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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e tv Review

Ashiya Mizuki was feeling bored when she switched on the television. It was a regular morning and she saw a high jump competition; in particular she saw an athelete by the name of Sano Izumi. Completely captivated by his jump she began collecting all and any information on him. Sano Izumi became her idol and source of encouragement & inspiration.

Determined to meet her idol and watch him jump, Mizuki worked hard and decided to study in Japan. However a problem soon arose; Sano studied in an all-boys boarding school! Undeterred, Mizuki snapped her locks, packed her bags and left America to attend Ohsaka High School, disguised as a boy.

Mizuki's high school life is full of many exciting and thrilling events. Afterall, it's no easy feat for a girl to remain safe in an all-boy's school! Mizuki must not let anyone discover her true identity, lest she'll be expelled from the school. Not only that, but little by little Mizuki is falling for her high jump idol and is trapped between remaining as Sano's friend or exposing her true gender and risk the friendship that is so precious to her.

Written by shinobi-fi

Story & Characters

I sincerely believe that the storyline of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is the best I have read in all the years that I have been reading manga. This manga always kept me entertained and anticipating the story the next volume holds. In fact, because I had to wait a whole 2 months for another volume to come out in English, I bought the whole series in Japanese. I especially like Dr. Umeda for his jokes and humor, but the funniest part of the series is that one of the characters believes he is gay because he falls in love with the cross-dressing main character. The real reason why I love the story so much is because the romance and the humor are so well placed in the story that nothing seems rushed or unrealistic. Every person who I’ve introduced this manga to has fallen deeply in love with the wonderful characters and storyline. I’ve read Hanazakari no Kimitachi e many times and not once have I gotten tired of it. One thing about the storyline that people might get tired of is the time it takes the two main characters to admit their feelings for one another. But I believe that since every relationship in real life takes a great deal of time to develop, people should feel a deeper connection with the series instead of getting annoyed. The ending was slightly lacking. Even though this manga is pretty lengthy, it never failed to keep me interested. If you have or going to read this series, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Rating: 9


Although the artwork is certainly not ugly, it does not have the same appeal as some of the other mangas out there. The style is more liberal and more distinctive and original than other artists. If you saw any other artwork by the artist of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Hisaya Nakajo, you would be able to tell that it was the same artist. I must admit that at first I was a bit put off by the style in the beginning. Some of the proportions seemed a bit off or some angle of the face would look somewhat awkward. As the series went on, I saw that the artist became more comfortable drawing the characters and the artwork did in fact improve greatly. Overall, I see the artwork is above average, but nothing all that special.

Rating: 7


N/A. I'm just filling this space in because i'm 99.9 percent positive that there's no anime for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e so I'm wondering why this space is a requirement when this site offers a review for this MANGA. So obviously, since there is no anime, there is no sound. Sorry for the disappointment. I'm sure if this manga was turned into an anime, it would be quite amusing. but i think the artwork would probably change greatly. I would be quite interested about how the dub and the soundtrack would turn out.

Rating: 6


The plotline itself isn't all that original. The whole crossdressing to go to an all boys/girls school isn't all that new. You could say that the author put the flesh on the skeleton. The author did a great job developing the characters like in a real novel and the humor was absolutely perfect. There were many instances in the manga that I can joke with my friends about who have read the manga. I could read Hanazakari Kimitachi e for hours and never put it down. I'm hoping that there will be some sort of continuation like a sequal because the ending was too short for me. I'm very surprised that a very small amount of people have discovered this phenomenal piece of work and I hope that many more people will become interested in the wonderful story line and original artwork. Granted that this manga is a more of a girl's reading material than a guy's, members of both sexes can greatly appreciate this manga. I hope that if this manga hasn't already been turned into anime, that some company might produce an anime of this. It would really be a shame if that never happened.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by kireiyuhi, Jul 01, 2005


  1. chichiri1907 Jul 02, 2005

    I just love hana-kimi, Its #1 in my book ^_~,
    And also your review is great, the ratings are real not like 10 for very one!!!!
    And in total i agree with the stuff you said about the manga, like the humor and the part that said this manga should become an anime, I totally agree WITH THAT!!!!
    *sigh* maybe someday maybe not but I'll always love hana-kimi, thanxs and great job on the review!

  2. anjo Jul 29, 2005

    love hana kimi!! good review!! wish they do make an anime out of it but maybe in the future ... hopefully *fingers crossed* tee hee XD

  3. sangel99 Aug 31, 2005

    Sounds good! I might try reading the series sometime ;)

  4. kowareta Jan 09, 2006

    hana-kimi is one of my favorite manga.....

  5. hepro2000 Feb 05, 2006

    hana-kimi is so awesome! nice review!

  6. mayow Feb 20, 2006

    i havnt read hana-kimi yet since i nevered seen it in australia. my expectations are high wen i read it. but i wish i could just download it on the internet.

  7. da2ndstar Mar 13, 2006

    you are totally true! when.....are they gunna make the anime?!

  8. shinobi-fi Feb 04, 2007

    for sound, there has been a twdrama and drama cds made for hanakimi!
    so do check them out if you have time . (:

  9. Hotoami Jun 08, 2007

    Wonderful review! I agree with almost everything you said, although I would have rated everything just a tad higher ^^ It's my favorite manga, but I wish they'd make an anime and perhaps add on a bit... but the Yomikiri wrapped everything up very well in my opinion.

  10. Tsunoh Jun 12, 2007

    the story gets a what? -_-

    I don't really agree with the story being realistic... because, ask yourself: would you yourself go halfway across the world, without your parents knowing about it, hiding your gender and getting into all sorts of trouble because of a guy you saw on TV... and coincidentally ending up in the same school, same section and so on as the guy you saw on TV...

    oh well. It's your review, your opinion. This is quite a well- written review, just.... er, conflicting views with my own.

  11. nikya Sep 12, 2007

    haven't read the manga but i'm watching the japanese version of this series..love it and can't wait to read it!

  12. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    you can't get enough of shojo! even though most stories are about the same.

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