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Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade tv Review

8 volume manga (1998-2004), Daisuke Moriyama
24 TV episodes, Gonzo (2004)

Brooklyn, 1924. The prosperity of the decade has summoned the darker forces of nature to rise from their sleep and back to the surface of the world. The Order of Magdala, a religious military organization, has developed special weaponry and trained forces of nuns and priests to battle this evil. Follow Rosette Christopher, a young rambunctious exorcist, and her partner Chrno, a hornless demon, as they wade through hordes of monsters and demons, fighting evil and risking life and limb. Not to mention excessive damage to real estate.

Story & Characters

Chrno Crusade starts off in New York in the 1920's. A 16-year old nun named Rosette Christopher of the Magdalan Order (a Catholic militaristic convent that specialises in fighting against demons) and her demon assistant and best friend, Chrno are sent to a mission where they are to 'retrieve' Azmaria Hendric, a young girl with special powers that are only given to but few in the world. Rosette, who has become an exorcist in order to find her younger brother Joshua, who was kidnapped by Chrno’s former ally Aion four years before, fights through many missions and battles. They learn later that Aion, a very ambitious demon has long wanted to ‘replace’ God himself and change the world for himself. However, in order to achieve this, he needs a special person, the “holy maiden� who bears the markings of Jesus Christ and is blessed with some divine powers. With the ever growing threat to the world and the continuous battle against the demons that support Aion’s plans, Rosette and Chrno, along with Azmaria and Satella, a ‘jewel summoned’ who has personal matters against Aion, are prepared to stop this menace whatever the cost…

The story line of Chrno Crusade is very original and unique. I have not read the comics; so unfortunately, I cannot make comparisons between the comics and the anime. However, it is nevertheless very enjoyable and refreshing. There are a couple of downsides to it that there is so much in the story to come in terms such as the Pandemonium that you sometimes get confused in the mist of everything. Personally, I thought the story was brilliant, but the last few scenes were not very up to scratch or a little disappointing. Perhaps this is because I did not fully understand the ending, but I also felt that there should have been more at the ending.

Rating: 8


Art is fabulous. Characters are very well-drawn. Each character is designed to suit their personalities perfectly and demons are also depicted in very unique forms of various looks and sizes. ^^

The settings are also well drawn and portrays the time frame (1920‘s America) quite well. Brilliant uses of colours and shading are used effectively and I can’t really complain about the art.

There are scenes such as the church (looking from the top), unsealing of Rosette’s watch and many of the scenic settings are beautifully drawn. These are absolutely gorgeous and splendid, and I feel that there should have been more of that.

Rating: 9


“Tsubasa was Pleasure Line� by Kuribayashi Minami, the opening song, is cheerful and upbeat in tone, which I personally think links quite well to Rosette’s upbeat personality. It’s one of the best anime songs I’ve ever heard in my life (in fact, it is my favourite).

The ending theme, “Sayonara Solitaire� on the contrary is soft and mellow, and I think this one relates well with the ending mood and the serious underlying troubles present in the anime.

The music sung by Azmaria are beautifully sung (by whom I do not know) and really fits well with the Christianity theme of the anime.

Sound effects are awesome, and make the scenes of serious battles in particular, overwhelming.

Rating: 8


Chrno Crusade is a full-on anime that is beautifully presented. Although it is a pity that there are bits that may be a little confusing due to its complexity in the story line, it is original and highly enjoyable. In simple words, it’s awesome when it comes to passing time or just for something fun to watch.

The humour throughout the anime, although it gets a lot more seriously gradually, adds to the enjoyment of the viewers. The comedy sometimes, is the best part about this anime. It has a good balance between comedy and solemnity, and is just enjoyable to watch throughout the episodes.

I think this is one of those anime that make you think a little. With all the talk of Christianity and revolution, you really have to wonder whether religion is all that necessary. This anime is in a way, about a battle between two religions – Christianity and beliefs of demons. For example, Aion talks of Gods never saying or giving answers to anything and I have to admit that this is true.

Really enjoyable anime to watch anytime and it is probably one of the most revolutionary anime, which tackles Christianity through the demons. The story as said before is very original and refreshing. I’d recommend this to 12+ audience as it is quite complex and includes a little romance and some violence. Personally, it’s the best I’ve watched and hope that you guys like it too.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by euna, Jul 19, 2005


  1. Zeliard Jul 19, 2005

    It has a very sad and tragic ending.

  2. crsg Jul 19, 2005

    Yeah I enjoyed this anime quite a bit, even with the ending. Nice review.

  3. Aa-chan Jul 20, 2005

    A full and detailed review. I had never read anything about the anime before, but the review has intruiged me ^^ .

  4. Riri-chan Jul 20, 2005

    Great review on Chrno Crusade. You basically almost tackled everything. It's pretty good and very interesting. Their sounds are amazing. I LOVE THE ending song!! And I totally agree with you on Azmaria since I am a christian. ^^

  5. Sunnyd29 Jul 20, 2005

    Its awesome!! I like the storyline and the action scenes, especially when Chrono changes back to his old self and fights his old enemy from hell. That was awesome. I think it is a great anime. But, I disagree with your minimum age rating. I think it should be 15+ audience. There is some languagae and mild nudity in it (I think it was in episode 5 or 6 when Azmaria got infested with the dark spirit in the training room). Still, It is a great anime to watch. I think its extremely exciting.

  6. SebastianvonKane Jul 22, 2005

    From my own point of view, you're worshipping it a lot.
    As the 99% of all animes I've watched (and there's been a lot of animes), I didn't liked at all, but as you said, it's quite original.
    That's it, but I don't like it at all, and the art semmed so usual for me.

  7. sophity Aug 20, 2005

    The anime is cool, but the ending y so sad :'(

  8. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    nice review, the ending was so sad, but I rather like those sort of endings. I wouldn't give it quite that high of a rating, although the artwork and music was outstanding.

  10. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Not a bad simple review, good job.

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