aekara's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

The Legend of Zelda tv Review

Three goddesses created the land of Hyrule. When Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo Thieves and one of the Wielders of the Triforce tries to take over Hyrule the two other Triforce Wielders try to stop him. One of the Triforce Wielders is the Princess of Hyrule. The other is Link, the Hero of Time.

Link must find items that are relevant to his quest to go through the terrible dungeons that the evil Ganondorf has made. Only Link and Zelda can save Hyrule.

Credit: super-anime-fan.

Story & Characters

The legend of Zelda:

Ganon, the evil king, who escapes from the dark world captures Hyrule's princess Zelda. Before she's caught, Zelda, shatters the Triforce of Wisdom and scatters its eight pieces around Hyrule. Link, the hero of this game, is a warrior that sweared to recover the Triforce and save the princess.

The game was released for the Classic NES at 7.1987 and released again for GBA Advance last year on 6.2004

The adventure of Link:

Hyrule was about to ruin. The evil power that Ganon had left behind was causing chaos and disorder in the land of Hyrule. Some of Ganon's underlings remained, waiting for the return of the dark lord. However, the key to Ganon's return was to sacrifice Link and sprinkle his blood on Ganon's ashes. Link remained at Hyrule and helped with the kingdom's restoration. But while his 16th birthday was approaching, a strange mark, the same of the kingdom's crest, appeared on the back of his hand. Link went to Zelda's nursemaid and asked about the mark. Impa was shocked and she took Link to the North Castle. She showed him a door that said: "The door that does not open". Only the generation of Impa knew how to open that door. She took Link's left hand and pressed the back of it against the door. The door opened. On an alter in the middle of the room, a beatifull woman layed. Impa tells Link the Legend of Zelda which was handed down in Hyrule. " Long ago, when Hyrule was one country, a great King maintained peace upon Hyrule using the Triforce. The king died, and the prince of Hyrule inherited everything...except from the Triforce. He looked everywhere but can't find it. A sorcerer close to the king, tells the prince that, before the king died, he told something about the Triforce to the prince's younger sister, Zelda. The prince and the sorcerer then try to make Zelda talk, but she doesn't say anything. The sorcerer then threatened to cast a spell upon her and send her to eternal sleep. Zelda keeps her mouth shut and the sorcerer begins to cast the spell. The prince is shocked, and tries to stop him, but the sorcerer fought him off and casted the curse. Zelda fell down in an eternal sleep, and the sorcerer also fell, but died immediately. The prince placed his sister at his room, and hoped that one day she would wake up. After she finished her story, she gave Link six crystals and a scroll, which noone was able to read. However, Link could, even if he never saw such language again, because he had the crest. The scroll said: "The triforce is scattered in three peaces: Wisdom, Power and Courage. The first two are left in the kingdom. The triforce of Courage is hidden because not everyone can use it. The person who'll get the triforce of courage must have a strong character with a good heart. But also, an imborn special quality is required. I've never found that in my lifetime so I cast a spell upon Hyrule. A crest will appear on a young man with the perfect character, with many experiences and a certain age. The triforce of Courage is hidden in the ancient Great Palace in death valley. But you can't enter it because of the "binding force" upon Death Valley. To undo the "binding force" and break the seal of the gates, you must defeat the six guardians in the six palaces of Hyrule and set a crystal in six statues you will find in each palace. Then go defeat the last guardian in the Great palace and obtain the Triforce... Then Impa said to Link: You must use the Triforce to wake up Zelda...there's nothing to fear. You are the chosen one. Link then takes a magical sword and a magical shield and heads to his great journey.....
The game was released at 12.1988 for the NES and released again for GBA Advance at 10.2004.

A Link to the past:

Long ago, in the beautiful kingdom of Hyrule, legends told of an omnipotent and omniscient Golden Power that resided in the hidden land... many people tried to get there... no one returned... One day evil power began to flow from the Golden Land... The king sent seven wise men to seal the gate to the Golden land forever... But, when these events were obscured by the mists of time and became a legend.... a sorcerer named Aganhim, came to break the seal. He killed the good king of Hyrule and started to eliminate the descetants of the 7 wise men... Princess Zelda's turn was near... Using her telepathic abilities she woke up Link and his uncle: Help me... Please help me
I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Zelda. The wizard, Agahnim, has done... something to the other missing girls. Now only I remain... Agahnim has seized control of the castle and is now trying to seven wise men's seal. ... ...I am in the dungeon of the castle. Please help me... Link's uncle says: Link, I'll be gone for a while. Stay in bed. I'll be back soon. And he headed out in the rain.... Link was worried about his uncle and headed out with a torch. A black knight was guarding the castle and told him to go back to bed. Zelda contacted Link and showed him a secret entrance to the castle... Link was horrified when he found his uncle injured, half way to death. He said to him : Didn't I told you to stay in bed? I didn't want you to get involved with this...anyhow... take my sword and shield and save Zelda... And with that, he left his last blow. Link, full of anger and passion for revenge heads on a quest in both the Dark and Light World to save Zelda and to take his revenge for his uncle's death.....
The game was released for the Super NES at 4.1992

