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Ah! Megami-sama

Ah! Megami-sama tv Review

21 year old Keiichi Morisato's life unfolds when he accidentally dials the wrong number. From out of the mirror Belldandy, a first class goddess, is sent to help Keiichi by granting only one wish - "no matter what it is." Accidentally, Keiichi wishes Belldandy to be with him forever.

Soon after, Belldandy's older sister Urd (second class goddess) appears from the heavens to play as the lovely Cupid; as twist of events occur, her plan soon backfires. Skuld, Belldandy and Urd's youngest sister (also second class goddess) appears from the heaven in an attempt to return her dear sister Belldandy back to the Heavens.

Throughout the anime, Keiichi and Belldandy come across many obstacles testing their love for one another. Do they have what it takes to go against the Gods? Or will their love force them to separate for eternity? Ah! My Goddess is an anime for those who love Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, and Romance.

Story & Characters

This is such a popular anime and no review? Oh well, here goes!

It all begins when Keiichi is hungry, and calls for help. Well, he calls for takeaway. To help his hunger. Out of nowhere, he instead calls the wrong number, and finds that he had ordered help- from the Heavens- about his subsequent position in life. He only realises this when Belldandy a Goddess arrives at his door, instead of the takeaway delivery man.

One of Keiichi's problems in his love life is his height, and he feels that he is short- but upon this arrival of this beauty, what else could he do but accept this as a gift or sign from God? He wishes that Belldandy can stay with him forever, but will the other Gods and Goddesses allow a heavenly being such as Belldandy get acquainted with a mere mortal for the rest of her life? Will Belldandy sacrifice her powers and immortality to be with Keiichi? Will Keiichi ever keep Belldandy's love from being stolen by other taller, better looking mortals on earth?

Other than that, we see a story about family- Belldandy, Skuld and Urd (her sisters who have come to retrieve her back home to the Heavens) may have some slight problems in their interaction to what we'd expect of them, but nevertheless, it adds to the humour, like any family drama does.

"Aa! Megami-Sama" otherwise known as "Ah! My Goddess" is a wonderful romantic comedy with a touch of magic. Everything Belldandy touches seems to turn to gold, and this is definitely an interesting plot line that is quite original.

Rating: 8


Long, flowing, beautiful hair for the girls- the art in this anime perfectly reflects their heavenly status. The eyes are drawn a little further apart in my opinion compared to other animes, but the quality of the art certainly is very high. If you look at the artbooks put out on this anime, the drawings go into great detail.

Overall, the artist has done a wonderful job juxtaposing the modern with the traditional, which is quite amusing and interesting.

For those ecchi/ shonen fans (shonen in the respect that this anime is dominated by a female cast), yes, there are some scenes where you see plenty of leg baring especially from Urd, but I myself being a girl, did not find it particularly attractive, not that it makes any difference to the rating I'm about to give.

Rating: 8


The opening and end themes must be the cutest scores you'll hear yet. Sung by the seiyuu of the three Goddesses, the tunes are happy, about love, and tie in neatly with the themes of the anime. It has overtones of sisterly love as well (despite their relationship being slightly dysfunctional for a family such as Belldandy's, which we should expect it to be perfect or at least harmonised) and cheerful "ting-a-lings" in the background that sound magical and relaxing.

If you have heard "Happy Wedding" or "White Winter" from any DDR machine, that is similar to the style of the sound in AMS. Slow paced, yet reminds me of a Morning Musume spirit, which is good for the whole friendship theme.

Rating: 8


Well, this anime is quite original since there are no other animes with a similar plot, so this gets the thumbs up for standing alone. It's also reknowned for being an all time favourite- it's always one of those feel good animes where you watch it in great humour, and when it hits the serious point, you feel the urge to piece it back for the characters on screen as you wish for the traditional happy ending.

However, this anime was not the most amusing I have seen. Sometimes almost random at times with rather unnecessary scenes, I found it hard to concentrate because I felt my intelligence was somewhat cheated- but then again, this anime is intended for somewhat younger audiences- which is ironic since my CDs say that it's rated 18+ (understandable, since Urd is always trying to get at Keiichi)

To sum it up, it's a good and easy watch if you don't want to think, but for depth, AMS is definitely a show of just surfaces. There are some lovely Universal themes as I have mentioned such as love, family, friendship and choice, but the anime isn't really saying anything too significant- perhaps maybe that love crosses boundaries and will outshine an entire galaxy like a supernova- so I guess the maximum number of times you'd want to watch it is maybe 3-4 times.

It's worth a watch though, since it's considered to be a classic, and it's good as a comparison to know what older animes were like, and what newer animes have become.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, Jun 05, 2005


  1. toxictea23 Jun 05, 2005


    hahah nice review lol

  2. ramchong Jun 05, 2005

    Hm... nice score from you to judged... i think i'll watch it soon ..... (Rush out to anime shop and look fro it!!) :nya:

  3. tareren Jun 05, 2005

    uh, i dont think ecchi or not has something to do with the art section lol >_< uh and you should comment on the seiyuu (whether it suits the cast or not) well, all this are minor points and you can ignore me lol XD
    Nice review :)

  4. missy1066 Jun 05, 2005

    Thanks for the review kuroimisa... I found it very informative... ^_^... I've actually been meaning to watch this anime for quite awhile now, I just haven't got round to watching it yet!!

  5. Archer79 Jun 06, 2005

    Quote by tarerenuh, i dont think ecchi or not has something to do with the art section
    lol &gt;_&lt; uh and you should comment on the seiyuu (whether it suits
    the cast or not) well, all this are minor points and you can ignore me
    lol XD
    Nice review :)

    I don't think it should affect the rating, but it's valuable information about the art format of the anime itself.

    Overall, this looks to be a very nice review. ...I still have to see more than just one or two episodes... ...I've seen one movie, a couple episodes, and one manga.

  6. MizuhoKusanagi Jun 11, 2005

    Could someone tell me how many episodes does the TV series have??

  7. rmuyo Jun 12, 2005

    I am not sure how many it will have, but I think current plans are for around 26 episodes. If it is popular likely it will have another season, and it has been very popular since the manga started and original OVA (oav) came out back in the 1990's.

    Very interesting review, I personally loved the OVA and am enjoying the manga series so am really looking forward to seeing this series when I get a chance.

  8. hgott Apr 04, 2006


    The story of this anime is beautifull, and beldandy it´s the same...

    I like it this story

    merged: 04-08-2006 ~ 07:12pm
    This series is wonderful. I love the characters. They are well done and developed. The story is great, and overall this series is a good series.

  9. rukasu44 Nov 10, 2010

    It's the first anime I watched. Your review made me remember a lot of things xD

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