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My-HiME tv Review

Mai Tokiha is just an ordinary high school student struggling to balance the trials of school with the tribulations of love. She is a recent transfer to Fuka Academy, a prestigious school where students have a significant deal of autonomy; apart from classes, taught by various lecturers, the students have a great deal of freedom, doing what they will under the aegis of the Student Council. However, strage occurrances recently have shown that things are not as they seem at Fuka. Why have creatures -- "Orphans" -- started appearing around the school, and what are HiMEs? What exactly is the secret of Fuka Academy?

Credits: shinsengumi

Story & Characters

Mai Hime is a kind of scatter-brained story. You start off thinking it'll be a harem- action - comedy (or at least ecchi style action comedy) type of anime. But as you progress through the story the story actually becomes a story and not a platform to show wet-tshirts and girls bouncing. I feel as if it almos started with some fan-service with the purpose of drawing in an audience, and then, once they got you, then put you in the middle of an interesting story. the story (and backstory) itself is interesting (and doesn't fully make sense until the end). I only wish that they would had kept going and making 2 seasons. and not in the sense of randomly adding stuff at the end, but taking more episodes to explain characters, feelings, and other things. But with the way that they did it, the ending episodes just come at you like a tornado and you are left with an almost awesome feeling in your eyes, stomach, and brain. it's not an intelegent anime, but at least it doesn't assume you have the memory of a 2-year old (and keep repeating what happened last episode) and doesn't assume all you're here for are girls, guns, and explosions (though all of that is included at some point).

Rating: 9


visually, i really appreciated the ammount of effort was spent on each character, scenery, and "summons" (i guess you would call them). the design is good, the colors are always used with good intent towards mood, and the presentation is not too blurred and not too glossed over. You can tell they are going for a fairly simple style, but at the same time they don't try too hard to make their characters memorable by adding a random hair style (random attanae on the main girls head) and stuff. Overall i just like this style of drawing, coloring, shading, and presenting. the overall sfx, though, didn't leave an impression.

Rating: 8


the voices were standard (nothing spectacular, but not disappointing either). the effects and music were not note-worthy but the op and ed. songs of course tried their best to grab your attention in the beginning and leave you wanting more in the end. the latter of the two happened more for me, but still they both did their jobs. overall sound is good but not the best i've heard. i think the fact that i dont necessarily remember the music can be good because it means that not only did the sound blend in, but the music didn't take away from the scenes. I felt what i needed to feel when i needed to feel it and it wasn't about how great the music was, but how music was a piece of the whole, which is how it should be in most cases.

Rating: 7


originality was good, but the fact that they didn't organize the flow of events as much as i would like, nor did they scatter it in a logical way, made me, at the end, have to sit down and re-assemble the pieces given to me at random times. the humor was used appropriately, playing off of other girl-action animes and such, but thankfully they didn't over-do the "whoops i touched your boob" type humor. it was only used sparingly in comparison to other animes. The story, sfx, art, and presentation of the anime was done well. The only complaint i would have, i guess, is that the scenes jump around a little too much for my liking. They cut the scenes fine, but in terms of flow of information, i prefer a more solid presentation of ideas. i think they tried to "cut" ideas into pieces and plant them randomly throughout, which just didn't work for me. The story, action, humor, and other pieces were fine, just that the flow of ideas didn't work for me. overall i enjoyed this anime and suggest it as a "must see" for anyone who likes naruto, full metal panic, or final fantasy (for story).

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by boojitsu, Jul 12, 2005


  1. Mabui Jul 13, 2005

    I agree with you on most aspects. But on the music? How can you not remember it? :P I think that's the best with the show. It's really original(well not anymore.. Tsubasa Chronicle has the same musician working, and it's scary how much that OST reminds me of the Mai-HiME ost). :/ And why would people watching Naruto like this? Naruto-viewers should stick to similar shows like Dragonball.. Mai-HiME is hundreds of million times better than Naruto. And it's not the same type of show either. Mai-HiME is a neutral, allmost shoujo-type of series. Naruto is pure Shounen.. to suggest Mai-HiME to someone who loves Naruto is like suggesting Cardcaptor Sakura to Pokémon-fans. :P Oh well, good review. ^^; Sorry for my rambling, lol.

  2. boojitsu Jul 14, 2005

    your rambling makes sense, but if i like both naruto and mai-hime. i was simply saing in terms of action style (though i didn't specify that's what i was talking about) mai hime and naruto have simlar action sequences. main character, fighting friends, other "ninjas" or "himes"... stuff like that... but yes ur right, in terms of other things like story and shonene vs shoujo, they are not anywhere close. and personally the music didn't stand out aside from the closing song. that might just be me, though.


  3. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2005

    i agree with most of what you said, but i'm gonna hafta agree with Mabui about the music. i loved the music for Mai HiME... most of it was very well placed (except for the HiME fight song in the last episode... but won't get into that...) imho, yuki kajiura did an excellent job on the ost... it's actually one of my favorite OSTs from an anime, second only to rurouni kenshin. but other than that, good review! :D

  4. boojitsu Jan 16, 2007

    the music was not quite as driving as I feel it could have been. there were a few selections that stood out, but the rest fell short in my book


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