Link's Awakening:

Link goes on an enlightment trip for his next thread to Hyrule. On his way home, he is shiprecked and drifted to the mysterious Koholit island, a world that only exists in the dreams of the Wind Fish! But lately, nightmares infested the island, filling it with monsters and putting the Wind Fish to sleep. Link must find the 8 instruments of the Sirens to wake up the Wind fish and go back home.
The game was released at 8.1993 for Gameboy and released again for Gameboy Color at 12.1998.

Ocarina of Time:

In the vast deep forest of Hyrule...lives a tribe which only has children that never grow up...those are called the Kokiri tribe and they're all acompanied by a fairy...there's one boy that doesn't have a fairy... His name is Link. Early a morning, Link has got a nightmare. The same nightmare he has every night. Link is standing in fornt of an enormous castle. Then a rider on a horse, runs by, holding a little girl that looks at Link and then an evil man in black comes right after and asks Link about the rider.... The great Deku tree, the guardian spirit of the forest, sends a fairy to wake up Link and bring him to him. She takes him to the Deku tree. The Deku tree explains Link that a curse was casted upon him and told him to enter and break the curse. Link finally breaks the curse and then the Deku Tree will tell him this...: "Employing his vile, sorcerous energies, the evil one is searching for the Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule. For it is there that one will find The Divine Relic, The Triforce, that contains the essence of the gods. Whoever holds The Triforce can make their wishes come true. Thou must never allow the desert man to lay his hands on The Sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man to enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now to Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Present this stone of the Princess. I have forseen that she will understand everything."
Link then receives the Kokiri Emerald, one of the three spiritual stones that he must find to open the door of time... After the Deku Tree dies, he heads out of the forest; something that is imposible for the Kokiri to do. Just outside the forest, he was stopped by a big owl, Kaepora Gaegoba, who knew many legends and also Link's fate and quest. He told him to head to the castle. After he sneaked into the Hyrule castle he meets a young girl. The girl is called Zelda (again :P). She's suprised to see him and she introduces herself. She tells him of some nightmares she had lately. Then, she says that in here nightmares there's always a bright form, with green clothes and a green, shining stone. Then Link shows her his stone and she says that he's the chosen one and that he must help her to save Hyrule from an upcoming disaster. She says that noone believes her dreams and shows Link a man in black, named Ganondorf. That man is evil, and will bring chaos and disaster in Hyrule. Then Link meets Impa, Zelda's nanny that tells him to go and collect two more spiritual stones. One from the Goron's mountain, and one from the Zora's kingdom. Then after he recovers the three stones, Link heads back to the castle to live the same scene he saw in his nightmare. The rider with the girl runs by. Alas, now Link could reconise them. The rider was Impa, and the girl was Zelda. Zelda throws an ocarina to him and then the man in black arrived. It was Ganondorf. Then, when everything was over, the evil man ran behind the princess... and Link was left alone outside the Hyrule castle. He entered the temple of time and placed the spiritual stones at the altar. The Door Of Time opened. He entered and he saw a sword lying in the middle of the dark room, stabbed in a pedestal. The pedestal of time. He tries to pull out the sword, but he was too young to do so. Anyhow, he manages to pull it out, and then his spirit was sealed in the chamber of sages and was going to awaken when he was old enough. Ganondorf realises that is Link who has the key to the Sacred realm, and he stop his pursuit for Zelda. Then he send his Gerudo thieves looking for the realm and they find it. The realm was opened from Link for the name of Good... Ganondorf entered for the name of Evil... Then, 7 years later, Link wakes up and finds himself an adult. He find out that Ganondorf has taken the Triforce of Power and that he is now Ganon, the great king of evil. Link has got the Triforce of courage and Zelda the Triforce of Wisdom. Now he must find seven sages and defeat the king of evil to undo what he has created......
The game was released for Nintendo 64 at 11.1998

Majora's Mask:

