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Story & Characters

The story in Da Capo is a story that won't be much surprise to many. It is the typical shonen-love-comedy story, where one guy is surrounded by lotsa girls and how all these girls are in love with him.

The main character of the story is Asakura Junichi. Junichi is a nice guy, with good manners and also polite upbringing. He is surrounded by 7 girls, all of whom seems to have problems of their own, and ended up looking for Junichi for help. Though it is certain that all 7 girls like him, the only ones that shows the competition openly are Sakura and Nemu. Yoshino Sakura is Junichi's cousin, they met one day through Junichi's grandmother, who lives next to him, while Asakura Nemu is Junichi's adopted little sister. Their competition is linked back to that one fateful day few years ago, where Junichi made three promises to Sakura. Other than those two, the other five are less obvious and less open about their feelings toward Junichi.

I honestly think that this anime's story is boring. Am not talking about the basic idea here, but I really find no character development though I have watched it til the 20th episodes. I found that the story is just dragged about through a series of events that are not important to the development of the story, and also boring to make it worst.

Rating: 4


The art in this anime is not really outstanding, but I think it is quite good though typical and simple. However, most of the time the drawing of the character is not consistent, like how Nemu's hair looks chopped, Junichi's face become longer, the shape of Miharu's face become all triangular (not in the comical part I assure you), Kotori looks thinner than usual, etc.

Though the background is pretty elaborated, it is those kind where they will stay still all the time, an exception is maybe the sakura petals that fell all around everywhere, and also the sparkles of the ocean. Not much can be said about other stuffs, but the uniform design is quite nice, though sometimes they design weird kind of clothes (like the bikini for the older Mizukoshi sisters).

Overall, I found the art quite typical

Rating: 6


I quite like the opening song of the anime, I think it suits the 'feel' of the anime in general.
One thing outstanding in this anime is how every character has their own theme song, and that those songs are played for the ending song, depending on who the main female lead in the episode is. Not only that, these songs are played with some music videos in the background, where there is a real actress (not singing nor lip-synch-ing, they are just there) and sakura-ish theme (like sakura trees and all). In the case that the episode doesnt really focus on one female character, the ending song will be sung by Utamaru (Sakura's cat).

Rating: 8


As I have said earlier, in the story, there is no originality, but I do respect the originality shown in the ending of each episodes. Another original trait that Da Capo has is the 'side episode' that it slips in at the end of the episodes (not in every episodes). This will shows one of the female character, and how they are related to this guy who has a cat head/face (pretty weird indeed) or a scene of them with the cat-guy. I found this very useless, and boring, maybe except if you are a huge fan of any of the female characters.

Another thing that I would like to point out is how they try to put in the concept of 'magic' inside. This anime is not at all about magical stuff like Negima or Ultra Cute, yet they claim that Junichi can do magic (only can do one of the tricks) and slip in this concept here and there. Other than that, the weirdly shaped cat (Utamaru) and also the cat-guy made this anime looks like some fantasy-fiction kind, yet I found this additional concept disturbing (and once again, useless). I wouldn't complain if all the 'weird' stuffs are blended in nicely (like in Love Hina, for example) but one or two magical/out of place things did not actually help the anime in any way, just making it looks weird.

Overall, I found this anime boring, and also the fact that there is no actual chara development made it even more so, but maybe the jokes saves it by a bit (though there are not really many of them). I would not really recommend this anime to anyone (I never finish this anime though I have it, stopped by episode 20), but if you are satisfied with looking at cute anime girls, then please do so, maybe you would find it not so bad after all. There is not really any ecchiness inside, so I think it is safe to be viewed with the rating of PG.

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

5.33 (moderate)

Reviewed by tareren, Jun 12, 2005


  1. AngelXXX Jun 12, 2005

    you make me want to watch that anime! :) I have never watch this anime before... Though you make it sound cool!!! This sounds like love hina a llittle bit! Love hina got good animation :) I will try to download this anime.... It sounds really interesting! :)

  2. BGHughes Banned Member Jun 13, 2005

    good review i agree with ya agien, that sounds like love hina

  3. ayane-heine Jun 13, 2005

    XD you make me feel like watching this show too.. i dont think it's boring..
    great review there.. ^^ thanx for sharing.. :)

  4. crewcifix Jun 13, 2005

    well written review. i'd wish to be interested in seeing a lovely piece of work like this too. XD And you're right, it sounds a bit like Love Hina.

  5. tareren Jun 13, 2005

    it does sound like love hina, only the worse kind ^^ i would recommend you to watch Magister Negi Magi anytime over this one :)

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2005

    Hehe... sounds kinda interesting and yet dull but that was a good review ^_^' You didn't sink it too badly like what I did for "Graduation"... which is a good thing XD I wanna watch this now >.<

  7. Kiako Jun 13, 2005

    it sounds interesting, now i must see the anime^^'

  8. Elvandro Jun 24, 2005

    weqs DC ga suka, ga sudi, meski uda nonton beci banget ma tokoh utamanya, males aq klo orangnya ga bisa apa-apa trus keberuntungannya kaya gitu (masalahnay ini film romance klo fil mkomedi si gpp)

    *begem mentah si Junichi*

    aq nda suka anime harem, penyiksa perempuan >_<

  9. Term1nal Oct 16, 2005

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with your ratings for this anime. It isn't TOO good, but yeah...

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