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Naruto tv Review

Once, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konoha, the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Many brave ninjas lost their lives defending their home. Finally, the demon was sealed by the Fourth Hokage into the body of a human boy. Several years later, that boy, Naruto Uzumaki, struggles to gain the acceptance and acknowledgement of the villagers, many of whom still hate him because of the demon inside him. So, Naruto strives to become the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village, so that the villagers will acknowledge him. Along the way, he gains many new friends, and faces many life-threatening situations.

Synopsis: destati

Story & Characters

Naruto is a great anime that has been stretched for TOOOOOO Long…so if you like short series…this is not for you… But love Naruto …Anyway!!!!! The plot talks about this demon, [fox demon] that destroyed many people in a village and the village of course… then finally the demon was ??Defeated?? Well for some reason they had to seal it in the body of a new born…and Naruto…being the lucky and the unlucky one was given the job…Naruto is a very…Mmm…how should I word this…lonely kid…the tries to fit in, in my opinion… The main characters are Sakura, and _________. Then there is this weird relationship thing about Naruto like Sakura, but Sakura like ________, but _________ doesn’t like any one…LOL…[yes…it isn’t funny…]
Personally I love the plot…and can find no problem in it…there anime is 80% laugh, 1%romance, 19% action…I think any one can find this anime a nice one to watch…
By the way…Naruto is about ninjas…yab…and really cool ninjas…funny ones, cool ones, and etc!!!! I swear after you watch this you will wish to be part of it…LOL…

Rating: 7


…When I watched the first episode with my brother here is our convosation:

Bro:…is this anime????
Me:…you think?!
Bro:…but I thought all animes have pointy noses…
Me:…Well you though wrong…

I guess it always takes a pretty no-anime-knowledge-person to point out the finest things…I admit I had NEVER realized that…

The fighting scenes are breathtaking!! And blow your socks.. A-W-A-Y!!

The art…for all the characters are nice…very nice…I love there hair and EVERY PIXELLE of them…The characters eyes are nice, and VERY characters have their own style…ex. Naurto is really careless, Sakura is out going, and _________ is 100% cool!!!!!!!

Rating: 9


…Since this anime is a diversion between action and laughs. The sound really have to be GOOD on the fighting parts…
And they SOOOOOOOO are…so detailed…you can even hear a feather in the wind…[joking]. But you get my point. The funniest part about this anime is that Naruto has this diarrhea problem...LOL…sooooo funny and soooooo amusing…so in the parts when Naruto has this PROBLEM of his the sounds are really amusing and the art pares up with it…

it's hard to explain...just watch it...

I didn't watch all the epsisodes, only 4, but the movie was a blast…can’t get anything to compete with it…[sign] man what a great movie…I actually bought it…

Rating: 8


…Mmmm…if after all my sweat and tears you are not at the store buying the anime…[curse you]!!!!

This anime will make anyone who crack at fart jokes ROFL…yab yab…and that is a 1000000% chance likely…if no…you I’ll make you an chocolate ice-cream sundae!!!!!! Mmmmm… But if you like dirty jokes…or no jokes at all…this is soooooo not the series for you…

Also Naruto is really simple and easy to understand, if animes like Inuyasha is university level, then Naruto has got to be kindergarten…or less…

Though simple Naruto is FILLED with originality…and I mean TONS OF IT!!!!!!! I think this is the only anime with ninjas…really cool…

I loved this anime…though I haven’t seem many episodes of it…I read 6 mangas, and was REALLY pleased…[which hardly ever happens…] Anyways, I think this is a great anime for you to watch over the holidays, and it doesn’t really very for ages groups…EVERYONE likes it!!!! And it doesn’t matter the gender either, me and my bro likes it all the same. Just that we have different favourite. Characters, but what da heck, grab this on you next trip to the mall, you won’t EVER regret it!!!!!!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by sukie, Jul 22, 2005


  1. toxictea23 Jul 22, 2005

    Sukie, when writing a review for an anime, please remember to make it more detailed, and less, thrown across the place. When i read this, It didn't give me a good impression of Naruto. Although the anime is good, the review wasn't quite as i expected . Try spending more time on them^.^

  2. tareren Jul 23, 2005

    Uh, I agree with toxictea, the review is too dis-organised, it is thrown all over the place.. and your tone is a bit too informal..Your story part is supposed to be a general idea of the whole story, not detailed part of the episodes and all, another thing, you have only watched 4 episodes out of all the 140++ ?? I dont think you should be doing review for this one then, since there are soooo many episodes that you havent watched...

