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B't X tv Review

Five years ago, Kotaru left his home and his younger brother Teppei to study at Berlin. Soon after, Teppei found a woman, Karen, wounded in the snow, who he tried to save but some warriors came looking for her. The leader, Metalface, hurt him seriously and left him for dead. Then she came out her hiding and saved Teppei's life with a blood transfusion. During the following five years, she taught him how to fight and advised him against Eliah, the Machine Empire.
Now, the two brothers had just met again in the Mecha Topia fair, but Kotaru is kidnapped by Major Aramis. With the help of the Messiah Fist, Teppei holds onto Aramis' Bt and follows them. But he's discovered, and has to fight against Metalface again in a mountain of metallic waste. During that fight, his blood resuscitates the legendary B't X, because of the transfusion Karen, who was X's original donner, given to him years ago. Although Bt'X rejects him at first, he finally accepts him as his new donner and they go to Eliah to save Kotaru.
On their way to Eliah, they'll encounter new enemies and new allies and they will fight extreme battles.
But Eliah's emperor has a secret that its own people is afraid of... What's Rafaello?
Credits: jakulito

Story & Characters

Bt' X is based on Masami Kurumada's manga witth the same title. Bt'X places Teppei (pronounced as TP) Takamiya, a young boy born and raised on an isolated island with his brother Kotaru. Kotaru had to leave for his studies in Berlin. Soon after, Teppei found a woman severely wounded in the snow. He tried to help him, but a search party was after her and the leader, Metalface, seriously wounded Teppei and left him to die. The woman, Karen, came out of hiding and helped Teppei. She gave him a blood transfusion which saved him. During the next five years, Karen taught Teppei how to fight and advised him about Eliah, the Machine Empire.

When Kotaru reunites with his brother in the Mecha Topia fair, their reunion was short lived when Major Aramis kidnapped Kotaru. With the help of the Messiah Fist, a custom weapon designed by Karen, Teppei holds onto Aramis' giant mantis-like Bt' and follows her. He's discovered and has to confront Capt. Metalface and his Bt' Madonna. Once again, Metalface wounds Teppei. Teppei's blood flowed onto a holding chamber and ultimately resuscitates the legendary Bt' X. Karen is X's true master, but because Teppei has Karen's blood within his veins because of the blood transfusion five years ago, X was able to be revived. X, still loyal to Karen, rejects Teppei at first but ends up accepting him after some time.

On their way to Eliah to rescue his brother Kotaru, Teppei and Bt' X will encounter many enemies and allies sporting their own high-powered Bt's.

But Eliah's emperor has a weapon even it's own people are afraid of... the Rafaelo.

Bt' X utilizes the one-man army formula for it's story. All in all, it has a very interesting story but rather short and repetitive. Every episode will feature a Bt' that would fight against Teppei. After the fight, either they would be Teppei's ally or just left to die, giving him some advice about Eliah.

But Bt' X still is a very great series and features a lot of action and mechs.

Rating: 8


Bt' X features early 90's arts and coloring so it may not look so crisp and pleasing to the eye. But it's main art aspect is it's character and mech design.

The Bt's are designed with great features and are very cool to look at. The characters may be second class compared to the work given to the Bt's but the characters still have their own character presented in their design.

Fight scenes are greatly made, still highlighting the Bt's for the action. Each Bt' has it's own special attack which boasts a great animation sequence. The occasional man-to-man fight scenes are also very good, with characters such as Ron, Quatro and Teppei himself on the best fighters list.

The manga and anime don't have much difference in art except maybe for coloring. But the overall design and character aspect is maintained between the two.

Overall, Bt' X has great arts and visuals for a mid-90s anime. Excellent job by the art department of Bt'X.

Rating: 9


Bt' X has a very good selection of songs showcased within it's soundtracks.

The main OP theme, Sailing for my Dream, is a great song. Featuring great vocals and instrumentals, it is a great way to kick in the show.

Sound effects are also very good, high-tech effects and clashing metals have never sounded so good. The Bt's growls and roars are very cool and is similar to their real counterparts.

The background music adds great depth to the action and supports the flow of the scene.

Overall, the sounds are pretty good. No audible issues that will annoy the close listener.

Rating: 7


Bt' X use the "save brother then save the world" formula. Every episode is like a stage on a fighting game. But as the story progresses, viewers will discover much depth to the series.

Humor isn't much of a strong-point of the series, but it is really fun to see X and Teppei lashing at each other because of a small problem. There are few comic reliefs in the series, except maybe for X and Teppei themeselves, so don't go searching for comedy in this one. But keep in mind that this is not a very serious bare-bones action series.

Overall, Bt' X is a very enjoyable title. With great fighting and great mechs this is avery enjoyable show. And with a cast featuring a heroic brother and his not-so-loyal Bt', a blonde musician/priest and his uber cool Suzaku wannabe mech, an "Eliah for Life" spear-toting, kung-fu guy with an equally "Eliah for Life" dragon Bt', and a dying, radiation-exposed and handsome scientist, and his flying-Genbu-fortress-turtle Bt' with really, really big guns, what more could you want.

Great series especially for mecha fans.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by BossMac, Jun 19, 2005


  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 19, 2005

    Spunky review... thorough, and I can tell you really like the anime. Rating reflects what you said... ^_^

  2. Akaiken Jun 19, 2005

    Goddamit you freak!!! You made a review on a legend!!!

    It's a really great anime though...

  3. shijiroken Jun 19, 2005

    nice review and a detailed one, you surely like BT'x, I also like this anime, every episodes is worth waiting for...

  4. ladygoofy Jun 20, 2005

    Cool Review nice ratings.....So keep up the good work on your reviews.! ^_^

  5. KyoFan368 Jun 21, 2005

    Wow that is a good review nice job......oh wait you always do a great job!!!^__^ :) :D :pacman:

  6. wednesdayradams Nov 01, 2005

    I was still in highschool when I watched the series. But the series is one of the best animes I've seen so far.

    You made a very good review of the anime I love.

    Thank you. :)

  7. shoujoboy Jan 25, 2007

    The review is overall solid but a few things worth mention. Be sure to proof read once you've submitted so you can catch simple grammatical errors. Read the first two lines of your second paragraph and you should see it now. The other is make sure that your verbage accurately reflects your score. When I see "short and repetitive" followed by a perfect '10' that proves to be a bit suspect. Just a bit of tweaking here and there is all that is needed.

  8. back07 Oct 03, 2012

    nice review, thanks for sharing

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