While on a personal trip, to find a missing friend (the friend is Navi the fairy, but it's not said anywhere) Link find his self in an uknown forest. Then, two fairies scare his horse, that throw him down and knock him out. A Mysterious kid called Skullkid, wearing a strange mask steals his ocarina of time and his horse. Link tries to get his stuf back but he is turned into a Deku Scrub by the Skullkid. Link run behind him and finds Termina, a land that he never saw again, far away from his home, from Hyrule... Then, Link discovers that the mask the Skullkid was wearing, is called Majora's Mask and it's an ancient relic, full of dark and evil powers. The skullkid brought many problems in the Terminian's lives using that mask. However, Termina is in a grave danger because of that mask. The moon is falling down in three days from the time Link arrives and it's up to him to save that world from a massive disaster... In only three days, he must call four giants to help him stop the moon and then...defeat Majora and the Skullkid...
The game was released at 10.2000 for the Nintendo 64

Oracle of Seasons/ Oracle of Ages

Link is driven to Hyrule by a mysterious force where the Triforce sends him on a quest. He must save Din, the oracle of seasons, from Onox, general of darkness.By kidnapping Din, Onox sang the temple of Seasons, sending the seasons of the land of Holodrum into darkness and chaos. Link must gather the eight Essences of nature to enter Onox's castle and defeat him. Allthought, he defeats him, Onox manages to fulfill the first step to an evil plot. Then the triforce sends him on a second quest. He is send to the land of Labrynna. He must save the oracle of ages, Nayru, from Veran, Sorceress of Shadows. Veran uses Nayru to travel back in time and create an age of darkness and shadows. Along with Nayru's frined, Ralph, Link travels back and forth in time to collect eight essences of Time and drive Veran from Nayru's body. He succeeds, but then Veran captures Queen Ambi and finishes the construction of the dark tower, where Twinrova is attempting to revive Ganon. Link saves Ambi and defeats Veran, but Twinrova manages to light the three flames of Sorrow, Destruction and Despair. Now Link must save Zelda (again) from Twinrova and fight Ganon (again).

A Link to the past: The four Swords Adventures

A wind sorcerer named Vaati, used her magic to terrorize people and villages around Hyrule. He kidnapped any beatifull girls that caught his fancy. Many knights and brave men tried to save the girls, but no one made it. A young boy, named Link, entered the castle and trapped the sorcerer in his blade, returned the girls to the villages and dissapeared in the forest. The villagers asked the girls how the young boy saved them. They said a story (again): A wave from the boy's blade shattered the boy's body into four pieces; each one formed into a copy of that boy. The four boys used their powers to defeat the wizard. The villagers built a shrine to protect the blade that could divide a person into four copies. Zelda was a beatifull girl (again) born with the ability to sense evil and that's why she was assigned to guard the shrine. Zelda sensed something unusual one day, and took a boy named Link to help her find out what's happening.....

The Wind Waker:

Unfortunately, I don't have much info about the Wind Waker's story. I only know this:
Link, a twelve-years-old boy who lives in an island, celebrates his 12th birthday with his family. Some days later, Link and his sister,Aryll, spot a pirate ship attacked by a huge bird. The bird grabs a little female pirate and drops her near them after it's hit by a cannonball. Link goes to take a look at the pirate, and Aryll is kidnapped in front of his eyes. That's when Link begins a quest to save his little sister, but it seems that he's going to get involved into much more important adventures.......
The game was released for the Gamecube (OLE) at 3.2003

The minish cap:

The game takes place after the four swords adventure... After the four boys defeated him, Vaati reappears and turns Zelda into stone. Link, using the Minish hat, can now shrink down and go to places that were under his feet until now. The minish people hold the key to reforge picori blade; a magical weapon that Link must use to defeat Vaati and save Zelda (like always).
The game was released at 12.2004

Twilight Princess

Coming out soon

That's the stories of all the games.

Rating: 9


Because I reviewed all the games together, and because every game has it's own graphics I give them a 10 overall, but I'll rate them one by one.

Legend of Zelda:

Well the graphics of this game was great for what NES could handle... but nothing special to be proud of. But what would you expect from games of 1987? I give them a 6.

