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Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin tv Review

Ten years after the beginning of the Meiji Era, a wandering samurai came to Tokyo. This man, known as Himura Kenshin later on, ends up living in a Kamiya Kasshin dojo and teach kendo for a living.

However, his life is not as simple, as turmoils arise from time to time, unfolding his true nature as the famous Hitokiri Battousai, the greatest killer of the Bakumatsu. However, vowing never to kill again, he tries as hard as he can not to draw his sword until the critical moment comes, and so far, manages to escape his bloody past.

Until the day when an old menace, in the form of Shishio Makoto, the successor to the Hitokiri Battousai, threatens the peace of the new Meiji Era. Shishio and his Juppon Gatana are ready to start a new revolution to correct the evils of Western influence, and forced Himura Kenshin, along with his new friends, once again raise his sword to protect their loved ones.

Credits: niomea

Story & Characters

~Ruroni Kenshin~

This is the review for Rurouni kensin
Ruroni is a term for a samurai who wanders and has no destination....
Kenshin is a rurouni and has a scar on his left cheek and has orange hair.
One day Kenshin meets a lady named Kaoru and after he saves her from a man trying to take over her dojo runs the dojo with her.The too i think start to fall in love but,danger always wraps Kenshin in.... Kenshin fights with a very old and dull sword (i forget what it's called)
he uses the fighting style Mitsurugi Ryu or something like that and has mastered all of it's techniques.Rurouni Kenshin is a great series and should never be looked down upon it's somewhat difficult to understand but overall is a very good awesome series.I have only read the manga but,i am going to buy the DVD's as soon as i find some.... I think that it will be very cool and somewhat gory .....but despite that i think it will be an awesome series and i can't wait till i can get the DVDs and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 9


Kenshin looks so sool and so does Kaoru!!!!
I think they did an awesome job with animating them don't you????
I think that there's a bit too much gore but, i guess it's ok for those of us who like samurai action.....hahah.... anyway though it's very good and i can't wait to start reading more of the manga and i think also that Zanza looks really cool too with the "Aku" mark on the back of His shirt very neato..... i also think that the kid that hangs out with Kaoru is somewhat stange voice wise but pretty good animated .... i think that they could do better on the kid though..... hehe.. but oh well it is what it is and i think the art of Rurouni Kenshin deserves a 7 don't you think so?????????????

Rating: 7


hmm only read the manga so i wouldn't know... but i think from listening to the track from limewire i think it sounds pretty much old samurai ching chong music...... i think that they could highly improve the music i mean it's not really the sort of stuff i can get into and listen to all the time.I like high impulse and rock music so what do i know ???!?!?!?!?
but i do think though that they could improve the music somewhat to a degree...................................
it would make the series better that's for sure!

Rating: 5


Humor of Rurouni
i think that it's pretty funny how Kaoru is always hitting kenshin for doing nothing she's so funny though i mean she acts like she hates everyone but, really she is a kind and gentle person.....
I think it's pretty funny how Kenshin had a problem with getting his face unstuck from the "battle face"
hahah kaoru hit him there too!
hm...................... i think that that is about it ... yeah i think so well anyway i think that Kenshin is a great story and anime but there wasn't that much humor i give it a 5! what about you what do you think???????????????????????????????
there are a lot of thing about Rurouni Kenshin i like i mean i could talk all day bout the series it's just my finger's are gettin somewhat tired..........! hahah... but anyway yeah i think though that it deserves a 5......i think that it's about right i mean after all rurouni kenshin is more of a serious show and not much for laughs.......................so um...... yeah i think that it definitely deserves a 5 and that's pretty much all for that

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by Limefreak, Jun 28, 2005


  1. patlabor Jul 25, 2005

    I think op and ep musics are good.
    It has about ten op and ep musics.
    What version of Kenshin you have?
    Some versions has only one op and ep music.

  2. Pirre Aug 11, 2005

    In overall the anime deserves indeed no more than 6.6, but the arcs after the Kyoto arc are made by the anime director itself, and not according to the manga. Therefore, only the kyoto arc counts for me, which certainly deserves at least an 8.
    And if you look at the first OVA, that is undoubtly worth a 10+++ :D
    and btw lime, it looks like you didn't seriously read the manga, and...*looks closer* you even didn't see the anime at all, so, in my humble opinion, you are not the right person to rate this series.

  3. Harvesterofsorrow6 Oct 11, 2005

    Its fluent as a anime, and the art is good, i liked it alot

  4. Andulien Nov 08, 2005

    What you gave it a 6? I would give it a full 10. The Anime is great the sound and art and just the whole thing is great. I still love watching it, it's the best.
    But anyway your Review is still very good thx.

  5. vatican92 Dec 25, 2005

    Very good review.
    Not the best anime in the world but deserves more than 7 at least

  6. rukasu04 Mute Member Apr 28, 2009

    Nice review, really good

  7. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could use some serious details and less spam, but not all that bad over all.

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