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When he was young, Yukito Kunisaki's mother told him of a winged girl in the sky. Yukito's family has been searching for this girl for generations. Finally, Yukito's journey takes him to a small seaside town where he meets Misuzu Kamio, a girl who is eager to make friends with Yukito. Yukito ends up staying with Misuzu and her mother, Haruka, while he searches for the girl in the sky. In the town, however, there are strange occurences, and as the days pass by, Misuzu starts to have strange dreams.
What is the truth behind Misuzu's dreams and her failing health? And how is everything connected to Yukito and his journey?

The manga adapted from the game is illustrated by Yukimaru Katsura.

Story & Characters

*Based on the Game by Visual Art's/KEY

Kunisaki Yukito is on a journey to find the girl in the sky, a legend that has been passed down his family generation for years. His journey fatefully brought him to a small seaside town where he met a rather peculiar and clumsy girl Misuzu Kamio. She is very eager to be his friend for her summer holidays and even invites him to stay in her house. So Yukito remains in the island searching for the girl with wings who flies in the skies, as mentioned in a childhood tale. This island seemed to have a magical touch and not many residents lived there. There, he met two other girls whom he suspected was the girl in the sky. But, as days past and Misuzu claims that she had strange dreams of her 'other self' flying towards the sky , devastated and lonely. Upon hearing this, Yukito had a very strong feeling that she is the one. However, whenever Misuzu became close with a person, she will break down and Yukito was forced to stay away from her. How will he ever find out the truth? This sis a story spanning a thousand years begins that began to unfold against the background of their forbidden relationship.

Rating: 7


What can i say about the art? It is simply amazing and breathtaking. Every character is drawn in detail. I have to highlight Misuzu, her long hair when blown with wind really adds to the beauty of the character. The way they draw her when she cired, her tears flowed down her cheeks, her blushes when she cried, it looked pretty real. I really love the way tears got relfected by the light making Misuzu look totally vulnerable and innocent. The colour graphics be it the background, the characters eyes, the scenes is really breathtaking. Key Visual Arts again proved to be the best in this anime series.

Rating: 8


Lia is a great singer. She sung both the opening and ending of this anime. The opening entitled, Tori no Uta which is my personal favourtie. The melody is great and the way each sceme showcases the characters really go well with the song. How to sya this, yes it synchronized. I really liked how it should extracts from the anime and from the vidoe itself, one can judge whether the anime is worth watching. The ending song is nice but i do not particularly like it. The video is pretty dull, just scenes of beaches repeating. My all time favourtie in this anime shall be the insert song, Aozora. This song really created an impact on me. It is very sad considering the scene when it played this song. The sound producers really took note of the soundtracks well.

Rating: 8


This series is quite complicated but overall is pretty easy to understand. Regarding humour, i think the producers lacked it even though it had some in the series. I find it very hard to laugh at the jokes because its pretty lame and its limited. This series emphasise more on the seriousness of the situation but there is always Misuzu to light things up. This is a pretty dark anime considering the town seemed to lack residents! In terms of originality, well, i think it is most original to talk about a totally new legend rather than , "A normal high school girl was suddenly transported to a another...." Typical cliche legend. One more thing, i mentioned that whenever Misuzu gets close with anyone, she will break down and show the tantrum of a kid. Not one anime shows this and this could be one originality of the anime. However, this series is short, only 13 episodes and one will tend to forget this wonderful anime when new animes comes by. I liked the ending but i was somehow disappointed at the way it ends. Overall, this is a series where there is tragic and at the same time, showing the glimmer of hope.

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

6.67 (above average)

Reviewed by cagalli88, Jun 07, 2005


  1. chichiri1907 Jun 24, 2005

    Great review, i saw the preview for air and i didn't really get the story but i loved it, but i soon found out that its not in america only in japan.sigh....but thank you because now i get the story and not so thank you for making me want to watch it even more, lol^^ Anyway awesome review and your ratings are reasonable, keep up the great work and see you around in minitokyo^^

  2. DarkenedSky Mar 05, 2006

    xD Wow, nice review, it covers about practically everything I remember about this show.. only a few differences and minor details, but that isn't so important. Overall, very well done.

  3. rukasu44 Nov 10, 2010

    Really nice review, I wonder how many times you have watched it.

  4. fitarol15 Oct 28, 2014

    well i kinda disagree it doesn't deserve 6.67 i enjoyed this anime a lot and it worth 10.00
    but thanks for the review ^_^

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