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Loveless tv Review

New transfer student, twelve year old Aoyagi Ritsuka, has moved to a new school in hopes of escaping his trecherous past. Himself, never having a good relationship with a single being, has difficulty communicating with his peers until he is met up with a man who claims to be his deceased brothers friend or fighter. His name, Agastuma Soubi. Soubi, claiming to have known Aoyagi Seimei,and of had been his fighting machine,(in which seimei was his sacrifice), has come to tell Ritsuka that now he is his fighter. After being giving the knowledge that his brother did not die of mysterious circumstances, but killed by the organization named "The Seventh Moon", Ritsuka decides to join Soubi's side into investigating the entire truth behind his eldest brothers death.

Credits: toxictea23

Story & Characters

i watched only 9 eps of it and i think this is the best NEW anime out there!!!!!! I was never entherested in GAY animes till this... The plot goes on the lines of a guy named Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless) who have this memory problem, he 'takes memoeries' but taking pictures withhis digital camera. His brother Seimei Aoyagi (Beloved) was murdered and Seimei was like Ritsuka's only friend like thing. In the story Ritsuka met his beother's 'friend' named Soubi Agatsuma. And was introduced to this whole 'fighter ans sacrifice' thing. (Basics=one with magic fight, the one without magic is the one getting hurt) * i won't go any further...with the spoilers...
I really like this story because will it has emotions, angust, romance, action, laughs, *you name it* all in one pack. I wouldn't be surprised is you slap you knees and laugh in one part, ans cry like a baby in another.
The plot of this story is also hard to predict (unlike some animes like, inuyasha ans sailormoon) In this story one ep links to the next, ans when you watch it all together your eyes will be glued to the screen. *YES IT IS that GOOD!!!!!!*

Summer is almost here, if you are looking for an anime that will rock your socks off then this is the one you want!!!!!! YAB this is a MUST watch series!!!!!!

Rating: 10


...the art is perfect just take look around at the gallery in MT!!!!!!
All the characters have their own style (ep. Yuiko *a girl grom Ritsuka's school* is bright, cute, and along tha lings of that. While Soubi is hard *kinda* and will hard to describe...)
The drawing...i have only ONE word...WONDERFUL!!!!!!! the characters hair looks sooo cool and their eyes....*sign* *dies of delight*
The style...well is you like cool anime with cool guys like spiral or ETC...then this is perfect...or is you like anime with cute girls...Yuiko is perfect!!!!!
The background...Well i can't really tell...'cause i downloaded it and it isn't super HIGH qui. but fromwhat I can SEE the bg is very detailed and fit wanderfully with the mood of the characters viewers...

Over all the art in my point of view is SUPER...there is no other words for it...

Rating: 9


Sound...Mmmm....this is one easy one...
maybe it is beacuse i don't really like to watch anime...but the beginning song from LOVELESS was HEAVEN!!!!!!! and the pictures that goes with it is nice...
Then there is the ending song...which is EVEN better than the beginning song...man i can't get it out of my head...
The bg music was great too...it made it sound soooooooooo real!!!! it is as if you were there!!!! *but you are no anime nor me for that matter*

The voices of the characters are soooo amazing ans soooooooo cute...that i can acctually understant some JAPANESE!!!!!! *wow* and learned some on the way!!!!!! *drum rolls from moi!!!!!*

Rating: 10


Mmmm... well after my blah about the plot , art, and the sound you soundn't be here reading this!!!! YOU SHOULD BE DOWNLOADING LOVELESS!!!!!!!

From my point or view, this anime SURE has originality...and LOTS of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean you don't see Loveless style of fighting on T.V EVERYDAY!? Then there is the fact that gay animes are never THIS good!!!!!!!!

Humor...Mmmm...if you think i girl rejecting guy just because of his height if funny...then...DOWNLOAD LOVELESS!!!!!! (though Loveless is not really full of humor...it is filled with feelings, love and hate...etc.) But i promise you it will make you LOL... if it doesn't you can have my lunch money...

i can't say it enough!!!! it is enjoyable to watch!!!!!!!! if you understand complacated animes like Hack://Sign then this anime is NO problem...*just remember that ppl in this series have eyes and tails because they are virgin!!!!! so yes Soubi is a non-virgin...*

The first time i watched this anime i can't really grasp the plot nor the meaning...*but watching all the downloaded eps at the sametime whould help alot!!!!!!!*

So if you are still wandering whether to download it or not...
i sujest YES!!!!!!!
so run like the wind to get it before i hunt you down!!!!!!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.83 (excellent)

Reviewed by sukie, Jun 13, 2005


  1. celluz Jun 13, 2005

    Lol...then i think that you like it.... ;)

  2. KyoFan368 Jun 13, 2005

    Hey not a bad job on the review it makes want to read it!!!^__^ :) :D :pacman:

  3. lilm Jun 14, 2005

    sounds interesting
    been seeing scans and all from it and didnt kno wat it was about
    thanxies 4 the review ^^
    i wanna watch it nows lol

  4. Chicasumi Jun 14, 2005

    watashi totally agrees with ya, sukie ^__^
    Loveless is all that =P

  5. jeniferdono Jun 14, 2005

    lol Gay anime? Eh there's a better word for this type of anime...shounen-ai or boy's love (BL for short).

  6. sukie Jun 14, 2005

    ...LOL...this is my first review...so there is ALOT of sp problems....*forgot to check work* when i said eyes and tail...i meant ears and tail...and ans=and...LOL... sorry

  7. gorgoroth Jun 14, 2005

    very very interesting, your review makes the story great, good job, the story sounds interesting...

  8. Kiku8 Sep 09, 2005

    Loveless is so much love. =P I'm happy to see such an enthusiastic review for it. ^^ I ran into a not so enthusiasic one online.

    Ritsuka's the cuteness. =D

  9. mystifiyer Jan 22, 2006

    I just love Soubi. His undying love for Ritsuka is really touching. Anyway, thanks for your wonderful review. Spread the love of yaoi and shounen-ai.....=D

  10. DarkAoi Jun 29, 2006

    lol. i haven't heard of Loveless till a month or so ago! xP But i have friends that tell me that it's a good anime series!

    nice review, i think i'll check it out! =P

  11. SanzosSaru Sep 12, 2006


    But, oh well, this series is amazing. Soubi is love. Zero is cute. Ritsuka is even cuter^^
    I don't like that annoying girl with the pink hair, though >.<

    You didn't comment on the poetic feeling this anime has. Specially at the beginning of each chapter.

  12. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Cool Review

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