Nucleous' Uchuu no Stellvia Tv Review

Uchuu no Stellvia tv Review

In the year 2356, man is no longer a stranger in space. Humans have constructed six massive colony ports that orbit the Earth nearly 200 years after a supernova's energy bombarded the surface of the planet causing a lot of chaos and destruction. Just a little more than two months before a second impact is expected to occur, young teenager Shima Katase is starting space academy on the colony called Stellvia. What follows is a tale of Shima and her friends' daily life as they attend high school thousands of miles above the Earth.

Written by xenocrisis0153.

Story & Characters

This is an epic space drama with its little comedy bits in between with its romance blossoming between the two lead characters. (Katase Shima & Otoyama Kouta)
It was the year 2167 and the Earth suffered major damage due to waves of radiation and electromagnetism from a supernova explosion that happened. The people throughout the world stood together and overcame this major crisis.
Thank you people of the past, Earth is doing well and it is now the year 2356.
An epic journey onboard Stellvia an interstellar space shuttle is about to commence.
People of the current millennia are preparing for another disaster will they succeed?

The problems that the main characters face are always very sticky and they manage it quite well and mature!

This story is solid and never has a-dull moment in it, the script was carefully written I can say thanks to the following people Koide Katsuhiko, Chiba Katsuhiko, Sato Tatsuo & Sakai Mitsuyasu for this once in a lifetime script full of love, passion, action, and drama!!!

Rating: 7


The art is superb the attention to detail is outstanding, the character designs are different than what we are used to in anime still big-eyed girls, small mouths and so but yet different can’t explain it you have to watch it to see. Every detail in space is perfectly set out and drawn there are some CG effects but you can hardly see it and is only at really very good space scenes that you will maybe notice it.
Uno Makoto, Washio Naohiro you guys did brilliant job with the designs in the show!!!

Rating: 7


The Opening Theme : Ashita eno brilliant road
Performed by : Mitsuma Masafumi

Very nice song and lyrics but was not catchy at all and annoyed me at ep.13 already when I started skipping opening theme.

The Ending Theme : The End of the World
Performed by : Nagaoka Seiko

A Sweet melody that carries you out of every episode in fashionable style.

Overall the music throughout the show was enjoyable and created the suitable atmosphere for the situation the characters found themselves in.
Not saying more.

Rating: 6


Overall this was one of the best produced anime's I have had the pleasure of viewing. This anime is full of every element that one could want in an anime drama, romance, action, and comedy.
The story is very original and is something I have not seen before nothing was takin form other animes and there weren't any bad puns of any sort throughout the whole of this series.

Ucchu no Stellvia is the best anime out there to me that is!
I would reccommed thi s anime to and Shoujo anime fan out there!!!
Shounen fan's don't be dicouraged because you will enjoy it too!!!

The overall presentation of this anime is very good, I have even taken some thoughts of life from this anime and it has enspired me to try even harder at what you want to accomplish in life and if you try and give your all you will do just that!

The series consists of 26 episode that run for approximately 24minitues each!
The DVD's are very nicely presented with shiny sortof hollographic image on the cover. They are currently being released by Geneon and will consist of 8DVD's.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by Nucleous, Jun 10, 2005


  1. ericcarson Jul 09, 2005

    Ther series had an excelent storyline and played the emotional facter just enough - not too much, I realkly enjoyed the series and would reccomend it as a "Family watch"

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Simple yet good review.

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