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Resident Evil 1 tv Review

Story & Characters

The Whole story of RESIDENT EVIL ( resident Evil, RE Zero, RE 2, RE 3 Nemisis, RE Code Veronica, RE 4 +the remake of resident evil. I GOT THEM ALL) {AKA Biohazard}

Its about reaserch on boi organic weapons research that was found By DR Marcus. he found a virus from an ant the virus was called "Progenitor". He made made a proto type virus of the progenitor virus call the "T-Virus"(Tyrant Virus). He and Sir Spencer then made a company caall umbrella latere in years there was a conflict and Albert Wesker (RE 1) and Dr Birkin (RE2) killed him to take over his reasearch and some years later in the racoon forest Dr Marcus dead body came alive because of his work (im not spoiling it).

HE spred the T-Virus around and infectd the Mansion and some city folks.

THIS is How the story began and becouse of the spred of the virus (G Virus made by Dr W Birkin ) the rocoon city was destroyed and the goverment found out about umbrella and then Umberella was finished ..... 6 years later a viliage was controlled by a cult and that group re made the virus now and also kidnaped the presidents daugher (Thats how leon came in (<RE 2 police officer). Wesker found out about the new virus and had ADA WONG to retreive the sample.

There is a lot more to the whole series but im not giving it out here im making my own FAQ and more but its out later this year hopfully.Everything you need to know and more.

See http://www.residentevil.com for info and other intersting stuff

Rating: 9


The Art over the years have improved very well over the years that they have masterd it by far. I preffer the remake of resident evil on gamecube becoz the background came alive very nicly.
As for The last RE (RE 4) it was good but i think it could do a bit better but the technollogy was limited i think( i saw my game lag a bit at some parts not all the time???)

All the RE series except RE Code veronica and RE 4 was all pre-rendered backgroounds.

Making it look really good for the consols of PSX and NGC ,N64,SDC(sega dream cast) +Sage Saturn

Rating: 10


The sound in the game are very well done telling you where your enemy is even without seeing it. RE 4 has now an Pro logic setting for those who got a prologic amp (i wish i had one).

zombie in the remake sounded really cool and violent.
The Sound on weapons are really great i think they are very close to the real thing it also gives you a sense of relisim and feel to the power.

But when it did come to virous sound by the enemy the zombies didnt have a lot of diferent things to mon about also in RE 4 they said the same thing over and over again That was the only downfall of the sound in RE .

Rating: 9


The Series present itself well teling you what happedned before and why this character is here at this particular location.

I say they cant make us borred with these presentations.

The Presentation in the original game (first one) was done very well at the time it gave a sense of unease like whats gonna happen.

The RE 2 Presentation was a comlete change in looks i notivced a the cgi and though i was not a good change but i axcepted it since it made it look much better. it was nice and interesting for two characters to be played with at the same time event and they were together (not long).

RE Code veronica was a bit short but it gave that sense of acton and was very straight foward.

RE 3 that was ok but it showed S.T.A.R.S member Jill Valentine's despratsy to stpe Umbrella and the FMV showed the horror very well BUT i cant tell vry well how she got from the apartment to the wahere house that has one door and it was locked she didnt have that key....oh well.

RE 4 showvery strange because sudently Umbrella was shut down very quickly i though capcom tryed to rush that idia. It did a okey job but not the best (SORRY).;

RE Zero well it sounded like a documentry wit the sound of piano but showed how the people got infected the first time around. I Though that was pretty cool and it was nice and long with very good qaulity Video.

I like watching these when i play The resident Evil game i try to perfected them too.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by Ouji-San, Jul 11, 2005


  1. VsPeC Jul 27, 2005

    I have a different view on RE4 and I think capcom was very good at making a conversion from the typical RE series, because if RE4 came out to be just like "another RE" then it means nothing more than recycled material with better graphics. For any sequel or series to suceed in the long run it must evovle and I capcom did a very good job with RE4.

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member May 22, 2012

    shouldn't this be under game review and not tv review? there is a movie out now and a movie on the way, but not quite certain they are in the anime category. but resident evil games are tricky, you have to first enjoy shooting and rpg style and second you must enjoy zombies !

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Good review, simple but makes sense.

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