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Basilisk tv Review

Kouga and Iga are two feuding ninja clans who attempt to make peace through an arranged marriage of their respective heirs. However, the peace plans fall apart when the rightful heir is disputed, leaving both clans to have internal battles between their ten greatest ninja; the last man standing would be declared as the rightful heir. As the attempt to make peace was destroyed, the two clans inevitably declared war even though no one was aware of why they should fight each other.
As each of the ten ninja from each clan falls destiny will eventually bring together or tear apart Gennosuke and Oboro, the original heirs to the Kouga and Iga clans.

Based on a synopsis written by staffic.

Story & Characters

If I have to classify this anime, I would say that it is a shonen anime, which shinobi fans would love to see.However, romance plays a great role in this anime too... it all start off with a shinobi showdown in Tokugawa Ieyasu's Castle.
Two great ninjas from rival clans, namely Manji Daini (Kouga) and Tsubagakure (Iga) were asked to display their skills to the owner of the castle. Yashamaru (Iga) and Kazamachi Shougen were giving their all in attempt to kill each other. Little they know that this showdown will be the beginning of an even greater war between Kouga and Iga.
In the past, due to the love between Kouga Danjo and Iga Ogen, peace between the two clans were almost reached with their marriage. However, a sudden attack on Iga caused all of Kouga forces to seize their chance in scoring a surprise attack on Iga as well, destroying every little bit of trust that Ogen had towards Danjo.
Now that the peace agreement is finally broken, both sides are required to kill ten ninjas from each village, whose names are written in the scrolls. Will the sad love be repeated again by their grandchildren Gennosuke (Kouga) and Oboro (Iga)? Or will their love help to finally bring peace and end the 400-year conflict between Kouga and Iga?

Rating: 7


I have to say that the art in this anime is good. The originality of illustration is shown in the unique style that each character has. Other than that, the fighting scene is also done well, though the night scene is still a bit too dark (oh well..) Background scene is also nicely done, with good details in some part.. No comment about background characters though, as there are not really any background charas in the anime, most of them are fighting scenes...
Lots of details are shown in the characters' expression, which is good cause you can really feel the tension in the anime (uh, except for those charas that just have like fierce kind of face.. if you know what I mean)..One thing that I don't really like in the drawing is how they draw the character's eyes....

Rating: 7


Well, I must say I cannot really highlight the opening or ending song, they did not impress me much.. The background music is good though.. It really suits the dark and tense mood of the anime (and sometimes eerie..)
As for the seiyuus, I must say that they did a great job.. We can hear in the voices a character's evil intention, or how they treat the person they are talking to, or their current mood and stuff like that. The tone in the voices changed greatly when the characters are facing the enemy compared to when they are talking to their allies.

Rating: 7


I must say that this anime started out great. The twisted rivalry plot is one of the strong point of Basilisk. In each and every episode in the anime you will feel the curiosity and the tension in between the two sides. When it seems that one side finally has the upper hand, the other side will unexpectedly get back at them and gain the upper hand instead.. this goes on and on.. I really enjoy watching the first few episodes..
However, after watching 8 episodes of Basilisk, I started to feel tired of how victory is not ensured to either hand, and how it seems to be toss to and fro between the two sides (it is intriguing at first, but after few episodes you are jusy bored and tired of the constant tossing of victory) Oh well, this anime is currently in its 10th episode, so there may still be some twisting of plot or other interesting ideas to come..
No character development here, an episode only span one day in Basilisk's time.. And nor there is any humor.. really a serious fighting anime, all the characters think about is to kill their rivals..
I do recommend this strongly to those who loves ninjas, fights, and lots of bloods and original ninja killing techniques :D rating should be 14++ due to the gory scenes and lotsa violence..

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by tareren, Jul 15, 2005


  1. overweight-cat Jul 16, 2005

    what is this?~

  2. ayane-heine Jul 16, 2005

    nice review there... :D thanx for it.. ^^
    but the show has lots gory scenes and lotsa violence..
    aww~~ >.<

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2005

    lol... it sounds interesting still (the themes) but as you said towards the end about the lack of variation, that just makes me think of flashbacks (I have flashbacks)... ah... the repetitivity >_> It's well reviewed :)

  4. Akaiken Jul 16, 2005

    Hmm... nice description on this one...

    But unfortunately, I haven't seen this one, hehehe!

  5. kawaiiguy Jul 17, 2005

    Nice review, you describe the series very well. However, from the way it sounds, I might have to pass on this one. Keep up the good work!

  6. Kikio Jul 18, 2005

    I'm liking it so far! I know lots who have passed this anime by. Though thats ok, tons of other anime out there to like. I'm staying with Basilisk, the sceans are awesome!

  7. AngelXXX Jul 19, 2005

    Quote by AkaikenHmm... nice description on this one...

    But unfortunately, I haven't seen this one, hehehe!

