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Ninja Gaiden tv Review

Story & Characters

The story is straight-forward and simple, your main character is Ryu Hayabusa, a very deadly Ninja assassin. As Ryu, only a ninja-in-training at the game’s outset, you go off to the, get this, “Ninja Fortress� to train with your ‘chuck wielding buddy Murai. Following that you’re village is attacked and quite literally, all Hell breaks loose. I can’t say anything beyond that except that you’re in for action and surprises all the way to the game’s final curtain. And though it can be cliché and blandly delivered, it’s interesting enough to keep you going

In the beginning, it'll be just Ryu and his Dragon Sword, one's typical Ninja Blade, and a mysterious neverending supply of shurikens. By the time you're done, you'll be packing Nunchaku, Flails, Warhammers, Bows and even explosive Shurikens. There's something to deal with every enemy in the game here, and then some more. Before long, you'll be flinging around magic "Nimpo" techniques as well, and mixing up increasingly devestating combo moves that leave nothing standing.

The story may seem somewhat shallow, but it has a lot of development and works well considering the type of game. However this story does fit well into the game it makes you feel in touch with Ryu's emotions. It makes the gamer feel his pain almost making the gamer pissed at the Vigoor Empire.

Anyways pretty much he's on a path of vengeance cutting away at everything in his path even helping a few people on the way.

Rating: 7


These are the best graphics I have ever seen on the Xbox period. This has to be the best game graphically on ANY next generation console. The loading times are like nothing. It takes little or no time at all and your on the level. Also, there is never any freezing or slowdowns. Everything in the game is real crisp and clear. The graphics look like nothing I have seen before in my life. The beautiful graphics make me feel like I could just touch something in the game.

The cinematics are breathtaking. Kudos to "Team Ninja" for a job well done.

Rating: 10


This game sounds amazing!

The music is not Ninja Gaiden’s most impressive aspect, but it is certainly above average even in stereo or mono sound. The music just really is not that memorable, or even noticeable. Perhaps it is because you are too distracted by the gameplay and graphics to notice it. Ninja Gaiden also supports 5.1 Dolby Digital surround, which can make even average music and sound very impressive.

Unlike the soundtrack, the sound effects are nearly perfect, from the clash of swords to the sounds of footsteps moving every effect is there and every effect is done well. The American voice acting is not as good as the original Japanese, but the original Japanese is available. Like the camera and music, the voice acting may not be perfect, but it is still as good or even much better than most games available.

Rating: 7


There is no real humor in the game (Unless your a serial killer).This game is difficult but no matter how hard the levels got I would not stop.

What makes Ninja Gaiden such a great game is that you have to use actual strategy and tactics to beat the game. Sure, you can button-mash your way through the first couple of levels, but soon you will have to fight intelligently to survive. Not only that, but in order to get a good score on each level you will have to fight strategically. Button mashing may get you through the level, but you will not get a good score.

Ninja Gaiden’s difficultly can be frustrating, but it does not make the game impossible. If you are having a hard time succeeding, it is because your tactics need improvement, not because the game is being unfair. Also it must be noted button mashing can't be used to defeat any boss in the game especially the Greater Fiends. Ryu is by far the most powerful character in the game, but his power must be unleashed by a skilled player.

This game Changed my life and I hope it will change yours.

With no cheat I would advise gamers who cheat a lot not to go near this one.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by Kyrokushen, Jul 24, 2005


  1. toxictea23 Jul 24, 2005

    Written Beautifully, Kyrokushen^.^
    Very detailed and right to the point as well..^.^
    i will give you a 9/10 on this review my friend^.^

  2. ninjamike1234 Jul 26, 2005

    this game is so fu*kin hard but awsome at the same time!Thanks for the review.

  3. VsPeC Jul 27, 2005

    For people who think God of War was too short they should play this game. I can't wait until Ninja Gaidin Black comes out! Goku stick!

  4. Zachior Aug 10, 2005

    The gods have finally sent me a challenge... TO BAD IT wasn't HARD enough, muahahaha!!!! Crushed this baby in 3 days, I worked at gamestop and when people traded this in and they said it was to hard, I made sure everyone in the whole store knew just so this mistake didn't happen again, LOL. Aren't you glad to accually see a tough game for once people!? jeez! Whats the point of video games if no challenge is present? Yeah, super crazy ninja action games at there best right here people. 9.5/10

  5. BeyondGungrave Apr 13, 2006

    Man i would have given the game a perfect 10 i cant put it down!

  6. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice and solid review and it's quite true, the plot, cut scenes and battles are Epic ! Good job on the review.

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