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Inuyasha tv Review

Story & Characters

Inuyasha/200episodes/4movies/suggested rating:pg13-Violence, language, suggestive scenes

I have seen most of this show and most of the movie so.... here's my real opinion. sorry if it upsets you....

The base story is alright but there are way to to many episodes. It is a series that should have been less then 40 episodes but was to stretched out. It's very repetitive. The two main characters (Inuyasha and Kagome) are kinda whinny and annoying, especially in the japanese version. The story line is also very shallow, there is no deeper meaning. Some so the side story is ok, but when yo ucan't like the main characters, watching that anime becomes pointless. While it does make a good starter anime, I'll give it that, but it's nothing that should be on the top list. If it is yon your list, I suggest finding and watching some new series'. It was once on the top of mine when I first got into anime but now.... well, I'm really into anime and found series' it can't compare to. If this is the only series you like or one of your favorites, get out gthere and watch new stuff because You'll just be blown away with what you find =^.^=

End Result: good starter- not for the experienced

Rating: 2


Now, The art is pretty good. Some of it isn't great, but of course all animes have their flaws in art. I mean, You must consider how many drawings they make. This series has many characters.... many side characters that is.... and I'd give it's art a pretty good rating. It's alright. I cannot say it's "the best" because I've seen much better in series' like gunslinger girl, Blue Gender, Trigun, Bebop, etc. But it's art isn't painful to look at or anything... except I think they need to learn how to draw guys and girl differantlyu because a lot of the characters gendeer issues... >< *sweatdrop*

Rating: 6


Now, The music I enjoy. It's very good and really does fit where they put it in and I will listen to it on a regular basis. I really do enjoy it ^^ They have many songs (considering the length of the series) and I honestly like them.

The voices... now that..... The main to characters are whinny but the voices fit them cause they're just whinny people/demon^^. All the voices fit the charac ters at least.

so.... I'd have to say they did a really good job with their sound system stuff. I approve, this is highclass sound and good choices by both the japanese and the english sound guys.

Rating: 7


presentation? oh man.... terrible! I suppose it's originalty is ok and the series has some humor buty everything they does is soooooo shallow. In the last episode I watched the main characters were in danger of dieing and I wasn't even upset... I mean wtf is that? I don't enjoy watching it.... I don't even know why I do..... *sigh* I can't stress how shallow this series is.... and with 200 episodes.... It gets almost painful to watch.... It's still good to start on, just don't overdo it. It has humor, romance, action etc. but it's not deep. The series just don't have the ability to drag you in. I mean... the main character(Inuyasha) learns his sword's "greatest technic' like 4 or 5 times..... This series really really had potential but they really didn't do a good job... 200 episodes.... 200 EPISODES!!!!! @_@ that' this series's biggest problem. If they took out all the extra episodes and pointless infomation and stopped the fake drama it would have been excellent... >< which brings me to another point: the fake drama. Seriously! One of the main characters(kagome)is a school girl from our century who falls into a well that sends her back to feudal japan. she whinny and annoying and everyone thinks she's SOOOOOO prety and she's worrying about people who can handle themselves and well, if you watch this series you can find out for yourself.. though I suggest not watching it all together.... just listen to some of the music because it's good.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

3.17 (poor)

Reviewed by Bleachluv, Jun 12, 2005


  1. crsg Jun 13, 2005

    I very mich enjoyed this review - you made your true opinion and obviously weren't biased about it. I agree with your ratings. :)

  2. geninlv1 Jun 13, 2005

    This review is the most accurate by far. I give it 2 thumbs up, and re-iterate: 200 episodes!!!!!!! agahagahaghaghhhggaaaaaaa!!!! *ahem*

  3. sangel99 Nov 13, 2005

    I agree it's not all it's said it is....but it certainly isn't work an "F" you know...I'd say....."C"-ish?

  4. hope917 Mar 04, 2006

    I personally liked InuYasha when I started watching it. It was my first anime, and was a pretty good intro to my anime start. However.... after a while, it gets a little repetitive. All right, a lot repetitive. You are very truthful in your ratings. I love the music and the artwork is okay, but there is absolutely no surprise in this anime after a while. Seriously, I'm not even worried when Kagome is in peril, because from out of nowhere (as always) InuYasha pops out and saves her! ......... anyways, appreciate your ratings! (I don't watch this anymore, I quit a long time ago)

  5. shynaku Jun 08, 2006

    I started out liking it a lot... then I slowly got bored and can't bother to finish it... it's just... tooooooo loooonnnngggg.

  6. pigoutgirl8 Aug 03, 2006

    lol. i totally agree with you. you can skip over 50 episodes and still know whats going on.

  7. Fantasy4Ever Dec 12, 2006

    I agree with you. This series is so long. And it should have been in my opinon less than probably 60 episodes. Cause cmon, their just going to keep chasing after Naraku, and complete the Jewel. Blah blah blah. But it seems like their never going to kill Naraku or complete the jewel. And I feel like, they repeat things over and over. Kagome is in danger! Well DUH! of course the viewer already knows Inuyasha is going to save her! It's been like that since the first few episodes. Miroku is a pervert and always touches Sango's butt, and flirts with girls. In like all the episodes. To me, when I watch an Inuyasha episode. It seems I already know what's going to happen in the first 5 minutes or so. So theirs no point in me watching it.

  8. foxmagic71851 Banned Member Jun 14, 2007

    omg i loved seson one of inuyasha but i kept dragging on and on and on just kill naraku!

  9. Sakura-Dust Oct 25, 2007

    You are right about the main characters!
    Inuyasha is stupid (no offense!) and doesn't even want to learn to get better. And Kagome, omg, the most annoying character ever. I really don't know what people see in her! She always complains, misses the target and 'sits' Inuyasha for no good reason! Two extremely stupid main characters. And although I'm a fan, I agree that it gets quite boring due to its length. And you don't even get worried when one of the main characters are about to die because, out of nowhere, Inuyasha pops out to save him/her, or suddenly... even after he had his stomach pierced, Inuyasha heals up and saves the day! Classic! I only watched the show and read the manga for my favs: Kikyo, Naraku & Sesshoumaru, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have bothered with this show, pretty lame one! >.<

  10. demoncat Dec 04, 2007

    i heard there were only 167 episodes in the Us, where can i watch the rest of the series? I respect your opinion but dont agree, but please, I'd like to know where i can see the rest of the shows please

  11. UsagiYuki Jul 06, 2008

    I myself do like Inuyasha verry much but I really do see your point. It's not my favorite anime because, ( I agree with you here) It is verry verry long. It's seems like they didn't need all the fights with Naraku and just all the totally random demons. It was interesting to see your point though, by the way if you like anime/manga with a deep plot I highly highly recamend Tubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic by CLAMP. More the manga than the anime mind you ^_~

  12. UO25 May 12, 2010

    I like Inuyasha so much.

    I like him 's generous.

  13. rukasu44 Oct 20, 2010

    Nice review, I really like this anime. Also manga is very good

  14. kevin10133 Sep 28, 2011

    couldn't agree more with the rating

  15. back07 May 02, 2012

    nice review but i diagree for your art rating you give it 2. For me i'll give ti 5/6. In the fact i relly like Inu-Yasha because this is my first anime another than Dragon Ball that i watched when i was child.

  16. YHE Jan 21, 2014

    I think I can agree with this review, the fact that I also watch this series in the beginning, but in the middle I stopped, due to boredom? not good plot(for me) and I don't like the characters. Although I didn't hate it but I'm not interested in it also. Anyway nice review not so subjective..

  17. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    It's a simple review, could use some details on your opinions, but I can't argue against these ratings.

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