cagalli88's Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Tv Review

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de tv Review

Story & Characters

A girl's been transported to a different world where the 4 different GODS reside. Namely, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu and Seiryuu. Hm, have i seen this somewhere before..?

Anyways, Akane Motomiya is your normal high school girl on the way to school when she was summoned by a voice. In a trance, Akane, followed the voice that leads to the well. Forcefully, she has been sucked to the well, almost because lucky for her, her friends, Tenam and Shimon were there to pull her out. However try as they might, Akane, Tenma and Shimon are being pulled into a world unbeknowst to them. Unfortunately, they were separated. Fast forward please.....

After a series of "typical", 'i do not deserve this' and 'damsel in distress', Akane decided to be the "Priestess of the Dragon God in order to save the world from an unwanted race, the Oni's or Demons. The people of this world tells her that no one would save them from the threat . The demons were bent on dominating the world and the lead of the Oni, needed the power of the Priestess to help him. So, in order to save the world, Akane had to accept the role. But, as we all know, Akane sets out to find the rest of the Hachiyou (8 warriors) who are sworn to serve and PROTECT the priestess.

Fushigi Yuugi, anyone?

Rating: 6


What can i say about the art...it is pretty normal. Not breathtaking, not when people go "WOW!" Its just nice. Simple art but you have to give kudos to the sceneries. You have to fall in love with the cherry blossoms here. The pink is soft and the leaves are green (well duh~) It was beautifully painted, it looks painted, to me. Bishounen! Bishounen! Never fails to have WARIIORS with CUTE and HUNKY looks! Look out for Abe no Yasuaki and Tenma. Shimon is sweeeet, so is Inori! The rest are cute too, but i gotta highlight these 4.

Rating: 7


You just gotta looove the opening and ending song! The opening song is a feast! Sung by Seki Tomokazu, Miyata Kouki, Takahahashi Naozumi, seiyuus for Tenma, Shimon and Inori, they sang "Haruka, Kimi no Moto e". The ending song is neat and melodious. Sung by Asakawa Yuu, Kuwashima Houko, seiyuus for Sefuru and Ran. Its entitled "flowin' ~Ukigomo~" You'll just have to love them!

Oh yea, there is another song sung by ALL the Hachiyous, that's right, ALL. Even the unsung Ishida Akira. Its called "Harukanaru Toki wo Koete" SUPERB song, very soft, just right for a silent moment. Love Shimon's gentle and soooothing voice.

Rating: 8


Hm, originality...I am not sure about this becasue Fushigi Yuugi published the manga about this waaay before Harutoki. Furthermore, Yuu Watase spent alot of time researching on the Chinese Legend so maybe Harutoki lacked originality as it comes from a game- turned- anime. Being a fan of Fushigi Yuugi, i have alot to complain about this anime. But, as an anime fan, i watch many series of different perspectives and Harutoki has that 'other perspective' so it IS worth the watch.

However, it is enjoyable to watch because you can FEAST on the cuute guys and oggle at them. Be awed by their fighting skills and the dedication and sacrificed they made for their beloved Priestess. Did i ever tell ya that Akane fell in love with the Demon leader and ALL hachiyou? You have to watch this guys!

What about Humour? I have never seen one before because the series is pretty serious and deep. Yasuaki especially, he's voiced by my favourite seiyuu, Ishida Akira!! Sweet~ And do you know that Yasuaki can speak to mices? Lol, Eisen, voiced by Hoshi Souchirio who does Kira from Gundam Seed and Destiny, is pretty quiet here, almost girly-like. But...

...in the end, it is up to you guys to decide! Enjoy!

This is the review for Harutoki: Hachiyoushou, not the OVA

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.50 (above average)

Reviewed by cagalli88, Jul 08, 2005


  1. Spirit0 Sep 17, 2005

    A friend and I chose to watch this simply because when we read the summary, we said 'Ohmigosh, it's a total rip off of Fushigi Yuugi!' But then I watched it, and I don' t know, it WAS like FY, but for some reason, I really like it. It's all pretty, and yes, the theme songs are awesome (I can't stop listening to them!!). Hm... Tenma reminds me of Kyo from Fruits Basket, but hey, he's still ever so sexy. I agree with you. Overall, I find this to be a fun anime...

