Resident Evil:Dead Aim. What's worse of all is that the game ending leaves the plot open to continuation, so we can probably expect to see more of this piece of MEDIOCRITY. This game is just another attempt to cash in on the big bucks by tricking people into believing this is a Resident Evil game. I don't believe it was originally intended to be a Resident Evil but with the name value that the series carries, it was a sure bet to market it as such. I was conned by capcom into buying this game under the promise that it would be a Resident Evil title. That, my friends, is called FRAUD.
Change might be good but only when it's for the best, unfortunately this is not the case with Resident Evil 4. If we were to rank all Resident Evil titles ever released from best to worst, RE4 would be at the bottom. Of course, people like to praise garbage-- just goes to show you.
I highly recommend you avoid this game if you are a Resident Evil gaming veteran.

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

2.3333 (very poor)

Reviewed by rslgto, Aug 01, 2005


  1. Manudkno Aug 01, 2005

    :\ Im a big fan of the game sooo I have nothing to say good luck ^_^'

  2. dacon2000 Aug 01, 2005

    i hate to say it pal but you are wrong. And the game has already been nominated for game of the year

  3. rslgto Aug 01, 2005

    your point being? they don't mean anything unless you're into the whole mainstream BS.
    To each his own, I just don't have a taste for mediocrity.

  4. link212112 Aug 04, 2005

    dude are you playing the same game as me. Come on you are ridiculous.

  5. rslgto Aug 04, 2005

    quote from: link212112:
    dude are you playing the same game as me. Come on you are ridiculous.

    Worst Game of the Year Award: Resident Evil 4, ass.

  6. Grotstalk Aug 05, 2005

    IMHO the best of all Resident Evil series was Resident Evil 2. The most creepy. I don't like 3-rd part of thet game. To strong zombies. No time to fear.

  7. EvoIIICE9A Nov 13, 2005

    you have got to be kidding RE4 is fricking amazing Im glad of the changes Capcom done especially after Code Veronica the style was getting old. But your opinion is your own I guess

  8. Koutetsu Dec 04, 2005

    Hmm. Aside from F-Zero GX RE4 has probably the best graphics on GC. How can you say they are bad OR compare them to the mostly 2D environments of 0 and the remake of 1? There is hardly any slowdown in the game, and if they were any better the game would probably run like crap.

    And also explain to me this - How is this a carbon copy of Doom?

  9. sharingan87 Jun 12, 2007

    quote from rslgto:

    Worst Game of the Year Award: Resident Evil 4, ass.

    ....most biased reviewer of the year award: rslgto, dickhead.

  10. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    shouldn't this have been put in the game review? but I'm not really that much of a fan of resident evil games, they always seem to be distasteful to me. this review I rather like, because it's about how I would have rated it.

  11. back07 Jun 23, 2012

    Resident Evil 4 is good game, why you rated it worst ?

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