Adventures of Link:

The graphics on this game weren't one of its advantages. They graphics were decent for what the NES had to offer, but overal they weren't very well done. This takes a 7 because it was great for that time

A Link to the past:

Amazing! Colourfull enemies and backrounds, beatifull enviroment and a good animation, A Link to the past was one of the best games ever to come out for the SNES!
It should take a 6

Link's Awakening:

Since it's the same graphics as the previous game's, I give them a 6

Ocarina of Time

This game rocked! With amazing 3d graphics, which was new to the history of Zelda it had the best graphics in 1998-2000 and that was very helpfull to conquer the "game of the year" title. I give them a 10, cause I have this game and I know it's the best ever

Majora's Mask

It had the same graphics with Ocarina of Time, but for some reason, I'll give it a 9

Oracle of Ages/ Oracle of Seasons

They were two of the games with the best graphics ever to come out for the Gameboy colour. They both worth... an 8

Four Swords Adventure

10! No doubt. They worth 10!!! With Gameboy Advance's new console the graphics got better than ever.


Many people where dissapointed from the chibi style of the WindWaker...well I loved them, but because I believe that they could do better, I'll give it a 9

Minish Cap

There's nothing to say. I give it a 9, but it's nothing special. It's just...colourfull and funny.

Twilight Princess

The best graphics ever. They worth more than 10.

Rating: 10


Legend of Zelda

Nothing special. Bip bip bip like all NES games. I give it a 6

Link's adventure

Nearly like the previous one, but a bit improved. Alas, I can't give it more than 6.

A Link to the Past

Well....it was better...in fact one of the best, but nothing to be excited about.... I'll give it.... a 7

Link's Awakening

Yep! Better than before, the music and the sounds were improved very beatifully. Rating is 7

Ocarina of Time

Oh man, it was such a great game. As for the sound...what can I say? It's all about music in OOT. Playing songs, different music in every place, great sounds.... Obviously a 9, and it would be a 10 if the people's voices weren't like animal's.

Majora's Mask

The same as before, but again they deserve less. Meaning 8

Oracle of Ages/ Seasons

The music got very boring. It had the same thing over and over again. They probably could have done much better on that. Gets a 6

Four Swords

The same as A Link to the Past's but much more improved. Should get an 8


I love the music. Really a happy, and enjoyable music it must get 10 out of 10. I like the way Link waves the windwaker while playing a song.

Minish Cap

Uhm... 8, but I haven't seen it. They told me it's pretty nice and enjoyable thought, and because I know I can trust the GBA I believe them

Twilight Princess

Simply the best, guys, simply the best. But we'll have to wait. You never know.

Rating: 8


Legend of Zelda:

Play control Was great for this title. The game uses the classic zelda overhead view. The controls were very simple. The A button is always used to control the sword of Link. The B button controls the other active item. A very simple and a very easy play control to learn and play.
Was actually relatively difficult. Some things were very hard to figure out and might make you want to look and find the solutions through a guide. Some of the dungeons were pretty large and difficult. A good selection of enemies varying in difificulty. The bosses could have used a bit of an upgrade at difficulty, but overal it was pretty hard Should take a 6

Link's Adventures

A different play control in this game than in any other Zelda Game. This game didn't just have the classic overhead view, but had the side-scrolling. The play control was pretty good for a side scroller. This game also plays as an RPG, where Link has to level up to improve some of his abilities. Some fans really ate it, while others love it. I think it was decent.
This game was pretty simple up until the end of the game. Getting from the start of the game to the Great Palace was a challenge, and the Great Palace in general was pretty difficult. I'll give it a 7

A Link to the Past

The play control of A Link to the Past was very good. It is very easy to control, and very understandable.This game is a hard game. There are times in this game where you cant figure out what to do. Really deserves an 8

Link's Awakening

The highly configurable control in Link's Awakening is part of what makes the game fun. Select which button you want any item to be on, like bow on A and bomb on B. There is one main difference between this and all Zelda games before it; the use of the shield. Previously, you wouldn't have to press anything, your shield was always equipped, and it deflected projectiles. Not here. In Link's Awakening, you must set the shield to a button to use it, and it will block any attack, making you invincible from the front.
All Zelda games are hard. This one is about as tough as A Link to the Past, which is probably the hardest Zelda game. So it shall take 7, a bit lower than A Link to the Past

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time, like Majoras Mask, have very similer game control. With the use of the C-buttons to use your different weapons, the joystick, and z-targeting makes the play control one of the best of the series.
This game wasn't as difficult as people make it sound. The whole entire young link section is very easy. The hard part comes when you become older link. Some hard challenges were, finding the hookshot, getting all the keys in the water temple, defeating the well, and beating the Shadow temple. The difficuly made this game a very fun game to play. Takes a 9

