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Wish tv Review

Story & Characters

"Wish" tells the story about Kohaku. She is an little Angel who was helped by a human named Shuichiro when she was attacked by a crow.
After the help she stayed by him to fulfil a wish for him. At first he don´t really believe in that story, but later he show her his world, but always saying that there is no wish he had.
In the course of the story the reader get to know that Kohaku has the order to find Hisui, the angel of wind. with the help of suichiro she finds her, but Hisui didn´t want to go with Kohaku, because she fall in love with Kokoyu, the devil´s son.
Both of them stay by Suichiro.
Later there will be the demon Koryu, who love to annoy Kohaku. He likes to make her cry and he didn´t like to see that she is becoming intrested in Suichiro.

After a time Kohaku had to go back to heaven. She had something to do there.
In heaven see is issing Suichiro so much that she leaves the heaven without telling god or with the help of him.

That takes of ourse a punishment with it and the three other headangel want to take here back. They want to punsih her but Hisui interupt them.
Be glad of finding Hisui the want to take both back to heaven, but than came Kokuyo and embrace Hisui.
First shocked but than doing want they where send for they punish both.

What that punishment is and if Kohaku could find the wish that Suichiro couldn´t fulfil by himself you should read by your own.

Wish is a great story about love between two wich don´t have to be in love.

Rating: 9


Wish is very beutiful drawed. The maincharacters are very clear and realistic. The angel are quiet beautiful, and the difference between the day- and night body oh Kohaku and Koryu is very successful.
The landscape and the backgound are clear to see and very detailed. It´s a good completment beside the characters and it takes a big part in the story.
Also the manga is not colored, it couldn´t be better, but in every part there are two sides colored maybe to get a better imagination how the character could look like.

Wish is the best drawd manga I´ve ever seen.

Rating: 10


I don´t know if there is a soundtrack or some tracks of backgroundmusic.
If anyone knows some or all of that i will be glad to know.
Maybe there will be tracks in the net and somebody who knows where can tell or add the address of the side.

Rating: 1


Wish is quiet interesting not because of one story; there are many little stories wich become later one.
Some is very funny, others is just romantic and some is very sad.
Funny are the conversations between kohaku and Koryu. romantic are Hisui and Kokuyo and the first love of Kohaku for Suichiro.
It is an original story about love, hope, wish and of course, angels.
And who didn´t believe or want to believe in angels?
So it is a great manga wich animated through dream about that story with oneself as maincharacter.

Everyone who reads the first part wants to go on; the story takes along and you couldn´t stopp reading till your at the end.
Tipp: Have a handkerchief near you; tears will leave your eyes will your reading.
But there are much situation to laugh!
A great changeplay of feelings.

This is a manga for everyone who loves romantic stories and like to dream about the true love.
I´m sure, if somebodey makes an anime out of it there will be many people who wants to see this beautiful and romantic story.
Of course, if the presentation is so great like the manga.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.5000 (good)

Reviewed by HisuiSama, May 29, 2005


  1. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    As I'm the first to give this review some love, this is a simple review, but good all the same.

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