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One Piece, the treasure of a lifetime, is being sought by every pirate in the seven seas. One boy's dream is to find that treasure and to become King of the Pirates. That boy is Monkey D. Luffy, and with his rag-tag crew he will sail the Grand Line searching for a treasure that will make any pirate's dream come true.

Synopsis: Sargent066.

Story & Characters

I think the first page of ONE PIECE sets the main goal throughout the whole anime/manga. The goal to find Gold D. Roger's treasure, One Piece. One Piece starts off by introducing us the main character, Luffy and some brief flashbacks that he has in which he wants to be a pirate. Now that he is grown up he has decided to fulfill that goal. Not only does he want to be a pirate, but he wants to be the new Pirate King and find One Piece. Too bad Luffy lacks some common sense and goes down a whirlpool which he decides, finally, is "not good". Either way, this is how One Piece begins. One Piece is probably one of the most comedical anime ever, with a very interesting twist in storyline. In an age where there are numerous pirates, luffy sets out on a raft and goes down a whirlpool only to be saved by a ship which hauls him up in a barrel and he pops out thinking about food. Now this world not only is unique as it has its own little world, but that there are special fruits- devil-fruits which bestow powers upon those who eat them depending on which fruit it is. For Luffy, this is the rubber (gumgum) fruit which allows him to stretch. What's the catch? Well being a pirate, it is very important that one knows how to swim, and anyone who has eaten the gumgum fruit is incable of doing so no matter what the fruit. Luffy finds himself on an adventure, fighting bad guys and getting people for his crew (moreover annoying them until they agree) so he can make his way down the most dangerous route of all *The GRANDLINE* to find One Piece... And so the adventure begins. Luffy and his weird logic and intense desire for food 24/7, Zoro his teammate who sleeps all the time, Nami the Pirate Theif (ironic), Sanji the cook who also likes to kick people and go after girls, Usopp the coward who runs away, and many other members of Luffy's crew which make him...suprisingly... A very good and strong pirate. So if you want some serious laughs and a nice storyline that is unique, I recommend One Piece!

Rating: 10


I love this anime cos it surprised me. I also disliked the drawing at the start, but after the 1st episode, I found the drawing really fits into the anime. I remember the first time I started reading the comic, I couldn't stop myself and read for 4 hours...(I downloaded 300 chapters...)
You can really feel the friendships in One Piece, unlike Naruto, I just don't feel the friendship between Naruto and Sasuke as deep as those in One Piece.
At last, the one element that I really like about One Piece is the control of the climax of the plot. I might have worded it wrong, but I really mean that One Piece is a bit like Naruto in the way that it actually make you really hate those bad guys that you'd really want to punch them. And at that exact moment, you see how Luffy seriously beat them up, just like in the 1st episode of Naruto, Naruto beat the crap out of that forgot-what-name after that forgot-what-name said something like "a kid like you can never beat me". This is what I meant by good control of the climax of the plot. Let's look at DBZ, when Cell stepped on Android 16's head, I think that scene meant to make you hate Cell, but I didn't feel anything...although Gohan did...
So whoever haven't seen One Piece, I recommend you do, it's a worthy one.

Rating: 10


Why do I like one piece so much? Well, that's simple...because it ROCKS!! iIt's so unique and all of the characters have such an amazing story and no episode is boring. I love all of the characters man..luffy,zoro,nami,usopp,sanji,chopper, and there song is sooooooooooo superb i realllllly like it so much i hav download it so many times that i am completly complete.. there song is soooo much about friendship and sometimes hardship and a little sad for me i almoct cried soooooo touching.....One piece is truly the best...

Rating: 10


It is soooooo originality! How often does a original pirate story hit the screen? I have to say, Eiichiro Oda has come up with some pure brilliancy here!

OMg !!!! that One piece is one of the best animes in the whole wide world! Its also oneof the kind! Its original anime! It has action, comedy and alil bit of romance! lol

One Piece is great, it's got everything, someone (luffy) who is out to prove he can be king of teh pirates by being himself, not trying to prove he's something he's not, and to give shanks his hat back of course. One Piece is a crazy adventure and I love the art syle, it's got something different that makes it stick out and stick with you. I LUV One Piece!

and lastly...
why i love one piece--
I <3 one piece because it's awesome. it's hilarious. There's never a boring episode. All of the characters (luffy, zoro, nami, usopp, sanji, chopper, & robin) are so unique and they make a good team. They kick ass in almost every episode! I hate how 4kids butchered the show for fox, but it's OK... because the original one piece is the best... and that's all that matters!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by animefanzzz, Jul 02, 2005


  1. animefanzzz Jul 02, 2005

    this is the many comments that my friends gather up to say this to the many fan of ONE piece pls... keep supporting it :) :) :) :)

    one piece is the best!!!!

  2. Terra-chan Jul 02, 2005

    This isn't that great of a review if you simply give everything 10/10. Certainly the story of One Piece is well executed (at least in the parts that are not filler episodes in the anime) You're review is very one sided. Sure you can be a fan of the series, but take a step back and look at it objectively. I think I may do a review of One Piece in response to this review...