    Me 2!(Trying my best to catch up since i have been gone)

  8. andRox Jul 20, 2005

    I haven't heard of this anime before, but thanks for the review =)

  9. Kidder Jul 20, 2005

    I've seen the first ep of this anime. Reminds me of Ninja Scroll in terms of the action and the monster-like shinobi characters. Unfortunately I could only find spanish subs so I had to guess most of the storyline... T_T

  10. Lodigo Jul 21, 2005

    Quote by overweight-catwhat is this?~

    This is a nice review of Tareren
    only i didnt saw this anime yet -_-"

  11. VsPeC Jul 27, 2005

    Quote by MrSixkiller89

    Quote by overweight-catwhat is this?~

    This is a nice review of Tareren
    only i didnt saw this anime yet -_-"

    You gotta see the Anime, it was recently dropped by many groups but [Okoi^Sugoi] is continuing it. If you liked Ninja Scroll you'll like Basilisk

  12. NeoGhost Sep 26, 2005

    Thx for the nice and accurate review of the anime. I would like to mention that the anime is base on the manga. So they are the same thing, only the manga gets the story moving a lot faster.

  13. dngo86 Nov 13, 2005

    I really like this anime. I do agree with you on the opening and ending songs. I feel that it doesn't fit the anime too well. Overall, I think this is a grade B anime to me that's if you're a ninja fanatic.

  14. punixer Restricted Member Feb 14, 2006

    I´m really disliked with this mark, everybody should say how good it is not only one person.

    Everything u say is good for the anime except the op and ending which you wont highlight.

    The plot is really good for an anime of 26 chaps. u cant expect more.

    Perhaps i got a bit late in here to answer but, i started watching basilisk from ep 3 and i dont agree of being boring in 8th chap.
    There are a lot of new things like art, characters, sound, or the plot.

    For me is one of the best ninja anime ever done.

    And i saw many, i know what i say.

    And u give a 9,5 to black cat or 10 to one piece...
    u should think before posting

    I just want to know why only average.

    I'm not tryign to annoy you, but i feel like i had to say it. Anyway, sorry if i have bothered you.

  15. steffic Jun 03, 2006

    it's maybe veryy late to reply this, but yes, basilisk is indeed one of the best that i've watched ^^ the op n ending song is really nice *according to me n thousands others* and i basically think that your review should be more objective..

    in fact, there are many funny bits of this anime, esp the ending part where the Iga ninjas saw Ogen doing her hair to meet Danjo =)

    despite all the violent scenes-what can anybody expect from a ninja anime? Tenzen planting flowers?- hehe, i think both fo the clan shows their most human side.. except for Tenzen ofcourse..

    I'm not a ninja anime fan, and usually i luv Air and Trinity Blood, but Basilisk is certainly exceptional! i think anyone should give it a try ^^


  16. Sabbathiel Jun 21, 2007

    I haven't watch this piece yet.. and now my feelings are dizzy.. this reviem makes me thinkin' it isn't worth of searching for this to much... but I see here some good comments for the sake of this anime...
    I'm confused and I must think it over again... should I watch it or.. don't mind :)
    All depends of taste we say... ehh

  17. racpatrice Jan 10, 2008

    i saw this series and i thought it was really good. I give it an 8/10 overall...the story line, the action and the graphics were CRAZY...i have to disagree with ur comment about the drawing of their eyes though (aside from the normal fierce looking guys) they were really well done...it was alittle difficult to keep track of the names at first but it gets easier by the 6th episode...lol

  18. Lohitaksh Nov 21, 2008

    well i just saw this anime in a song and thousht it to b gr8 but looked a bit old
    but the reviews sound interesting and might see it

  19. golduxo Feb 23, 2009

    this anime is awsome.. the story, the fights, the sound... everything... everything is great

  20. HyDral1sk Mar 23, 2009

    Im sorry, but your score doesnt match your descriptions and i dont agree with this anime being a 6.67, o well everybody have a different taste i guess but for me

    Story: 8
    nothing special here as it reminds me a bit about romeo and juli.... wait never mind its nothing like RnJ

    Art: 10
    absolutely beautiful art, the scenes are very clean and detailed. Character design is beautiful and in my opinion the drawing of the eyes is very good . Notice how the look on their faces change as soon as the see an enemy.

    Sound: 9
    Background music fits very well and i like the opening and closing

    Presentation: 10
    Back to the story, it is quite dull but how they presented it. The story doesn't suck like i expected it to. Basilisk has got its own unique ways of story telling which make this anime the more exciting to watch

    Final Verdict: 9.25
    If you're having second thoughts about this anime, go watch it it's an excellent anime and im sure it won't waste your time. Peace

  21. BaranoHime Jul 24, 2010

    basilisk is great......I watched it few times......I think that rating fot this anime should be 16+........manga contains much more gore,nudity and violence......^_^

  22. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    historical, nice anime!

  23. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    I discovered this while watching tv when things still played on starz, well at least anime. it's one of those anime that is strong and to the point with a heavy emphasis on many aspects. be warned when watching, it's got some pretty deep parts to it.

  24. Painter Nov 18, 2013

    Basilisk's one of my favorite animes because of many reasons. In some of them I'm agree with review author's opinion, but there're still smth I'd like to add. For example, I liked that not only main characters' story is showed fully, but also other characters' stories too. And I think that they made really charismatic characters.
    I enjoyed reading the review and must say that it's quite neutral :)

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