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Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer tv Review

When Misaki Suzuhara was young, her mother left her with her grandparents, claiming she was leaving for business, but never returned. Now at 12 she goes to live with her aunt, knowing her mother lives in the same city. But after leaving the train station she see a big plasma TV showing two electronic dolls called angels fighting. Instantly falling in love with a white angel one. Then she meets a mysterious man called Icchan. He tells her all about these dolls and the game of Angelic Layer. She soon excels in the game and meeting new friends along the way.

By: mew1mokuba

Story & Characters

The plot of Angelic Layer lends itself to a very simple progression with a new battle in every episode until the main character, Misaki, reaches the end. However, there is a very well woven story that takes place through the advancement of the series. The story, while not always taking center stage in this series, is very well implemented. Misaki's journey through Angelic Layer, the fighting game where the people control "Angels", about 1' tall figures, with telepathic head gear, and combat against other angels on the Layer, a platform probably about 10-15' across, is actually very intense at times. While the series may seem to lend itself to a much younger audience, it is still very enjoyable for anyone. The character's develop extremely well through the series through many comic and dramatic scenes, probably more comic than dramatic. While this series didn't have me rolling around gasping for air by any means, the comedy was still amusing. The story had a very solid ending, unlike many other anime series we can bring to mind, and overall I think the plot, while not overly engrossing all of the time, was still well played out and enjoyable.

Rating: 6


The character designs are very well done and the action is very fluid and impressive. What more would you expect from Clamp? I particularly enjoyed the art of this series, and it is most certainly its most prominent aspect. The battle scenes between the angels and the environments that materialize on the Layer are beautiful. The CG blends well with the animation and really works well to enhance the art. The characters are purposefully depicted as being extremely cute, and the artwork supports that extremely well.

Rating: 9


The musical score was very upbeat and fun, I found the tunes fairly catchy. While not moving on any level, the soundtrack for Angelic Layer is still good. The voices are very well done for all characters in both the original and the dubbed, I found the transition much less difficult than I might have with most other anime. The opening theme is particularly fun, and I often catch myself humming it when I am feeling lighthearted. The sound effects are well done and integrate very well with the animation.

Rating: 7


The idea of the Angelic Layer is very original as far as I know and the overall presentation of the anime was well rounded. The humor was lighthearted, as was the majority of the anime and it was a pleasure to watch. While not the most impressive series I've ever seen by any stretch, it is still well worth watching. Angelic Layer, while it has a unique atmosphere for the action, i.e. on the Layer, is still not too unique as far as the progression of the series. There have been numerous anime that go through the "tournament" progression to reach the end of the series. The structure of the anime being so predictable, was one of the main things that subtracted from the appreciability of this series. While the progressive battle theme was monotonous at times, the well executed animation and the uniqueness of each battle helped to hold my attention well enough through the main bulk of the series. I apppreciate the fact that no episode goes by without some significant movement along the plotline or evolving character relationships. Overall, a good anime.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by drpepperandpocky, Jun 28, 2005


  1. SebastianvonKane Jun 28, 2005

    Well, I've already watched the anime and all I can tell is a for entertaining anime.
    I hated the way it ends.
    But I liked a lot the character of Iccha-san (or so it calls him Misaki, don't remember his name).
    But well, I think is a highly used concept, but at leastm does "entertain".

  2. darts15 Mar 05, 2006

    i agree with the writer of this review with the songs. i really enjoy the songs but i like the last one. ^__^ also the point when entering the layer was very gorgeus! the creators did a very good job on making the angels enter the layer ^__^ the fight scenes are gorgeus too ^__^ i agree. also with is it that it's very predictable...and i hate the ending as well...there should have been a little more just to wrap everything up a little better.

  3. Siyuki Apr 23, 2006

    that is a lot to type.... awsome!

  4. ling2010 Banned Member Jan 08, 2009

    I have not actually read it but I've heard about it. I am a big fan of Clamp! Thanks for telling me what it's about!

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