  2. blusirius Oct 27, 2005

    I cannot believe you graded it as C- :((! "sighs" I know Harutoki is not "up" there, but C-? I guess anime is in the eye of the beholder. ^^As for me, I'm very, very, VERY much in love with this anime. I love all the songs. I love all the seiyuus. I love the whole story. I love the art. I love...I just love everything about it for some reason. Oh, there's another song wherein all the seiyuu sang in I think, Towa no Sakurafubuki wo Anata ni. I can't wait till some heaven-sent fansubber subs the Harutoki 2

  3. cdqueen Oct 30, 2005

    I love this show! It deserves a a better score. I have not seen Fushigi Yuugi
    and phave no desire to, so I can't judge on it being like it. This is one of my favorites so far.

  4. flyindance Nov 04, 2005

    I won the whole anime.
    well I agree wf u, kind of similar wf fushigi yuugi.
    i not yet c fushigi yuugi but I heard all my frens said similar
    except in fushigi yuugi is 7 person not 8.
    well, the songs rock, man
    love it very much.
    i have all 3 of the song u mention, it's great!
    overall this anime has its strong n weakness.
    i dun simply buy anime coz i buy original, not pirated or
    download, cost me a lot.
    only buy if it's worth it.
    so i think this anime is worth it partly bcoz of the song.
    well if u observe carefully, the japanese anime (most of it)
    will somehow link back 2 the 4 sacred beast.
    it's their legend, tat's y.

  5. sakiteal Jul 27, 2006

    I find this anime to be a good series to get into, even for those who have seen Fushigi Yuugi. Yes, it has a similar plotline to Fushigi Yuugi, but come on... the guys are HOTTER in this than FY! No otaku girl would refuse that. Plus they have excellent songs! If I were to chose b/w this show and FY, I would have to say its this show. I would recommend this show to anyone liking hot bishies and excellent music to go along w/ the series. ^_o

  6. akyore Jan 04, 2007

    When I was doing a small research on Harutoki to see what rating it gets. I was kind of bumped out that it got such low score; And with my experience with Fushigi Yuugi, I almost didn't want to watch it because I fear of having to endure another annoying Miko like Miaka. (I'm sorry, but Miaka is the most annoying Miko ever. The only thing that keeps me watching the anime till the end is the lovely side story of the 7 celestial warriors from both side.) In the end I'm glad that I decided to watch this Harutoki series. Harutoki didn't turn out like Fushigi Yuugi even if they did have similar plot. I'm also quite happy there aren't so much cheesy love scene concerning the Miko and her choosing Lover from that world.

    Overall, Harutoki is a great series with lots of bushies and great music. Really is better than Fushigi Yuugi. -_^

  7. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  8. danny0211 Jun 11, 2010

    I found this anime while I was looking for something "more" in FY; I'd just finished with it, and somewhere it said "Harutaku has kind of the same plot", so I decided to give it a try, just to compare. And, in the end, I've found I can't compare them, because they are so different. Well, it's true, Haruka has the SAME PLOT, but it's the way the tale is told what has give it its charm. I think that, while FY's still... well, Fushigi Yuugi, Haruka's a completely different story, with its own strenghts and liabilities, and I liked it very much.
    And thank you for the review!

  9. riho88riho May 07, 2011

    Honestly I don't think its much like FY. True they play around the same mythology and all, but I really didn't get the same feel from them. They both had their fair share of hot guys, this is true, but Harukanaru was originally a visual novel meaning we PICK who she gets this so of course there'd be a selection. Not to mention I think the art work for this series is absolutely beautiful, have you looked at the scans lately? They're just to die for xD This is both a series AND a visual novel, so when taking the art into consideration I'd highly suggest looking at all of it and then talking about it individually. I agree with the art review for the ANIME, but the manga and visual novel are by far worthy of more credit.

    Personally I think it deserves more credit especially since it sticks to the visual novel by allowing the viewer to "pick" who she ended up with in the end (the extra "mini" episodes at the end). There are characters, they do develop well. There is a plot, its stuck too and well thought out. The art is amazing when you take all the different works for this title into consideration.

    Either way, thanks for the review <3 you were correct when only talking about the anime (even if a little under-graded hehe).

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