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One Piece tv Review

One Piece, the treasure of a lifetime, is being sought by every pirate in the seven seas. One boy's dream is to find that treasure and to become King of the Pirates. That boy is Monkey D. Luffy, and with his rag-tag crew he will sail the Grand Line searching for a treasure that will make any pirate's dream come true.

Synopsis: Sargent066.

Story & Characters

One Piece has a wonderful story and engaging characters. It focuses on the adventures of one Monkey D. Luffy who sets out on a quest to become the Pirate King and find the ultimate treasure of the last Pirate King Gol D. Roger - One Piece.

The most engaging thing about the story is Luffy's character. He never does what you'd actually expect him to do because he doesn't think logically. He acts purely on instinct, and by doing so he always manages to surprise and keep you interested. On his quest he starts out alone to find his band of pirates and head to the Grand Line - a treacherous stretch of ocean where One Piece is said to be hidden. Each member of his crew is a unique character in and of themselves with their own motivations and histories that motivate their hopes and dreams. Luffy's crew is composed of: Monkey D. Luffy, the Captain who ate the Gomu Gomu/GumGum Devil's Fruit that made him into a rubber man that dreams of being the Pirate King and keeping a promise to a Pirate he idolizes; Roronoa Zoro (or Zolo if you watch the dub), a man who uses three swords and dreams of being the greatest swordsman in the world; Usopp, a sharpshooter with a slingshot who is quite the prankster and an avid liar who wants to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father; Sanji, a suave ladies man of a chef with a deadly kick who dreams of finding the fabled Sea "All Blue" where fish from every part of the world are supposed to swim; Nami, a tough-talking thief of a navigator who knows that money doesn't grow on trees who dreams of drawing a map of the entire world; and a late addition, Tony Tony Chopper, a Reindeer turned human who dreams of becoming a great doctor that can cure all of the world's ailments.

Each and every one of them have their own strengths and weaknesses and together they fight for their dreams and have the most wild and crazy adventures as their Captain leads them on with a lack of common sense.

There are segments of bad storytelling in the filler arcs, but they are FILLER ARCS[b]. They are storylines that can be completely disregarded and you will not have missed anything much along the lines of the main story. I have not gotten the chance to see all of these arcs yet, but if you encounter sections that seem terribly bad, rest assured they do not reflect the entire story and are certainly not what you should expect from main plot story sections. But almost every long shounen series suffers from filler arcs and bad story-telling in places so you can't really complain all the time. Just know they come to an end and that the real story is so much better than that.[/b]

Rating: 9


The art is very appealing, but is very simple as befitting a shounen anime. Shadows are kept to a minimum and lines are bold to befit action scenes. There are also the occasional stillframe shots used for emphasis. There are many bright and bold colors used for this series and it's one of those series where strange hair-colors are at home and odd body an face shapes are perfectly commonplace for the most part. The art-style is very expressive though from tears, to happiness, to anger to a character that's had the pulp beat out of him XD This series never resorts to an alternate "chibi" or SD style of art but the natural artstyle finds a nice balance between a regular anime style and a cute super-deformed style. The eyes are also very expressive in and of themselves. While they are normally dark circles with a white shine in the face you can see them expand and contract with the characters emotions and how they turn pale when a character is enraged.

The artstyle certainly isn't your average style and does take some getting used to but it's so full of life and expresses the series so well that you can hardly complain after watching it.

Rating: 8


I have only heard a small sample of the dub, but I think the voices suit the characters and it was enjoyable enough to get me rather hooked on the series.

The Japanese track is wonderful. All of the characters are very well expressed and have wonderful actors that suit each character - whether they're happy-go-lucky, youthful and fun like Luffy; serious, manly and casual like Zoro; playful, seductive and cynical like Nami; suave, silly and rough like Sanji; overexaggereated, cowardly and emphatic like Usopp; or cute, irrate and naive like Chopper, everyone is executed wonderfully. Annoying characters are very annoying and cool characters are cool and occasionally there are characters and voices that don't seem to fit together, but that's just another part of the fun that is One Piece ^_^

The music is lively and the eyecatch music is so much fun with little ditties that reflect each character. The themes are wonderful and the character image songs are perfect representations of what the character is, you can really tell a lot about each character from them.

Rating: 9


This series has got to be one of the most original I have ever seen in consideration of style, characters, story and humor. The combination is really quite unique and it is very enjoyable to watch, at least if you don't mind something that obviously has a flavor of "Made for kids" even in Japanese, though moreso in the dub with alterations like changing cigarettes into lollipops. If you have any kid left in you to appreciate, you'll certainly appreciate One Piece, but if you can't stand things that are too ridiculously silly (as One Piece can seem at first glance) never fear for there are also very serious moral dilemmas in this series and tragic histories for several characters with many difficult decisions for characters to take. This series balances every aspect that makes a series enjoyable from serious moments to silly moments.

One of my favorite aspects of this series is how the main character Luffy will either not absorb any pertinent information or will choose not to know about another character and will do whatever he darn well feels like anyway. As I said, he acts on instinct and his unpredictability of being serious and silly will keep you engaged. He often knows exactly what needs to be done, though it may not be the easiest or best way to accomplish things, everything he does works out in the end for the best in some way or another, no matter how bad a mess he might have got himself in.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by Terra-chan, Jul 02, 2005


  1. animefanzzz Jul 02, 2005

    woooooow!!!!!!!! a one piece review i realllly like one pice even better than naruto (sory narutofans)
    i realllly like ur review is is soooooo.... r-i-g-h-t!!!!
    u should also check out my review too it is also ONE piece just like u but i rate it 10
    coz for me it is sooo perfectly good just like urs :) :) :)

  2. toxictea23 Jul 02, 2005

    Personally, i feel that one piece's plot wasnt very original and badly placed together, considering that most of the people working on it were amateurs as well. Although your review was nicely written. I see 3 grammer mistakes in the last paragraph^.^
    Remember, nothing is perfect...although if i had rated one piece it would of been a simple 5>.<

  3. lordshea Jul 03, 2005

    wow another OP fanatic nice review greatly done im a OP fanatic too i like sanji coz he like girls hehehe :) :) :)

  4. pervertfox Jul 05, 2005

    well said... but you forgot bout Ms. Robin - crodile's(dubbed name or if not changed) sidekick but later betrays her and comes with luffy insearch of the ancient article... but still a good review!

    rating: 9/10 still d-(-_^)-b -- TWO thumbs up!!!

  5. Shelbey Jul 10, 2005

    Oh, yes, One Piece rocks ! :D
    More than 370 chapters (manga) and 230 episodes, this anime is still interesting and so hilarious !
    Of course, the drawings, colors and animation are not the best, but the stories and characters are great.
    Very good shonen (better than Naruto, in fact)

  6. Warpten29 Feb 01, 2010

    great !

    merged: 03-19-2010 ~ 02:19pm
    this is great!

  7. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could use some work on the details, but not a bad review over all.

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