  3. Knight64 Jul 02, 2005

    One Piece all the way !
    is there a One Piece club in MT ?

  4. animefanzzz Jul 02, 2005

    i don't know if there is a club but if they have i am willingly to join and will recommand it to you so if you know please let me know it

    one piece i love and support forever :) :) :) :) :)

  5. bluSake Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2005

    One Piece! Must agree: it's sooo original. The pieces are wack, but Oda makes them work.

    Just one error ^_^' . You refer to the devil fruit as the gumgum fruit when you explain the catch.

  6. animefanzzz Jul 03, 2005

    sory!!!for me the gumgum is like a devil fruits
    well tnx anyway for the error :)

  7. mineharu Jul 03, 2005

    Well i must say before hand that i haven't watch One Piece, through i am here in behalf of animefanzzz, and as an otaku.. i usually know about many animes and ppl say wow u really know about many and stuff but sometimes i lack one or two or maybe more and i haven't seen every single anime there is out there through it would be awesome.. and talking about this review of an anime she did her best and she tried, and that is a great thing to admire ^^ i'm glad you did it because you learn of every single thing you do in a day, and also from every good or bad thing that happens so, like i said i'm very proud of you and what you wrote.. and keep it up.. ^^, i will be glad to put a comment every time you do a review goor or bad but still i will put one, and i liked it alot ^^, it will be a great anime to watch :) .. nice recommendation and nice review.

  8. kateChan Jul 04, 2005

    Oh yeah! One Piece is the best!! I also wish to join One Piece club, if there's something like that here.

  9. animefanzzz Jul 23, 2005

    hurray for the ONE pIECE FAN there is a group in ONE piece pls join

    here:just click it ok?!...


    soooo please join who lyks one piece as much as i do!!! :) :) :) :D :D :) XP XP

  10. vaiowega Jul 24, 2005

    nice review, I like the summary ;)

    hurrah for OP fans, new Straw Hat Mod ^^

  11. not4abe Nov 19, 2005

    iNdonesian One Piece art

  12. vatican92 Dec 25, 2005

    I really like the points you've made but I think you've scored it way too high.
    If I did a review for my fav anime (Trinity Blood) which is the greatest anime created by tiny human brain, it wouldn't have been 10! Even it's the best anime in the world (my opinion) there are flaws like any other animes. I personaly would've given around 7.

  13. shoimi Jan 13, 2006

    this show is confusing but not as confusing as bobobo.

  14. Chiro-kun Feb 14, 2007

    Heh a 10?!? And what encouraging comments! I'm so happy that so many One Piece fans exist. I love anime with superb storylines and One Piece in my opinion has one of the best stories ever written. Wan Pisu no Tameni! ^_^

  15. DCalypso Aug 15, 2007

    I do agree that this review was very 1 sided. BUT, ONE PIECE is my all-time favorite anime/show/thing to watch! True, the art could've been better and a bit more realistic (ex. stupid devil-fruit like giraffe and door-door techniques) but they all seem to fit in nicely.
    I don't think I can explain how much I freakin love One Piece - love the energy, the crew, the story, the adventure, the relationships - wish I was a pirate!

  16. Warpten29 Feb 01, 2010

    great !

    merged: 03-19-2010 ~ 02:19pm
    this is great!

  17. Buchou-dono May 30, 2010

    Nice view on a nice anime!
    Thank you for your effort writing such a large review and giving information to the 'soon to be' fans :D

  18. yeppunda Oct 13, 2010

    well even if this review is one-sided, your passion for One Piece certainly shows through. i think that's enough to convince soon-to-be fans to watch/read this absolutely wonderful series! :) even though i wouldn't give a 10 since every series has its flaws, One Piece is certainly one of the best series that i've come across! so if anyone's reading this and wondering if you should watch/read One Piece, well you really should!

  19. radith Nov 25, 2010

    one piece sure has a strong plot of story.. Oda was a great story teller!

  20. Nalataia May 14, 2011

    It is a masterpiece! Maybe the draw is a little weird at first but then it becomes really good. One of the seasons i like the most (both anime and manga) is the Sky Island, Skypiea! It is absolutely awesome! If only an island in the sky exists... i think i would get mad to go there.

    Nice review buddy

  21. animefanzzz Jun 26, 2011

    thank you so much for the advice..me,.being one sided and the one who still support me even if i'm one sided ..i love you thre ONE PIECE follower..whehheh

  22. Thu53 Aug 09, 2011

    This is a amazing anime, the mixture between Comedy and action is perfect. In my opinion this is one of the best anime out there.

    The amount of episodes only makes it better!

  23. back07 Apr 27, 2012

    Yeah, I Love One Piece too because the Action and Comedy. Now One Piece have a lot of episode in it series and lot of volume in manga it would make it better. But if you didn't follow the series/manga frequently you will lost the story like me.

    Just for info My Favorite Characters are Luffy and Ace

  24. Drakill Jun 04, 2012

    One Piece is good. It definitely the funniest anime I've ever watched.

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