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask, like Ocarina of Time, have very similer game control. With the use of the C-buttons to use your different weapons, the joystick, and z-targeting makes the play control one of the best of the series.
In my view the hardest Zelda game out there with the exception to A Link to the Past. Some of the parts in the game were very hard. Some of the hard parts made the game interesting, fun, and exciting, but other hard parts in the game made it really frustrating and made you feel like giving up or getting a strategy guide. It takes a 9 too

Oracle of Seasons/ages

The play control was one of its medium points. The only thing wrong with it is that you have to press start every time to change your weapon. I give it an 8 out of 10.
This game wasn’t very difficult. I give it a 7

Four Swords

The same as A Link to the Past. Really, there's nothing more to say. It has a good multiplayer though, especially on Gamecube version.
This game isn't a master's game, but it does provide some nice puzzles, which could take hours to solve without help. I give it a 7


Let's start simple.... Remember OOT and MM? Remember their controls? Good. They were tweaked for the GCN controller. Gets my 10
Pretty dificult but short....anyway A-MA-ZING!!!!!! I GIVE IT A 10 WITH NO SECOND THOUGHT!!!

Twilight Princess

Don't know nothing. We'll know when it's out...

And that's my review of the Legend of Zelda series... Zelda is my life... AND IT'S THE BEST GAME SERIES I'VE EVER SEEN.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by aekara, Jul 03, 2005


  1. Keeado Jul 04, 2005

    cool review, can't wait til the new Zelda Twilight Princess comes out, then you can review that to! ^^

  2. aekara Jul 04, 2005

    Yea it will be the best game I've ever seen. I'm still looking for the WindWaker but I can't find it >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!! >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!!

  3. ShybalNoom Jul 04, 2005

    wow... a total zelda review... thats pretty cool. for the most of i think all of the reviews are almost true... but i havent play 4 swords and a link to the past so i cant say about those... but the others were pretty acurate. dude... your awesome!

  4. Keeado Jul 05, 2005

    Quote by aekaraYea it will be the best game I've ever seen. I'm still looking for the WindWaker but I can't find it

    lol, i have windwaker ^_^ i love vs-ing Ganondorf, he's the last boss but the easiest boss.
    :x oops shouldn't have spoiled it for you. ^_^'

  5. aekara Jul 05, 2005

    Oh don't worry. I'm gonna find it, and soon... :)
    But i heard that Ganon is the hardest boss... :\

  6. VaporGecko Jul 05, 2005

    Jeez! You reviewed each and every one of the Zelda games?!? Your nuts my friend.

  7. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    Very impressive, aekara. My only complaint with your exhaustive review of the series is the fact that you, like many others, failed to adequately address the strengths and weaknesses of the plots in question. The Story section of the review is not a place for you to write up a plot synopsis, but rather to review the plot and character development.

    However, like I said, otherwise it's a very solid review. Good job, keep it up!

  8. Shadu Jul 06, 2005

    Cool review. I really didn't realize there were so many different versions. Unfortunately I can't play half of them because I only have an N64. Ah well. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask will have to be it for me. ^_^

  9. Wyv3rn Jul 07, 2005

    Very nice review!
    My personal favorite is for the N64.
    Good job!


  10. aekara Jul 07, 2005

    Yea, I finally got the WindWaker. It's great. Very different, thought, but great. As for the N64 Zeldas, yep, I have them too, and I can say that they're the best Zelda games ever.... for now.... twilight princess!!! incoming!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  11. nonfiction330 Jul 13, 2005

    I think the camera views of the new zelda TLP is going to be dii than the others. I saw some of the game play video and it looks diff

  12. aekara Jul 13, 2005

    Many things will change in twilight princess ( like fighting on your horse)
    Everythin will be great!!!

  13. ninjamike1234 Jul 26, 2005

    this game is awsome!

  14. aekara Jul 26, 2005

    my friend... Zelda was always awsome... also, Prince of persia 3 will be excelent too
    It will be released in October, like Twilight Princess

  15. VsPeC Jul 27, 2005

    I really don't know why xbox360/microsoft bother going into the next-gen gaming system. It's exclusives like these (zelda, mario, donkey kong, pickachu, etc.) that will dominate it for the next decade and whatever game that comes out for the xbox360 will most likely be out on the PS3.

    Anyways, can't wait for Twilight Princess!

  16. aekara Jul 27, 2005

    lol agreed with you VsPeC (how do we spell that?)
    However, I have a Gamecube and an Xbox, and I believe that they both have something to be proud of
    nintendo has Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, microsoft has halo, doa, playstation has final fantasy, tekken... but Nintendo rules anyway

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