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Kao no nai Tsuki

Kao no nai Tsuki tv Review

Suzuna Kuraki is a young priestess who has to go through special training before the official time of the Tsukimachi ceremony. She has dreams of a mysterious shadow lover, whose face she never sees; when she wakes up, he's gone. Soon, her mother informs her that she must marry a guy she's never met, Kouichi Hayama. Though things between them get off to a horrible start, they eventually fall in love with each other, but it seems there is a curse upon the shrine which makes its inhabitants give in to their lust. Can Suzuna and Kouichi break free of it and defeat the evil presence?

Synopsis: mew1mokuba

Story & Characters

(This is the review on the anime not the game.) Since this is a hentai anime, the plot isn't done too well... but for a hentai anime, this anime carries out the story better than any other hentai I've seen. It's dramatic, and you actually feel the drama and feel what the main character Suzuna feels. Her jealousy and her pain when she sees her husband having sex or just being and laughing with other girls. It's actually a pretty original story, but its pretty kinky considering that this tree's flowers hypnotize people and make them become extremely lustful. It gets confusing at times, but hey, what can you expect from hentai? The creator of Kao no Nai Tsuki definitely has a lesbian fetish which isn't really a good thing... for me at least.. The other part of this which I find turning me off is the fact that both of the main characters (Suzuna, and Hayama) are having sex off to the side. Hayama's fucking every female character and Suzuna's getting toyed with by her maids. If that didn't happen overly too much, I would have given the story a better score. I do compare this series much to hentai in general but it's all necessary. You can't watch and review hentai without knowing what other hentai is like. It's still pretty much sex over plotline, but not by overly too much. For those people who aren't offended by watching anime characters have sex, then I highly reccomend this anime. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Rating: 7


It's gorgeous. The art is simply stunning. Carnelian does a great job with designing the characters. The girls are beautiful, the guy is a major hunk, and the detail is amazing. I must say that the sex scenes were really well drawn too. The color of the private body parts were actually the proper colors. -_-. I was really shocked when I saw the art of Kao no Nai Tsuki. I suppose the art was the reason why I actually decided to watch this. Once you see an art piece of Kao no Nai Tsuki, you will be hooked and drawn in. Carnelian is one of my favorite artists, and I'm pretty sure that he'll be one of yours too. Go check some of it out.

Rating: 10


The music in this series is great. The background music is the best I've ever heard in any hentai, and the ending theme is really pretty. It reminds me in a way of Kiss from a rose by seal. A prettier version of it though ^^. Once again, I was shocked and surprised by the soundtrack of Kao no Nai Tsuki just as surprised as I was by the art. They fit the music into the proper places so it's not just like... you had a violent action scene accompanied with emotional music. The character's voices are well played. Hayama Kouichi was portrayed as the sleepy, lazy, laid back kind of player and his voice really suited him. Actually, all the characters' voices suited them. This is the review of the sound on the original japanese version though. I haven't watched the dub.

Rating: 10


Again, we must take in the fact that this is a hentai anime. All hentai puts sex on high priority and often, they do it in every two scenes if not in every scene. Most of the hentai basically has no plotline and if it does, you forget about it because of the sex. The presentation of Kao no Nai Tsuki makes sure that you don't forget the actual story. The characters personalities are very enjoyable to watch. Suzuna the main character has a very strong personality and doesn't give in to sex to the guy Hayama Kouichi as easily as those normal hentai female characters. There are a few scenes that made me laugh and it was pretty different from what I expected. It really wasn't the
"Hey baby, let me fuck you" and
type of thing. She actually resisted... which I found pretty intriguing. I guess the only thing wrong with the series is that there are more than enough... and in my opinion, too many lesbian scenes. I guess if you are into lesbian action, then this would be a good thing, but for straight-action fans like me =D, this is a pretty big negative. If you like hentai, or if you're tired of the 'sex sex sex the end' type of thing, this is definitely something for you.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

8.0000 (good)

Reviewed by Champagne, Jun 19, 2005


  1. N-O-N-E Jun 20, 2005

    huh ... sounds cool ... can you give me a link to where to buy or download it, please. oh ... and good review.

  2. lordvortex Sep 26, 2005

    :p:p:p the soundssss!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D the screams hahahahaha

  3. Kaanehimizuho Banned Member Sep 29, 2005

    oh! every thing is good, screen, voice, sound.

  4. Champagne Oct 02, 2005

    you can buy it on discountanimedvd.com but i downloaded off irc. #Hentai-Heaven@rizon.net

  5. kusco Dec 01, 2005

    A very good review.
    Totally agree with your ratings about Art and sounds.
    "sounds=screams". I both agree and don't. The sounds, refering to the background music is very good.
    Especially the ending theme "Cruel Moon", love that one.
    On the other side, the screams are not too bad. Like Champagne said, we can hear that the main female character first tries to resist to her husband and then totally giving up to him.

    About the plot, I also agree with Champagne.
    But not because it's an hentai plot.
    That's right that the plot is better than any other hentai's one, but sometimes it is confusing.
    For example, at first the characters are hypnotized by the tree flower which makes them lustful.
    But in the end, they are lustful without the tree flower activated.
    Same thing about some secondary characters who made appearance without being suited to the plot.

    Good review, nothing to say.

  6. Namimi May 14, 2006

    Where can you get/download the original soundtrack?

  7. sukie Jul 13, 2006

    It sounds pretty good...but it's HENTAI! >.> *backs away*

  8. Champagne Apr 18, 2007

    Sukie: Lol well, I suppose this review is for people who are actually willing to watch hentai. If you can't stomach it, just have fun looking at the pretty art.

  9. Starynightlove Nov 12, 2007

    where can I download the ending theme?

  10. socchi0105 Feb 21, 2009

    same boat. yuri actions in it was a minus score to me, but still this is my favorite :D thanks for the review!

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