  3. madcrow Jul 25, 2005

    I rather like the informal tone of the review. It gives a sort of warmth to it...

    I've seen about 60 or so eps myself and I've got to say, my view of the show doesn't go down that much over that length. It may become yet another DBZ-style fightfest, but I like the believable world it's set in. All and all, I would agree with the 7/10 rating.

  4. lunacrystal Jul 25, 2005

    i think you should watch more episodes of naruto! ( ive watched all of them) and you should have shown sasukes name.( even though i have sasuke)

  5. Liz Jul 25, 2005

    Quote by toxictea23Sukie, when writing a review for an anime, please remember to make it
    more detailed, and less, thrown across the place. When i read this, It
    didn't give me a good impression of Naruto. Although the anime is good,
    the review wasn't quite as i expected . Try spending more time on

    I have to agree with Toxictea23 there was not a lot of details in your review it was still good though

  6. VsPeC Jul 27, 2005

    I just can't wait for Movie 2 to come out!

  7. KyoFan368 Jul 27, 2005

    I agree with the others on this one I love the manga and anime. This was not all that good you left out sasuke. You mainly made this for thoughs who have already read the manga or watched teh anime when the reason that these are here are to inform thoughs who have not read the manga or watched the anime. Other than that it wasn't too bad.

  8. Sharingan98042 Jul 30, 2005

    wow how very very uninformative and completely wrong. What about Naruto's struggle with the Kyuubi inside? What About Sasuke? What about other cast members like the 3rd hokage and Orochimaru? What about Mizuki sensei telling naruto to take the sacred scroll?

    you have a lot of plot holes in this.

  9. DevilKing Sep 01, 2005

    the review was a bit confusing but understandable...i also agree with sukie that the anime is long and lagging.

  10. padddy Oct 21, 2005

    confusing, but i know what naruto is about, so i understand it ^^

    Great writing. 8/10

    greez padddy

  11. natrinuretic Oct 24, 2005

    I think your fangirl-ish side invaded more of your review. You did state a detail (that I've never taken notice of) about Kishimoto's art that he don't usually draw people with pointed noses unlike other artists do. But the _____ things in your review makes it somewhat biased. Sasuke's name should appear there.

    About the '80% laugh, 1% romance and 19% action', I won't totally agree to that. If you watch more of Naruto, you'll encounter so many fighting scenes. And yes, the romantic part is small, but I think 1% is comparatively so small. I think 8-10% should do.

    I also agree that Naruto is long. It reached to almost 200+ manga volumes and 100+ anime episodes(still ongoing). But still, it doesn't exceed the Dragonball which has 500 episodes. Also, I think many won't appreciate it if it's short, since Naruto is an entertaining anime and we'll miss it if its already gone that early.

    In conclusion...

    I really enjoyed reading your review, even though it doesn't point out the details. I really like Naruto and I wanted to know how other people actually feel about it. I'm happy you like it too. :D

  12. bennn Nov 17, 2005

    naruto is one of the best anime produced, nice review

  13. vatican92 Dec 27, 2005

    I think this is a nice review.
    I've never seen Naruto but my friend loves it.
    Personally seems kinda boring but I'll watch it someday.
    I agree there are too~~~ many episodes

  14. shoimi Jan 13, 2006

    now this is what i call a good show.

  15. sin-shenlong Jan 16, 2006

    Oh that explains it, Cuz i was wondering how your review was that off base, then u said u watch 4 episodes so i understand why. Naruto is an excellant anime and believe me it gets waaaaaaaaaay deeper, in terms of characters, and fight scenes. It has quickly become one of my favourite animes, and the thing that gets me the most about it is that they are only kids....... and the situations they are faced with are soooooo mature. Anyway this anime is CLASS, nuff said

  16. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  17. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could use more details and less spam, but not bad on the review.

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