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Disgaea Review:

This is for Disgaea Hour of Darkness.
Disgaea is a strategy rpg game in which you must make Laharl heir to the throne become King of the Netherworld.While you are trying to become king there are some other people who also want the position therefore,causing a battle or a scene.
Laharl meets many friends and adversaries as well such as Midboss or Priere (who later becomes an aly for those of you who don't know...)
Laharl's companions are Flonne (love freak),Etna (demon girl),and the Prinnies(exploding penquins extraordinare)
With these companions and Laharl's deteminiation anything is possible...
The story of course takes place in the Netherworld where Laharl lives.
Flonne is from Celestia (which is like an anime version of heaven basically)
I have played this game for a total of 156 hours and 20 seconds during this time i learned to appreciate all that Disgaea had to offer which was alot by the way!
I rate the story of Disgaea an 8 for superb! I think there should be more games like disgaea where you can just have fun and be a kid for once

Rating: 8


The backgrounds of Disgaea:

The bg's of disgaea and the pictures of the characters are great!
They tried to make it like an anime film except with Sprite character's in the background.
At first i didn't like that very much,but,it grew on me over time and i think that they acchieved what they were trying to accomplish.Disgaea's character's look exactly how they should... Funny ,Corky, and a bit angry!!!!!!!! I think though that disgaea's background's and character's went perfect with the story.They weren't too "cutesy" but they were also not to scary or freaky looking..... My favourite background is when they are fighting the martian thingies inside the junkyard or whatever that was called that background was probably one of the hardest to animate.... anyway i hope that there will be more games like Disgaea Hour of Darkness cause it's been the best game i've played so far!!!!!!!

Rating: 6


Music of Disgaea Hour of Darkness:

Music was very fitting and made me actually get excited about the game.
Sometimes,i would catch myself humming the battle tunes at school and i would tell myself not to humm them in the classroom!!!! After that i would usually still be singing it in my head!
hahah... but anyway yeah i rate the sound and vocals of disgaea hour of darkness an 8 because i think the voices were good and the music was so addicting i find myself humming it even as i'am typing this!I think that Flonne's voice was a tad annoying but other than that,that was the only voice i couldn't stand.All the other's were really cool and i could tell they spent a long time trying to perfect them.

Rating: 8


Humor and Fun of Disgaea Hour of Darkness:

There was alot of humor and funny things about Disgaea.
One-The Prinnies saying Dude after every sentence they said.
Two-Someone takes a pic of Laharl while changing and photocopies it all over the Netherworld and threatens to post even more unless he fights him/her.
Three-Gordan and Jennifer are the funniest looking heros i've ever seen but they have this funny robot named Thursday and he's always saying Blip Bleep Blip after he says what he wants.There are also these demons that try to flirt with Laharl and he get's all freaked out by them and get's poisoned by them!!!!!!!! It was really funny you had to play it to know what i mean.Also when you fight the Witch (she's at Lv 70 i think!) she also has (*ahem*) some strange very,very,very strange attire....Also when Flonne uses this one attack she says something like "Oh Lord!" hahahah .... she's very kawaii but,very annoying and she also says "Nin Nin Nin" in the beginning (What's that about?!?!?)
Yeah but i think that flonne is cute and sweet and all but her voice is a tad too high.................
This game is such a big thing for me i really think that all gamers and anime freaks like me should own a copy of Disgaea it really made me laugh and i'm still playing it!!!!! I gave the humor a 9 because man , it was a hilarious game!!!!!!!!

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by Limefreak, Jun 28, 2005


  1. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2005

    Overall good but you kinda rambled on in the presentation portion of your review. Plus your your general summary of the game was a bit short and lacked detail.

  2. Bee69 Jun 28, 2005

    good job i never made a review
    i think i will soon

  3. beoulved Sep 14, 2005

    it's ok but more on the details next time...

  4. uychua Oct 06, 2005

    even thought this game look dense at the out side you'll soon be think is it possible uber-prinny baal :D :D

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